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In ESSAYThe Cosmic WheelThe metaphor of the wheel nearly transcends the limitations of language to ably capture the paradoxes and nuances of the Indic view of the Universe. In ESSAYA Defense of Swadeshi HistoriographyAn unbiased analysis by Indians of their own civilizational history is vital to remove the shroud of distortion that has covered them for so long. In EXCERPTHindu society is trapped by its own sloganThe incessant need to put all religions in the same bracket has done more harm than good for Hindu society. In CONVERSATIONIndia: A cultural decline or revival?Seeing through the schizophrenic constructs of the Nehruvian state and rediscovering their heritage is the only way for Indians to deal with modernity without losing their distinctness. In PERSPECTIVEStanding up for the Purusha SuktaHindus have long been made to feel ashamed of the Purusha Sukta's casteist elements even though they have no reason to in reality. In PERSPECTIVEKanwar Yatra A first person perspectiveKanwar Yatra is one of the great spontaneous expressions of devotion of Hindu society which has numerous benefits to offer, both in the material as well as the spiritual realm. In ESSAYDealing with the Loss of One’s Spiritual MasterWhat should one do when one's guru leaves their body and goes elsewhere? How do we continue without our guru? In ESSAYHarsha of Kashmir, a Hindu Iconoclast?In the rush to show how Islam wasn't alone in plunder, many a secularist has pointed the finger at King Harsha. In ESSAYThe Bodh Gaya temple controversyThe Ambedkarite neo-Buddhists hatred towards Hinduism led to a movement for the “liberation of the Mahabodhi shrine”. In COMMENTARYAn open letter to Ma DurgaHow the original 'idea of India' is no different from the reverence for Durga, the mother of the Universe. In ESSAYHumour in Hinduism Part 2Criticism is inherent to Hinduism and hence the urge to mock arises but unlike other religions, it does not trigger damnation. In EXCERPTThe Place of Mahatma GandhiMahatma Gandhi's failure in recognising the threat posed by imperialist ideologies has left his legacy very much tainted. In REPORTPadmanabhaswamy Temple verdict What it means for the Hindu societyA summary of the Padmanabhaswamy verdict and the progress made by Hindu society on the issue of Temple autonomy as a direct consequence of the historic judgement. In ESSAYAsk the PastAncient India's knowledge traditions were continuous & cumulative and it's a pity that young Indians know little of this vast intellectual heritage. In ESSAYThe genetics and history of the Indian TulsiRecent genetic haplogroup studies regarding the phylogeny of the Indian holy basil alongside traditional Hindu scriptural accounts on the most revered plant in Hinduism may shed light on the sophisticated nature of ancient Indic civilisation beyond merely a botanical or agricultural perspective. In ESSAYIndia s take on the Individual vs. CollectiveThe Indic perspective throws light on how the tussle between the individual and collective is in fact inconsequential. In ESSAYBhima Karna Yuddha – Part 4Seeing five of the Kaurava brothers dead on the ground, Karna experienced a mix of sorrow and anger. Gathering his senses back, he rushed at Bhima and discharged five and then seventy sharp arrows at him. In ESSAYA storyteller s experiences with divinityThe tradition of storytelling is as old as Hindu culture with its immense impact having defined our very way of life. In ESSAYNumerical Imagination of Ancient IndiaThe conception of astronomical numbers by mathematicians in India made them stand well above the rest. In BOOK REVIEWBefore and After Prajñā: Journey of an ex-comradeThe work carried out and the policies implemented during the last five years have once again raised India's standing in the world. In ESSAYGainsaying Ancient Indian Science Part 2Neo-colonialists find it hard to digest India's ingenuity in mathematics and hence, resort to gross manipulations to further their agenda. In ESSAYNachiketa and the Secret of DeathThe young Nachiketa approaches Yama as directed by his father and is granted three wishes for his bravery.

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