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Series Land Rover maintenance, modifications and trip preparation How-to tech tips plus travel pictures and stories THE Dormobile tech web site This web site focuses on Series Land Rovers, conversions and modifications to Series Land Rovers, Land Rover caravans, Series Land Rover expedition preparation, and has Land Rover related photo galleries. There is some contents relating to Land Rover Defenders, but most everything is Series Land Rover focused. In the United States and Canada Soft bound, heavy paper, color, 352 pages, over 159 photos and illustrations A Girl and Her Land Rover An Auto-Biography Soft bound, 127 pages, 36 B W photos To learn more about these books and make a purchase, please visit my book web site Also available through Amazon US, UK, and Europe Signed copies available directly from the author Because the world beckons and life waits for no one Land Rover is less of a car than a state of mind. from review of the 1964 Series Land Rover by Car and Driver magazine I own a 1960 Land Rover Series II 109 that I purchased in 1978. I have named her "The Green Rover". During the years that I have owned her I have learned her mechanical limits and my driving limits. With practice I've learned to expand my driving limits and have modified my Series Land Rover's limits where needed for the type of travel I like to do. I originally purchased my Land Rover to work as a ranch vehicle but as wanderlust set in she spent more time traveling than working on the ranch. After a while I gave in, sold most of the livestock and transformed her into a long range expedition style Land Roverequipped for extended primitive travel and camping I tend to travel alone with an Irish Wolfhound, good books, and a camera. I'm prone towards a gypsy style of travel where destinations are optional and not necessarily desirable. Some days I stop in one location and wait several hours for the sun to move into the right location for a picture and other days never break camp because I'm trapped in a good book. About the only time I pay attention to schedules and preplanned routes is when I'm leading a touror just traveling with others. Over the years My Series Land Rover, dogs and I have meandered through North America, East - West from coast to coast and North - South from about half way up Canada to the Mexican border. The majority of my Land Rover travels tend to be in the greater Four Corners area. The longest I've been out on a single Land Rover camping trip so far is 3 months. During the years that I have maintained and traveled with The Green Rover I have learned and experienced a number of things I would like to share. There is lots of good stuff hereincluding some nice scenic pictures. For some reason every time I start reading her site, I have the uncontrollable urge to just get in my truck and drive, or wrench on it or kiss it. Tim Smith 2007 O'Kane on Land Rovers, a story from the July1969 issue of Car Driver. A fun read. How watching TV changed my life Things to do: Before the trip Preparation helps you get home intact (Not from the book) Things to do: After the trip keeping your vehicle and gear in good condition (not from the book) Cooking on the trail (3 selections from Chapter 12, cooking on the trail ) Trail etiquette (This is the complete chapter 14 of my book The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada without the illustrations) Water crossings(This is just part of one section in chapter 19, Driving on primitive trails in different terrains. This selection covers water crossings and is provided to give you an idea of the kinds of information you can expect to find in my book. The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada ) Back issues of The Aluminum Workhorse (Scanned into pdf format) The Aluminum Workhorse was the news letter of the now defunct Land Rover Owners Association (LROA).Started in 1984, the LROA was meant to be many things - a local club organizing trips and social events for local members, an umbrella organization for chapters of the club across the US, and a channel for Rover owners to meet and share data about all sorts of subjects of interest. Part of the organization's value to the members was the club newsletter, called the Aluminum Workhorse . The AW was the channel which the members used to communicate with the club and each other - sharing tips, tricks, and the thousand and one different pieces of information that can help an owner to live with a car as unique as an old Land-Rover. Land Rover Caravans - Dormobile, Carawagon, Park-Ranger, Land-Rover Explorer and X-PANDA-CAB Land Rover Dormobiles Land Rover based camping conversions manufactured by Martin Walter Ltd. The Green Rover features a Dormobile conversion kit rescued from a wrecked Land Rover Dormobile. Carawagons Land Rover based camping conversion made by R.J. Searle Ltd. Includes model identification and copies of sales brochures showing "Standard" model configurations. Dormobile and Carawagon comparison PDF FILE Magazine article from Motor Caravan Magazine, October 1998 used with kind permission from Link House Publishing Park-Rangers Land Rover based camping conversion made by Hall Park Garage Ltd. Includes interior layout diagrams and caravan feature list. Land Rover Explorer American dealer option camper that fit a 109 pickup. Available from North American Land Rover dealers from April 1965 X-PANDA-CAB Pop up roof conversion with optional interior furniture made in Colorado, USA. Early style Land Rover Dormobile wing badge FREEDOM to ignore holiday hotel worries - and bills FREEDOM to live comfortably and easily in the open air, out on the trail FREEDOM to decide and then go - straight away - for a month, a week, a day FREEDOM to drive without tiresome towing, preplanned end of day destinations or even paved roads FREEDOM to tour - Moab or The Badlands - and take your home with you FREEDOM to take advantage of those spare moments - those crisp, clear winter days - when owners of other 4x4's stay at home FREEDOM to eat what you like, when you like and cooked how you like it FREEDOM to sleep - comfortable and secure - at the end of an exciting day FREEDOM to enjoy outdoor interests - fishing, boating, climbing, photography, walking, beach combing- or just looking ABOVE FREEDOM to relax, in your mobile home, away from the everyday routine and stress of modern life. MARTIN WALTER LTD. A high percentage of the Land Rovers taken around the world are Dormobiles. On a per model basis I strongly suspect that Dormobiles are the most traveled model of Land Rover. Every person who purchased a Land Rover Dormobile from Martin Walter had travel in mind, often long distances to exotic locations. I'm always happy when I see another Land Rover caravan out on the trail still exploring the world. Series Land Rover maintenance technical specifications Torque settings, fluid types capacities, adjustment settings, electrical Factory recommended maintenance schedule for Series Land Rovers What to do and when to keep your Series Land Rover in reliable operating condition Lucas wire colour code table Lists uses for each wire colour Fuse replacement chart British fuse ratings and American fuse ratings are NOT the same. This chart might prevent a fire in your truck Alternative parts numbers for Series Land Rovers Part numbers for seals, bearings oil filters, 'U' joints, spark plugs and more. These are companies that are common in the U.S. Frequently asked questions These are replies to frequently asked "How to" questions. They came from the world wide leaf spring Land Rover mail list and the US West coast e-mail list. INCLUDES the popular page on replacing 109 brake shoes Demystifying Distributors How I set my points and timing Diesel Starter motor rebuilding Adrian Redmond provides step by step instruction on how to rebuild your Series Land Rover diesel starter motor Repair of the early style choke cable This information provided by my friends at Rover's North Sliding window channel and glass replacement For the rear side sliding window. The factory manual is misleading. Here are step by step instructions. swivel ball seal replacement A technique Scotty taught me for replacing leaky front swivel ball seals. Tips and Tweaks Some ideas on how you can make you car a little more break resistant, and keep it going. An introduction to Series Land Rover engine conversions My thoughts about what works well and what might require a lot of work How-to thoughts about converting a Series Land Rover to a V8 (body engine bay prep covered here. Also radiators) Small block Ford conversion (engine details) Small block Chevy conversion (mostly vehicle prep) How-to thoughts about converting a Series Land Rover to a Diesel (not finished yet) 200tdi conversion (step by step conversion details) 617 Mercedes conversion (Introduction to a conversion kit sold by Robert Davis) Scotty adapters for Chevy conversions While no longer available, over 500 adapters were manufactured so there are a lot kicking around out there. I have a page that provides background information, information about the adapter and pilot bearing and a PDF copy of the latest version of the installation instructions Some engine power specifications Metric power ratings for various Rover engines and non-Rover engines commonly transplanted into Rovers. Gearboxes and transfer cases commonly used with engine swaps in Series Land Rovers Along with some thoughts on how to choose among them Gear boxes An overview of the gearboxes used in Land Rovers from series through the present Gearboxes and transfer cases commonly used with engine swaps in Series Land Rovers Along with some thoughts on how to choose among them Adapters to connect various 4 and 5 speed gearboxes to a Series transfercase Gear ratios Covers Series and coiler Land Rover gearboxes, popular conversion gear boxes, overdrives and Ashcroft high ratio transfer case 109 rear propshaft lengths measured at half extension on the sliding joint: For Rover diff - 41 13/16 or 1062mm, for Salisbury diff - 40 1/16 or 1017mm. The difference between the two shafts is 1.75 or 45mm. A stock Series III 109 rear propshaft is the Salisbury type since a Salisbury rear diff was standard fitment on a series III 109. This section presents my personal thoughts and current understandings on the subject of optimizing leaf springs and suspension for expedition travel. These pages are grouped together because each one adds something different to the subject of Land Rover leaf spring suspension. Setting up a leaf spring suspension for expedition travel My thoughts on optimizing a suspension including making springs work better than new. Land Rover weight specifications Factory data for empty and Max axle total weights for all series III models. Includes a listing of which model uses which spring. Spring tuning Choosing springs that work best with your Land Rover from the available Land Rover parts Shocks, setting your leaf springs free The shocking news and what to do about it. Adding ground clearance Some factors involved when lifting a Land Rover Spring bolt lengths for North American local ordering (by Geoff Tobin) The bolts used in spring bushings on most IIA (Suffix B onwards) and III trucks are 9/16 -18 UNF Grade 5. The inner shackle are threaded. Therefore the lock nut acts as a jam nut Length of bolt at front of spring 537741, 4 Required, 4 1/4 Length of bolt rear of front spring, 537742, 4 Required, 5 1/4 Length of bolt rear of rear spring, 537740, 4 Required, 5 4 1/4 and 5 1/4 are odd lengths in the US. Order 4 1/2 and 5 1/2. Dual power brakes on a series II How I converted my Land Rover's brakes to dual power brakes Overview of front disc brake conversion kits Descriptions of Series Land Rover disc brake conversion kits that I'm aware of My front disc brake conversion using the Torrel Industries kit How I converted my Series Land Rover 109 from front drum brakes to disc brakes using the series Land Rover disc brake conversion kit from Torrel Industries Converting from positive to negative earth How I converted my Land Rover's electrical system to negative earth so I could connect radios Delco 3 wire alternators A primer on Delco 3 wire alternators suitable for Series Land Rovers and how to wire one up. Adding a tach to my series II How I added a MGB tach to my Series II Land Rover without pain Converting to Halogen headlamps How-to make the conversion plus headlamp wiring harness "tune up" Converting a series rig to power steering Discussion on how to convert a series LR to power steering using a Saginaw power steering box. Has lots of pictures. Rear corner frame modification For increased corner body protection and stable rear jack point Adapting s pre-2006 Defender bulkhead to fit a Series truck New Series bulkheads and repair sections are no longer available. This link takes you to a web site where Nick Kilvert shows how to convert a Defender bulkhead to fit a Series truck. This conversion is easier if you also convert to power steering as the Defender foot wells are deeper and interfere with the Series steering box mounting location. It is also easier if you score a Defender accelerator pedal and convert to cable linkage. How a skirted thermostat works Tells you why that skirt is there Kodiak Heaters Everything I know about Kodiak heaters. Ignition/headlamp switch Everything I know about the ignition/headlamp switch used on positive earth LRs Paint colours used on 1958 through 1974 Series Land Rovers 1962 Land Rover USA price list It's a poor copy but readable. .pdf format 1962 Land Rover USA options list Its a poor copy but readable. .pdf format 1962 Land Rover 109 basic chassis (coach builders) drawing From a 1964 blueprint. Much is faded (3.2MB jpeg) Factory drawings from early 1960's brochures Rolling frames, engine and gearbox. Factory ninety and one Ten driving specifications Factory recommendations for driving pre-Defender coilers. Torque table Average torque values for common bolts Nuts and Bolts about Nuts and Bolts plus a Spanner gap chart Pre-metric Series Land Rovers have a combination of British Standard Fine (BSF) and Whitworth (BSW) fixings. This page helps sort them out for you and suggests Whitworth sizes to carry for drive train work. Ever wonder what size wrench to use on a mystery bolt? Calipers and this chart gives you the answer. Common metric to US unit conversions Factors for converting engine power and size specs, fluids and distance. Fuse replacement chart British fuse ratings and American fuse ratings are NOT the same. This chart might prevent a fire in your truck Lucas wire colour code table Lists uses for each wire colour Below are important hard to find bits of information that are just too small to warrant their own web pages. So I put them here for future reference. Wheel stud thread sizes - Series I/II and early IIA 9'16ths BSF (16 TPI) Late IIA, SIII. Range Rover Classic, Discovery I US spec Defenders M16X1.5 Roof rivets - attaches gutter to roof - Semi-tubular truss head rivet, 5/32 dia,3/8 length. To seal the gutter use 3M Self Leveling Seam Sealer. It's paintable, can be applied with a squeeze hand gun or pneumatic air gun. It levels by itself, just wait for it to dry and your good. Winter in Flagstaff AZ Some people have asked where I have Driven my Dormobile so I thought I would add a map. Up until recently my truck has been based along California's Monterey bay so most of my travels have been in the Western US and Canada. But we have spent some time traveling and exploring out East. The Green Rover camped at Kane Creek just outside Moab The Mendo recce mail list was created in 1994 to plan for an exploratory trip into the Mendocino National Forest. This temporary list has since grown to become a Western US focused Land Rover discussion group and the original exploratory trip has become an annual gathering of list members. While most list members are located along the Western US coast, there are members across the US and Canada. Over the decades we have grown into an extended family. Children have been born and have grown up as we shared more than just Land Rover tech information.We have grown into what could be called an extended Land Rover family, though some members no longer own a Land Rover, they keep the extended family connection. Our annual gathering is the last full weekend of April, come sun, rain or snow. New members are always welcome, and you can participate as much or as little as you wish. Though it would be nice if you introduce yourself when you join just so we can welcome you to the group. HOW TO JOIN: Go to groups.google.com Search for mendo_recce, or try this link. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mendo_recce Request membership. Then answer the questionsabout Land Rovers in the request. This is to determine if you are a real person.If you look to be a real person and not a bot, Ben, the list administrator, will add you to the group. OUR ANNUAL GATHERINGS: Our annual gathersduring the last full weekend in April are usually at the Cedar Camp campground in California's Mendocino National forest. But due to forest fire activity the location is subject to change. We have a potluck meal Saturday evening and gather for a campfire afterwards.Most people arrive and set up camp Friday so as to be ready for a trail drive Saturday morning. Some arrive a day or two earlier to secure a prime camp spot. This is a family event and children are welcome as are well behaved and socialized dogs as long as they are under control. Camping is primitive so be sure to bring your own water and to pack out your own trash. Mendo XV 2009 Mendo XX 2014 Mendo friends around the camp fire at an annual gathering

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