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Premium Genetics, Premium Hemp,
Premium Cannabinoids

Green Point Research’s world class science and innovative crop solutions transform how crops are grown in a nascent hemp industry, ensuring new and experienced farmers make the best use of available resources. Further, our best in class extraction and material science methodologies enable us to produce high quality hemp-derived extracts in which cannabinoids and terpenes are retained throughout.

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Our Products

Seeds, Seed Starts & Clones

Green Point’s seeds and seed starts are genetically stable, prime for planting, and [most importantly] legally compliant when grown properly.Learn More

Crude Oil

Green Point’s Crude Oil is the perfect foundation for your CBD product, or to further refine into distillate or isolate.Learn More

Full Spectrum Distillate

Green Point’s Full Spectrum Distillate contains all the essential chemical compounds necessary to achieve the beneficial Entourage Effect.Learn More

Broad Spectrum Distillate

Our Broad Spectrum Distillate with non-detectable THC is ideal for consumers who want the potential medicinal effects found in the plant’s whole chemical profile.Learn More


Green Point’s Isolate is 99%+ pure CBD, ensuring consistency and potency for your products.Learn More


Green Point’s available terpenes include, but are not limited to, Linalool, Limonene, and a-Pinene.Learn More

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Green Point Research Operations Headquarters

Office: 954-500-HEMP

6986 US Highway 129 South
Jasper, FL 32052

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Satellite Innovation Hub: Knoxville, TN

Green Point Research Nursery

2400 US-17
Ft. Meade, FL 33841

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