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Reviews You Can Trust.Japanese That Sticks.Japanese has the built-in stigma of being a difficult language to learn. Even with all of its moving parts, why can't learning Japanese be interesting fun? Enter your email to get your free guide"Find the Meaning of Any Kanji" and join Japanese Mavericks - a community of Japanese learners just like you!Let's Get Started...If you have a genuine interest in learning Japanese (like me), or even just visiting Japan, these are for you:New? Start Here!Not sure how to begin your Japanese journey? GO HERE!​This page will give you a clear idea on how to use this site and get a solid, Japanese foundation.CHECK OUT THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL!11,000 Subscribers CountingVisit the YT Channel where I post all kinds of fun, Japan-related content that you might not see here on the blog.Enjoy please don't forget to subscribe!Resources!Trying to find the best possible tools platforms to improve your Japanese? Or, maybe you just want to make your time in Japan a bit easier. These are tools I HIGHLY recommend!Hi! My Name Is Donald I'm a Proud Failure...I've been in Japan for over a decade now and guess what? I still make lots of Japanese mistakes! I don't know anyone who'sfailed the JLPT(JapaneseLanguageProficiencyTest) more than I have. Sure, I could try to blame it on poor test-taking skills, or any number of things, but I don't need to.This year, I made the conscious decision tostop beating myself - to stop feeling stupid - for Japanese mistakes. Mistakes you're mature enough to accept and willing enough to learn fromareINSANELY VALUABLE!Instead of having JLP Test envy. I decided to slow down and STARTHAVING FUN WITH JAPANESE!Lately, I've enjoyed making grammar mistakes, laughing at them, and learning from them. The side effect has been that I've FINALLY started to pull myself off the sticky language plateau that I've been on for years. I've started to get back to those interests that lured me here in the first place (namely martial arts, anime, and manga). I understand so much more of what I see, hear and read.If a failure like me can improve his Japanese, so can you!Learn Japanese In A Way That Sticks. Join Japanese Mavericks.Time to make this dream of learning Japanese a fun reality. ​Start with this free guide on "How To Read Any Kanji." Enter your email below.

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Welcome to the Japan Guy. Find out how to get the most out of this site. Whether you're learning Japanese or coming to visit, I look forward to helping you.

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