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Make Fan Engagement Fun

Create a Fan Page for Your Podcast

How It Works

We make it simple & fun to engage your fans and monetize your podcast.

Create a Fan Page

Creating a fan page on PodInbox is a snap. Every single feature on your fan page is designed to get your fans to take action and engage!

Fans Engage

Fans go to your fan page to leave you audio messages, give fan donations, unlock rewards, check the leaderboard, learn about other fans, and more.

Know Your Superfans

Every fan that engages with your fan page is captured in your PodInbox contacts list. Your active fans are your superfans, so we help you know who they are.

Accept Audio Messages

Give your fans a fun and easy way to to leave you audio messages using PodInbox! Start collecting audio message from fans to get them active and engaged. Don’t just speak into the void…it’s time to listen to your audience!

Feature Your Superfans

Word-of-mouth is still the number ONE way podcasts grow.Download and share your fans’ voice messages in your episodes to increase fan excitement! Fan shout-outs and audio drops are a sure-fire way to hype up your fans, inspiring them to share your podcast with their friends and social circles.

Accept Fan Donations

PodInbox fan pages let you accept fan donations and tips in a fun and easy way! Fan support shouldn’t feel like an online shopping cart, like on some other fan platforms. With PodInbox, our tipping system, message tips, reward levels, and leaderboard makes it fun and simple for fans to show their support and get some value!

Fans Unlock Rewards

Our fan donation platform is ‘gamified’ just enough,to maximize fun and fan loyalty. With our reward levels, fans can unlock the custom rewards you create, based on their cumulative monetary contributions. It’s a great way to reward your most loyal Superfans for their long-term consistent support!

Collect Fan Emails

As a PodInbox user, we believe your audience belongs to you. Every fan who engages with you on PodInbox is captured in your dashboard. We make it super easy for you to view your fan contact list, download a CSV, or sync them with your Mailchimp account. You may not know all your listeners…but at least know your engaged Superfans and keep them in the loop!

Your PodInbox Fan Page should be your primary call-to-action in all your podcast episodes. It makes it super easy for your fans to take action and connect.

Pat Cheung

Founder / PodInbox

Core Features

Here are some of the main features you get with your podcast fan page

Audio Messages

Your fans can easily record & submit audio messages directly on your podcast fan page. Download these audio files and feature your fans' audio drops in your episodes!


Fan Donations

Fans want to support your show. Give them a way to leave a tip or donation! This is great way to both monetize and get your superfans more invested into your show!


Lead Capture

We believe your fans belong to you. When your fans engage on your fan page, we capture them in your PodInbox dashboard. Great for building your newsletter list!



Fans sometimes want to be more than a normal fan...they want to be your greatest superfan! With our leaderboard feature, fans can compete to be your top supporter!


Message Tips

When your fans leave a message, they can also tip that message. Create clever incentives that encourage your fans to leave a message with a monetary tip.


Reward Levels

With reward levels, your fans can unlock rewards based on their cumulative donations. Create a progressive set of rewards to incentivize fans to keep supporting your work.


Welcome Videos

Your fans love you, so greet them on your fan page with a warm welcome video! Let them know you'd love to hear from them and appreciate their support.


Fan Profile Cards

When fans engage with you on PodInbox, their avatar will appear on your fan page. When you and other fans click on their avatar, the fan's profile card will appear in a popup.



Continue the fun outside your PodInbox fan page using our widgets. Our widgets work seamlessly with PodInbox to engage your fans, even on your podcast website.



We keep our pricing simple and affordable
Get 2 months free by paying yearly!


freefor lifeno credit card requiredGET STARTED1 fan page5% fee on fan donations *unlimited audio messages


$9monthly$99 paid yearlyGET STARTED1 fan page0% fee on fan donations *unlimited audio messagesall premium features


$19monthly$199 paid yearlyGET STARTED3 fan pages0% fee on fan donations *unlimited audio messagesall premium features

view pricing details

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