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TAKE THE PLEDGE! - click hereHELP END HUMAN TRAFFICKING.Human Trafficking Hides in Plain SightWhat is HEAT Watch?HEAT (Human Exploitation and Trafficking) Watch is a nationally recognized, award-winning program created by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office to combat human trafficking on a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and regional basis. HEAT Watch seeks to prevent and combat human trafficking in all of its forms with a five point strategy designed to support victims and those at-risk; engage community members and raise awareness; train law enforcement and other first responders; prosecute traffickers and purchasers; and change legislative policy and identify best practices.United States Senator Diane Feinstein stated “HEAT Watch [i]s a one of a kind program that takes a comprehensive approach to dealing with a crime that victimizes some of the most vulnerable members of our society.”United States Congresswoman Jackie Speier declared “HEAT Watch is the national gold standard,” and urged that it be replicated throughout the region."What is Human Trafficking?Human trafficking is an umbrella term encompassing all forms of exploitation occurring locally, nationally, and abroad. Jurisdictional and geographic boundaries are often crossed by traffickers and their victims. Human trafficking knows no borders. Though many believe human trafficking occurs only in foreign countries, 83% of all confirmed sex-trafficking victims in the United States are from the United States. Trafficking takes many forms but is most commonly separated into sex and labor trafficking, and people can be victims of both. Both adults and children are victims with the median age of entry for girls falling between 12-14 while boys and transgendered youth average 11-13.Need help? If you or someone you know is being trafficked, you are not alone. If this is an emergency, call 911.If you would like to make an anonymous report, call the HEAT Watch Tip Line: (510) 208-4959.What can you do? TAKE ACTION NOW! Whether you’re a community member or a policy maker, you can play a role in combating human trafficking.Community Member: Learn More, Report it, Take ActionLaw Enforcement: Help with Cases, Training, ProtocolService Provider: Partner, Training, ProtocolPolicy Makers: Connect, Policy and LawsNo matter who you are:Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on trainings, news, and events.Download and use our MAP1193 web appHost a HEAT Watch informational training in your communityFollow us on Twitter, Facebook, and InstagramYour donation can help a victim of human traffickingGive Today

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