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Migrations to SharePoint, the Cloud, OpenText, servers or new file structures frequently incur a hidden “surcharge”. LinkFixer Advanced™ protects your file links. Use it before a data migration or any type of file system restructuring to avoid the gut-wrenching (sometimes job-threatening) consequences of broken links. Alternatively, if you have already completed such a project and have missing data, LinkFixer Advanced can fix your broken links about a bazillion times faster than trying to fix them manually or by using some replace tool. Estimated average number of IT man-hours saved by an average-size customer using LinkFixer Advanced during a data migration project. Whether you’re moving to SharePoint, OpenText, Office 365, OneDrive or Dropbox, we make sure your links are protected. Or maybe you’re implementing a distributed file system (DFS), network attached storage (NAS) or a storage area network (SAN). Or perhaps you need to re-map some paths or archive a set of files. LinkFixer Advanced can prevent downtime due to broken links. Already migrated to the Cloud, SharePoint, OpenText or new servers and now you have a hot mess of broken links, upset users or downtime? LinkFixer Advanced can fix your links and have you back in shape faster than anything else ever dreamed up. Broken links happen, especially when migrating or restructuring a file system. This costs a lot to fix and even more in lost man-hours. Then there’s the phone calls from upset users and angry bosses. LinkFixer Advanced can prevent all this grief. Thank you for helping me salvage several years worth of work! Without going into great detail, changes over time left me with files containing links that didn’t exist anymore. In addition, I had files with broken links due to company name changes. All in all, this created many broken links and, what I thought was, an impossible job of fixing them all. This morning I purchased LinkFixer. By noon, the links were working! I now feel like broken links are a thing of the past. Thanks again for your great product and for the awesome support you provide. 1.  Use whatever migration tools you like, and letLinkFixer Advanced handle your links for you.Regardless of which applications you will be using for your data migration, LinkFixer Advanced can automatically preserve your links, thousands at a time and quite fast.Check out this video.Watch Video 2.  You can use LinkFixer Advanced to migrate your data.The LinkFixer Advanced Move/Rename feature does just that — moves and renames thousands of files and folders at a time, without breaking a single file link while doing so.Watch Video 3.  Already completed a migration or file systemrestructuring and have lots of broken links tocontend with?Fortunately, LinkFixer Advanced has a feature called “Modify Links” (also known as “Disaster Recovery”). Use it to create a series of custom rules (easy) and then let LinkFixer Advanced work its magic, fixing all your links in batch and faster than any other method ever devised.Watch Video Company*Phone*PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Phone*Your Message*CommentsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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LinkTek provides link fixing software to prevent lost data. We do migrations to SharePoint, OpenText, & new servers. Get your free trial today!

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