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Grow Influence & Monetize with YouTube

I teach overwhelmed and busy entrepreneurs how to start a YouTube channel and grow a Bulletproof YouTube business with Powerful Personal Branding.

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Be invited to sleep under the stars in Jordan, take a helicopter ride over Manhattan, and ride in a hot air balloon in Turkey.


Start a YouTube channel around your passion and personal expertise. Grow traffic and monetize with YouTube as Google sends customers to your business as you sleep.


Creating a niche tribe around your core values, where you are recognized for your zone of genius and can easily grow your authority in your industry.

 CREATING INCOME & OPPORTUNITIES IN A PANDEMIC WORLD With the pandemic, the world is changing more quickly than it did before.  Millions are leaping to create their opportunities online and from their home. Do not get left out!

.. I’ll see you inside!

Ready to have a bullet-proof YouTube brand which earns passive income, grows your tribe and creates opportunity?

Your voice deserves to be heard and the time to start a YouTube channel is NOW!

These are rough times. Businesses are moving online now more than ever and people are at home watching online videos for inspiration and YOU.

If you are looking to start YouTube as a hobby, this is not for you.

I am about actionable step-by-step strategies to  grow your tribe authentically and grow your income and influence strategically!

Let’s Jumpstart together!


Know your IT factor

Get confident on-camera because you know your unique YouTube personality inside-out.

Launch your YouTube Brand

Learn my framework and grow your YouTube business around your personal expertise and monetize it with a bullet-proof business mindset.

Sell Inspiration

Sculpt a magnetic brand that stands out in the YouTube sea, be your passion and sell inspiration.

Turn Passion into Profit

Work smarter, not harder! Don’t go for the side hustle- create a profitable YouTube business today.

Some of the brands I’ve worked with…

Hi, I’m Christine Ka’aloa !

I’m a video storyteller, a female solo travel influencer & Youtube coach.

I was a female solo traveler with a rising career living in New York city, filming and producing popular reality and online shows.  I was a docu-reality producer and shooter working for a lot of corporate brands from MTV, Food Network, Yahoo, BET, VH1 and paid to travel. But the economy fell and I left the U.S. to spend a gap year living abroad (a dream of mine!) in Korea.

Long story short, when I moved back home to the U.S., I returned to my family in Hawaii. It was a monumental challenge breaking into a small patriarchal television industry on a small island with limited opportunities. So I worked on corporate audio visual  jobs and shooting for live events. Wanting to survive my passion for video storytelling, I went onto YouTube.  And re-scripted my life!

I grew my influence in the travel blogging industry and created a solo travel YouTube brand and blog to empower new solo travelers around the world to find the confidence to travel alone. Til today, I get regular emails and messages from both, women and men about how my videos helped launch their first solo trip. Inspiring new soloists to leap towards their fears to find freedom is major. That’s the positive side of influence.

Brands like Apple, Manfrotto, Shell Oil, Travel Channel,… approached me when I was 25K-50K subscribers and ultimately I worked on campaigns with equally big brands… These were brands I thought I had to be living in New York or Los Angeles to work with! I’ve been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fodors, The Points Guy and my YouTube work has appeared in Huffington Post, Flight Network, Thrillist, Nat Geo, Transferwise... (full press here). I’m occasionally hired for tourism board campaigns to create high quality, info-taining content and I work with sponsors for monetized content on almost every trip I take!

You can struggle with guesswork for years, slug it out trying to figure out how your competitors are succeeding where you’re not. You can Google answers and watch YouTube tip videos till you’re overwhelmed and uncertain what will work …and basically, never recognize or own your true potential.

The goal of my Video Jumpstart Academy is to guide you past all the growing pains and head-scratching… to grow and monetize your YouTube brand quickly …and strategically!


Register for my Free Masterclass

Grow your Influence and Income on YouTube. Masterclass happening on January 15, 2021 at 5PM PST

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Find me on YouTube!

Now is YOUR Time to…

start a YouTube channel.

….grow your authority and influence online and get the recognition and opportunity you deserve. Stop waiting for others to determine your future.

get clients to your business without paying for ads.

spotlight your zone of genius and build brand authority.

nab the brand deals and sponsorships!

The world is transitioning to online business and video marketing. Don’t be late to the game !


YouTube Influence

YouTube Influence e-course is for the entrepreneur, who needs a framework to set your YouTube Influencer business towards monetized success. If you are a business looking to attract customers or a creator/influencer looking to grow a brand audiences love, this course is for you.

– Build a powerfully personal influencer brand, which generates an income with YouTube
– Connect to your confident YouTube personality
– Create a video strategy workflow which attracts your tribe and grows passive income
– Grow traffic and get your work discovered
– Design click-worthy thumbnails
– Know the perfect YouTube script for sales & audience conversion
– Understand the YouTube algorithm and analytics
– Setup an efficient YouTube workflow system using my PowerFLO template
–  And more!!

Learn more >>

Branding yourself on YouTube course

Branding Influence: Powerful Personal Branding on Youtube

Branding Influence e-course is for the entrepreneur, who needs a framework to set your YouTube Influencer business towards monetized success. If you are a business looking to attract customers or a creator/influencer looking to grow a brand audiences love, this course is for you.

•. Laser focus on your niche audience & attract your tribe like a magnet.
•. Discover the unique IT factor and secret sauce.
•. Sculpt a magnetic brand that stands out in the YouTube sea.
•. Create an authentic brand and YouTube personality that both, you and audiences will love.

Jumpstart PowerFLO system: The best YouTube workflow system for your business

YouTube PowerFLO System

A GAME CHANGER Plug-n-Play Template + Video Tutorial for YouTubers and Content Creators with Airtable

A YouTube work flow system is essential! Having an organized YouTube workflow system keeps you on track, organized and efficient with the creation process, video ideas, and business so that you are not wasting time  hunting down pieces or creating an unfruitful  YouTube practice. It reduces overwhelm and helps you see the bigger picture so you can make better decisions.

Learn more >>


Visit my Video Jumpstart Academy Store


Video Jumpstart Academy Bootcamp

Video Jumpstart Academy is a 12 week group mastermind bootcamp with group + 1:1 coaching, focused on fast tracking your YouTube influence journey and creating a bullet-proof business. We start with seeding the foundation of your brand to grow influence and monetize from the start! This is for the new solo creator or entrepreneur who wants a guiding framework and feedback, while setting up your YouTube your business and to learn the ins and outs which come with creating.

Group sessions aid accountability and discussion, supplemented with video lessons. Included: Fast action workflow worksheets, mindset lessons and insights into systems and strategies for success.

Traveling in British Columbia after my trip to the Arctic Ocean with Mazda.

1:1 youtube consulting

Need a strategy to get traffic to your channel and your target customers’ eyes on your products/ services? New to YouTube and need help setting up a profitable channel or gaining confidence in your YouTube personality?

My YouTube consulting + coaching  is designed for video creators and small business owners, who are striving to grow authority, get traffic and profit. I show you how to start a youtube channel & monetize youtube videos. We’ll come up with a customized strategy plan for your channel to level up your game so you know what 100K+ channels know and start you on a powerful business mindset.

Learn to attract your target customers, grow and monetize your business & brand through the power of YouTube marketing.

More Info >>

Need Proof? Real Words by Real People

“I was growing really fast on youtube and hit a plateau, and no matter what I did I couldn’t seem to get back to the momentum that I had. I knew I needed someone’s perspective on it, and when I saw Christine’s offer for coaching, I latched on to it! Our session was informative and gave me a lot of insight to where to look at on my analytics, how to know what my audience is looking for, and giving me the bravery to try different things!”

Le An Lai LacabaCreator of Virtual Ate, Philippines

“Working with Christine for just an hour helped me overcome so many limiting beliefs and left me with a ton of tactical next steps. I felt so good that the next day, I was able to film 4 Youtube videos in just 1.5 hours! I would not have been able to do so without Christine’s help and coaching. She identified blockers that I didn’t know I had, and really encouraged and helped me move forward. If you’re struggling with Youtube, don’t know where to start, or want her take on your videos/theme/branding, Christine is who you need to hire!”

Jessica YCreator of BossGrad Launch, Los Angeles

“Christine was so easy to talk to. Her passion for helping other creators really showed because she was able to listen and asking critical questions that helped me in thinking through my ideas. You need someone that’s done it and took the hard steps so you’ll save time and able to have a better direction. She was able to grab an important essence from my stories and that can be used as a starting guide to establish my brand. I gained a whole lot of clarity and made me excited to start this journey. Definitely recommended! Loved every single second of our session.”

Zhara DBranding & Content Creator, United Kingdom

“Christine is so down to earth and knowledgeable. Talking to her offered me a different perspective about YouTube and really helped me to feel empowered in sharing my journey and being myself. Before talking to Christine, I had a lot of doubts that my content wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t enough of an expert, which led me to overthink my content and video ideas a lot. The questions Christine asked helped me reframe my thoughts about myself and my capabilities of creating YouTube videos. She helped me realize that it’s not about being 100% perfect but it’s about being real and authentic. She really surpassed my expectations and I highly recommend working with Christine!”

Nadia SariCreator, Instagram for Bullet Journal & Artists

Jessica Y.

Nadia S.

Zhara D.

Le Ann L

What my YouTube audiences say…

Inspiring travelers to leap into their first solo trip is HUUGE to me. So I love messages like these!

The power and discoverability of YouTube continually blows me away.From the streets of Kathmandu, Kyoto or Ella to airports, convenience stores and sightseeing, my fans spot me around the world!

Profit from your Passion on YouTube

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