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One in ten say they have a hearing loss

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Try our free online hearing test

One in ten say they have a hearing loss

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One in ten say they have a hearing loss

When asked, around one in ten will say they have a hearing loss, according to several surveys. Only a fraction of those who say they have a hearing loss treat their hearing loss with hearing aids or hearing implants.
But not everyone has noticed they have a hearing loss. If a group of adults takes a hearing test, studies have found that around one in six of them will have a measured hearing loss of 25 dB or greater.
A hearing loss can be caused by several factors. One of the major causes of hearing loss is ageing. Another common reason is exposure to noise. Some diseases can also lead to hearing problems.


Tinnitus is sounds in the ears or head which do not come from external sound sources. Almost everybody experiences temporary tinnitus, but many have permanent tinnitus.

Key facts of hearing loss (PP slide deck)
Key facts of hearing loss (pdf)

Report ”Hearing Loss - Numbers and Costs” (pdf)

I have hearing loss
What should I do?
I might have a hearing loss
What should I do?
I have Tinnitus
What can I do?
Do I have tinnitus?
How do I find out?
Somebody I know has a hearing loss
How can I help?
My child has hearing loss
What should I do?


More than a quarter of Australian workers have tinnitus19 July 2022Higher risk of hearing loss in women with osteoporosis12 July 2022New EuroTrak study shows opportunities for improving hearing care in Germany07 July 2022Many benefits from cochlear implants and bone conduction devices05 July 2022Better hearing among black American seniors than among whites28 June 2022Get news updates from hear-it

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