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If you re any type of writer, you ve experienced writer s block. Whether you write for fun, for work, for school, or for any other reason, you ve looked at a page and felt your mind go as blank as the page itself.Writer s block is the bane of my existence as a writer, and I m sure it s yours too right now if you re consulting this post for some amount of help. And I totally understand, I hope this post will serve as a life preserver as you drift maddeningly in a sea of blankness hopefully toward another idea.Here are a few ways to destroy your writer s block and keep on moving:Stop writingIf you re facing a deadline, this might sound like the scariest thing in the world. But honestly, sometimes the best way to stop the writer s block is to stop writing altogether.Hyper-focusing on something can drive you insane, so sometimes you need to just stop in order to continue to move forward. I m not saying drop everything and go for a craigslist hookup, but scroll through Twitter for a little bit, watch an Episode of Friends or something, just take your mind off the task. You will continue to process information about your work while you do something else.Go for a walkIf you feel completely brain dead, you might need to get up and move around. I suggest going for a walk or at the very least do some laps around your room or house. Moving around gets the blood flowing through the brain, which is vital for your brain to function, which is vital for writing.So, get out of your office chair. Pull yourself out of your plush armchair, no matter how painful. And take a quick walk around the block. The fresh air might help you too.Use a Writer s Block from WriteWorldOne of the best tools I ve found for writing is a Tumblr Blog called WriteWorld. And god, it s saved me from writer s block a million times.Sometimes, when I m not even on a deadline, and I just want to write, I get hit with writer s block. WriteWorld has sought to solve this problem by creating things called blocks in order to prompt some creativity. They come in the form of images, music, and sentences.Even if you re stuck on an assigned piece or a paper writing a little bit on another topic may force some more creativity out of you that you can apply to your more pressing project.Don t edit, writeI am guilty of this. Instead of writing and letting the words flow, I always go back through my work and try to fix it as I go. This is NOT productive because you might feel like you can t do anything right.Instead of focusing on the accuracy of what you re writing or your grammar, just write. You can always go back and polish your piece later.Read, research, relaxIf you re working on a paper, you probably have some other tasks to tackle while you re writing. Instead of writing why don t you read something else? Why don t you read up on the topic on which you re writing? Why don t you do literally anything else!? Take a power nap; your mind will continue to flow while you shift your focus. If you feel guilty doing anything else with your time apart from working, shift to a task that doesn t require your full creative attention. Give your brain a break.

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