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Named Best
SEO Company Canada

Awarded Best SEO Company Canada by some of Canada’s top brands. Founded in Montreal with offices in Toronto, Halifax, Calgary and Oshawa, Let’s Get Optimized is one of Canada’s leading SEO companies. Our team features some of Canada’s top SEO experts and consultants with decades of combined experience under our belts. We strive to offer businesses across Canada the effective SEO services and solutions they can depend on, no matter their niche or size.

From mastering quality web design to building your online authority, we understand SEO like no other SEO agency in Canada. We recognize just how important it is to stay ahead of search engine updates and use trusted and innovative techniques to boost your online visibility. It’s never been easier to kickstart your digital marketing strategy with Let’s Get Optimized at your side.

Named one of Canada's Top SEO Companies in 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022

Voted amongst the Top SEO Companies in Canada on Clutch, a platform that lists over 40,000 marketing agencies and contains over 20,000 in-depth, unbiased client reviews, lists LGO amongst their top Advertising and Marketing companies due to our outstanding 5.0 out of 5.0 review ranking.

Top SEO CompaniesTop SEO CompaniesTop SEO Companies

Ranked Top Local
SEO Firms in Canada 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022

As a North American digital marketplace leader, SEMfirms has placed Let’s Get Optimized as the #1 ranked Search Engine Marketing Company in Canada 2022. We are proud to have been able to qualify as the Best SEM Company in Canada. Here are other awards we were awarded in 2022 by SEMfirms:

Best SEM Firms in CanadaBest SEO Firms in CanadaBest PPC Firms in CanadaBest Web Design Firms in CanadaBest Digital Marketing Firms in CanadaBest Local SEO Firms in Canada

Ranked #1 SEO Agency Canada Majestic Leaderboard

GoodFirms also recognized LGO as one of Canada’s Best Digital Marketing Agencies in 2022.As a leader in the digital marketplace, GoodFirms has chosen us for being a top performance-based digital agency serving our clients in both official languages across Canada.Top SEO CompaniesTop SEO CompaniesTop SEO Companies

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Why Your Business Needs SEO

We all know just how useful a website is for a business. But having a website that ranks well on search engines is just as important. Search engine optimization is a combination of digital marketing techniques that helps boost your online visibility. It also helps turn these website visits into revenue, known as conversion optimization.

Trusted SEO Solutions for all of Canada

We’re proud to be supporting more businesses than ever across Canada. Whether you’re a veteran small business owner in rural Nova Scotia or a thriving startup in downtown Montreal, we’ve got your digital marketing needs covered. We gladly work with clients across all of Canada for their SEO needs including in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Alberta.No matter your size, vertical, or competitors, you can be sure that Let’s Get Optimized has the knowledge and expertise to find you the SEO solution you need. We have experience handling SEO marketing in areas such as:
ConstructionContractingE-CommerceHealthcareHigher EducationLawManufacturingPlumbingReal EstateRetailTechnologyTravel & Tourism

Top SEO Companies Canada in 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022

Voted amongst the Top SEO Companies in Canada on Clutch, a platform that lists over 40,000 marketing agencies and contains over 20,000 in-depth, unbiased client reviews, lists LGO amongst their top Advertising and Marketing companies due to our outstanding 5.0 out of 5.0 review ranking.

WHAT WE DOOur SEO Services

Any successful SEO campaign involves technical SEO. At Let’s Get Optimized, our technical SEO consultants will carry out a full website audit to troubleshoot issues that are holding your site back from ranking high, such as site speed or broken site links. Our technical SEO experts then move on to fixing these challenges to help your website become easily accessible to users and search engines.

Our technical team always stays ahead of the latest SEO and UX developments to ensure your site is prepared for upcoming changes, including the new Core Web Vitals update.


On-page optimization is all about making the content and function of your website accessible to search engines and visitors. This covers everything from optimizing content and keyword mapping to choosing the right metatags that help describe the content of a webpage.

We begin all our SEO projects by carrying out thorough keyword research that identifies what phrases and words your business should be targeting. This will enable our SEO team to deliver on-page recommendations backed by data and our own knowledge.

Once your on-page recommendations have been implemented, we continuously monitor your website for new keyword opportunities while working with you on content writing and strategies such as blogs.

On-Page Optimization

A key factor in many search engine algorithms is your website’s trust and authority on the internet. If your website is attracting and earning quality links from other trusted websites, this gives search engines more reason to rank your site higher in search results. Meanwhile, if your website is attracting poor quality links, this can cause your website to tumble down ranking pages and even receive penalties.

Our team of link building and online authority specialists work to ensure your website is fully supported when it comes to off-page optimization. We carry out regular link audits to protect your link profile while also researching, building, and earning quality links from authoritative sources.

Off-Page Optimization

Getting quality traffic and more revenue from your site begins with a consultation with one of our veteran SEO experts. Thanks to our many years of experience, our team will analyze and evaluate not just your website’s performance, but also how it aligns with your business goals and branding. Whether you’re familiar with SEO and want hands-on involvement or prefer to let the experts do their job while you focus on other matters - we will customize our consultations to suit your needs, budget, and resources.

During these consultations, our SEO consultants will look at the bigger picture to identify missed opportunities while also focusing on small details that can make a big difference to how search engines and users understand your site. As trusted SMB advisors, we can help get your business back on track and develop a data-driven and results-focused SEO strategy that will help do that.

SEO Consulting

Keywords are short terms or phrases that users enter into search. At LGO, we have access to the latest data sets from Google for nearly any location across the world. So whether you want to know how many locals are seeking your services in downtown Montreal or want a Canada-wide glimpse at how many people are actually looking for your brand, we can help you.

When carrying out keyword research, we focus not just on what the person is searching for, but why they are searching for it. We then incorporate this into our content strategy to develop quality website content that encourages conversions as well as relevant traffic.

We also conduct on-going keyword research for our existing clients, especially if you have a new product or service you would like to launch.

Keyword Research

It’s well known in the SEO industry that ‘content is king’. Search engines like Google have advanced their algorithms significantly in the last few years to seek out quality content. This includes the use of human raters and passage-based indexing. Therefore, having informative and relevant content is a must.

Many SEO companies rely too heavily on technical and link building strategies to boost their clients’ rankings due to a lack of confidence with content marketing. But that’s not the case at Let’s Get Optimized. In fact, we have a dedicated content management and strategy team that research, produce and optimize blogs, landing pages and product pages to deliver quality content your customers are looking for.

We champion next-generation content, including Google’s E-A-T guidelines and work alongside our clients to bring out their subject matter expertise that search engines heavily favour.

Content Optimization & Strategy

Local SEO is an excellent way for small businesses to become market leaders in their local area. At LGO, we specialize in developing and delivering local SEO strategies that will result in better ranking performance and more conversions. Investing in local SEO can bring immense benefit to your business, especially if you face larger, area-wide competitors that have more resources.

As part of our local SEO services, we include Google My Business optimization and management. Our local SEO team will work to let you be found not just on organic search results, but also map-based searches that are becoming increasingly popular and prioritized by search engines. We also work to build your business’ presence in the local area through hyperlocal link earning strategies and citation building and management on trusted, authoritative directories.

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case studiesCompanies Who Trust Us to Market Their Business Online Let’s Get Optimized is proud to champion the SEO efforts of many businesses in Canada with effective Search Engine Marketing. We have a diverse client base across Canada and continually strive to deliver results they can all rely on. We understand and our clients trust us to have the right team, expert SEO knowledge and experienced SEO strategies that will help their businesses to thrive.Our philosophy is simple, to provide the tools and services that make a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

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Client TestimonialsWhat Businesses Says About" After working with Let’s get Optimized, we got very busy, very fast "Ivon FortierOwner La Maison Du Beau" They’ve been good at adapting and learning how my business works and what I need to be successful " Chris GaffneyOwner, LifeCare Mobility Solutions Toronto" I’ve never worked with a better company " Olivia PietersenBusiness Manager, The Packaging Company Toronto" They were able to set expectations and goals for my business through SEO and web design, and they’ve lived up to that "Slavko RistichManaging Partner, Ristich Law TorontoPreviousNext

We are not your typical Canadian Digital Marketing Agency!

Let’s Get Optimized offers a full suite of Online Marketing Services. With well over a decade of Canadian digital marketing experience, our agency has partnered and consulted with some of Canada’s brands to provide strategic online marketing strategies.Our passion lies in delivering increased website visibility, through exceptional Organic & Local Search Engine Optimization results for small and medium-sized businesses!We pride ourselves on having the best creative design team which has been working in sync with Canada’s best SEO team for over a decade so when it comes to building websites, SEO or PPC campaigns we are confident we can help.

Why LGO is a Canadian SEO Agency First & Foremost!

The answer is simple! Our Canadian SEO agency loves Organic and Local SEO because it is the single most cost-effective (ROI) way of driving traffic to your website. The fact is, majority of clicks, (according to industry research between 65% and 75%) on search engines such as Google, occur in the Organic and Local search results. Additionally, conversions (clicks that turn to leads) are significantly higher via Organic & Local SEO because of the correlation between high Organic and Local rankings and TRUST! Lastly, Search Engine Marketing and other Online Marketing initiatives that do NOT include an SEO strategy, are incomplete. For this reason, LGO offers a full suite of SEO Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

Short for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher for relevant searches on search engines. This includes search engines such as Google and Bing, which each have complex and continually-updated algorithms that decide what website appears when someone makes a search query.

Understanding and excelling at SEO takes effort, time and a holistic approach to all aspects of your website. However, the results of ranking on search engines (organically) can be an immense benefit to businesses and their revenue.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Yes, it’s possible for a business owner to try to optimize their website on their own. However, while you might notice some minor improvements, this usually doesn’t last long as search engines regularly update their algorithms. SEO is a labour-intensive process that can easily be broken without the right knowledge and experience.

That’s why our team of SEO consultants are here to help you. We offer you our expertise on advanced SEO and will continuously optimize your website so that you won’t fall behind.

How long does it take to see SEO results?

Getting results from SEO depends on the nature of your business and its competitors. Smaller businesses serving a local area with fewer competitors should expect faster results than a larger one. Typically it takes search engines weeks or months to index and crawl.

That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit sooner. At Let’s Get Optimized, our SEO agency is able to score you some quick wins while we work on building your online visibility in the long-term. Get in touch with our SEO consultants in Canada to learn more.

Looking for quick, short-term results? With a small budget commitment, you can benefit from our PPC services, including regular SEM consultations, reporting, and campaign management.

Why should I choose Let’s Get Optimized?

As one of Canada’s most respected SEO companies, we believe in going further than the typical SEO consultant. All our services are fully bespoke to your business needs and our client services team is second to none.

Unlike many other SEO agencies in Canada, we have a proactive approach to search engine optimization. From strategizing new content opportunities to making sure your site stays ahead of updates, we will always go the extra mile to please our clients.

Ultimately, we treat and value your business just as we do with our own.

Do you offer local SEO?

Yes, absolutely. We live and breathe local SEO. In fact, Let’s Get Optimized even has a dedicated local SEO team ready to work for you.

We know local SEO is particularly important for smaller businesses that need to lead search results and Google Maps in their local area. Not only does local SEO help your business secure relevant website traffic, but it also helps you overcome larger competitors. Therefore, our local SEO experts work to improve your position and visibility on local searches whether through earning links from reputable local sources or managing your listing data.

Your Local SEO experts in Canada!The right Canadian Local SEO strategy can provide your business with an enormous amount of local search traffic and qualified leads. It is estimated that approximately 80% (4 out of 5) of consumers use Google to find a local business. Prospects that find your products and services through a local search result are generally at the bottom of the sales funnel, the intent to purchase is very high. Mobile searches now exceed desktop/laptop searches! Consumers often search for business hours, telephone numbers, directions to your brick and mortar location and your company’s reviews. Having a fully optimized Google My Business profile, combined with a proper Local SEO Campaign is essential to your the online growth of your business.For local businesses, visibility in Google’s local search results (Google Local Pack / Maps) is critical to their digital marketing strategy success. Our Local SEO experts have provided strategic local marketing expertise, and delivered exceptional results, for some of Canada’s best-known brands. See our Toronto page.
THE TEAM BEHIND LGOMeet Your New Marketing Team!Read More About Us

Trevor Stewart

Founder / CEO

David Ross


Carla Barker

VP of Client Services
(The Quarterback)

Natia Weiss

Media Relations

Ryan Stanley

SEO & Content Specialist

Jennifer Blackie

Senior Paid Marketing Specialist

Rupesh Bhade

Lead Web Developer

Ronwald Duran

Creative Design Lead

Jack Johnson

Development Lead

Melissa Mitchell

Local SEO Specialist

Mah Murshed

Blogger Outreach Lead

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