Pieces from the Remembering Rochefort series are based on sketching done from vintage photographs I found during an artist residency in Brittany. Clutching a sturdy purse, she wears an exaggerated traditional Breton toques that interacts with the edge of each bowl, plate, dish or platter. In some pieces the toque is less like Marge Simpson’s hair and more like a dog’s tail reacting to mood. Many pieces were embellished with mock seals and crests on the rim. Pieces from this series are in various private collections in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, MD, Hunt Valley, MD, Stockton, NJ and Lennox, MA.


It all started one summer at a Lotta Jansdotter workshop on the Åland Islands. I made a linocut of a dancing log that later became greeting cards and enamel pins. But that wasn’t enough. The texture of wood is fascinating and I wanted to go 3D! LogJam mugs have a strong tactile quality that is the result of using wax-resist to create the interpreted bark design. These mags have been made in brown on white body for a more traditional feel, and white on white body for a more modern feel.


Have you ever noticed how certain streets in London are named after their ancient function? The Imaginary London design takes this idea one step further for a good laugh! Take an imaginary and winding walk from Tea Cup Place over to Pipe Tobacco Court which dead ends at Button Up Way. If you’re hungry, we can meet at the intersection of Lower Toast Court and Marmalade Alley! Imaginary London [just like the real London] is a marvelous place in which to get lost! Pieces shown are in various private collections.


The BirdWare series was designed in 2 versions: one has finely etches details of a tree [literally etched into the underglaze]; the other is a more modern design just using the bird from the original design. Both are rendered in a beautiful black & white glaze! Variations on the modern version include a vase in underglaze pencil with a bright orange color-block interior, and a version with clear glazed birds accented with yellow gold luster and a bright yellow interior. Pieces shown are in various private collections in Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA.


This one-of-a-kind stoneware vase was beautifully thrown by Janine D’Adamo and wax-resist painted by yours truly. I’m currently working on variations of this design done in reverse in underglaze pencil and soon to be posted in the Store. This piece is in the personal collection of illustrator Salli Swindell.


SnakeWare is one of our most popular design! You can find other products with this design, including a pitcher, pins and pillows in the Store. Items shown here are in various private collections in Baltimore, MD and Boulder, CO.


Only 4 cups and saucers were made of this design and they sold out in minutes! Each kitty is dressed in their finest frocks. Some feel fancy, some forlorned, each hand-etched into the black underglaze. Espresso sized cups [with saucer, of course] add charm to the diminutive framed kitty portraits. This design also influenced the Empty Frames set shown below. Items shown here are in various private collections in Detroit, MI and New York, NY.


Inspired by the Kitty Cup set [above], I’m always finding empty frames when I rummage through vintage shops. Makes you wonder what sort of picture was previously inside of it and what the future possibilities will be. Sometimes empty frame want to be just as they are, offering the possibility of imagining something new each to you look at it! Items shown here are in a private collection in Detroit, MI.


I love bees and all that they do for us! In tribute to bees, I designed these pieces celebrating their great graphicness. Like SnakeWare, this is one of our popular designs. To date this is the only series where I made children’s mugs along with tiny bowls, creamers and small pitchers. I love seeing how pieces normally used for one purpose get used for another. It’s really up to you to decide their purpose. Items shown here are in private collections in Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA.


There’s nothing Portland-ish about this design, only a true love of how elegant birds are! The pillows came first after I’d ordered fabric with the bird and tree design on it and it arrived printed too small. What to do!?! I made linen pillow cases in yellow and beige then used the bird silhouette as a template and appliquéd them on! Nothing wasted and everything gained. My grandmother would be proud. The dish designs followed making the pillows, mimicking the stitched part of the appliqués. Items shown here are in private collections in Detroit, MI, Austin, TX, and Baltimore, MD.


After sketching in the ceramic collections at the Baltimore Museum of Art, I began drawing outlines of the various pottery onto vellum and then transferred them onto the clay bodies. So many wonderful shapes! Drawing pitchers onto plates—it was all so meta and so the name of this series was born! Items shown here are in private collections in Providence, RI, and Baltimore, MD.


My head is always full of plants and trees. The 50x100’ plot that our 1919 Arts & Crafts bungalow sits on is just as full. The GardenWare design came directly from this love of plants and the love of thinking about plants, the literal window into the universe’s soul! Gardens are constant reminders of change and the need to accept it as it comes. My favorite parts of this design are the colorful debris which is especially nice when accompanied by the bright orange color-blocked interior of the vase. Items shown here are in private collections in Providence, RI, and Baltimore, MD.


Remember the scares in the 1990s about killer bees from South America entering North America? Lots of media frothing happened, so as a tribute to that big scare I made this design including an arrow head crest for these audacious anthophila! Items shown here are in private collections in Baltimore, MD.


From the OwlWare line, this wall piece, “The Cosmopolitans”, was included in a group exhibition at Gallery Nucleus, part of The Illustration Conference (ICON) | Pasadena, CA in 2010. Available for sale.