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On this website you will find all the informaiton you need if you have any questions feel free to email me ✉ hellogareth.ninja ✉

Who is Gareth Tompkins?

I am a website designer and coder... Why you might ask? This is because back in 2013 I played a lot of computer games and join a few communities that needed a website but as a kid, we had no money and that is how it all started. I learnt basic HTML back when it was just version 4 and very limited then in 2014 it changed to version 5 this made life a little easier but I also had to learn JavaScript as well as CSS and also PHP to get the full benefit of everything and so my adventure began. I went to college to learn more general computer knowledge and my lust for coding flourished although my dream goal was to work for Google as a Server Engineer in a data centre the path never crossed my way so I persued my coding career.

I enjoy understanding and implementing new technology. As it advances there is always something new to learn and I like the challenge of figuring out how to make it work. I have the patience and persistence to cope with the bugs and problems that inevitably accompany a new project. My ability to overcome a challenge has improved with experience and as I’ve learnt to use external resources (such as the Stack Overflow website and open source code) effectively.

Gareth Tompkins