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15-oz. aerosol formulated with SUPERIOR corrosion resistance to "hardware store rust paints"! 15-oz. aerosol formulated with SUPERIOR corrosion resistance to "hardware store rust paints"! Eliminate road noise and heat by applying under carpet, door panels, inner firewall and more. Formulated with SUPERIOR corrosion resistance to "hardware store rust paints" with a great MATTE finish Meet Your New Silent Partner - ELITE QST™ 80/120 SCROLL AIR COMPRESSOR: Quiet. Powerful. Affordable! Cody shows off just how quiet the QST 80/120 Scroll Compressor is as it runs our warehouse shipping line, R&D and video studio! MORE INFO: ... Just How Quiet Is It? ELITE QST™ 80/120 SCROLL AIR COMPRESSOR: Quiet. Powerful. Affordable! Cody shows off just how quiet the QST 80/120 Scroll Compressor is as it runs our warehouse shipping line, R&D and video studio! MORE INFO: ... How to Repair Your Cracked Steering Wheel - Master Steering Wheel Repair Kit - Eastwood In this video we repair an old C10 steering wheel using the Master Steering wheel repair kit. More info: ... How to Paint Interior Trim Get the BEST RESULTS! Finishing the Interior on Irontrap s Hot Rod Matt's Journey to finish his hot rod is ALMOST OVER! In this video he goes over how to paint trim using Concours Detail Paint Gun. 2k Primer: ... The PERFECT Shop Compressor? ELITE QST™ 80/120 SCROLL AIR COMPRESSOR: Quiet. Powerful. Affordable! Put your right foot forward and equip your shop with a scroll compressor that can keep up with even the most demanding workflow WITHOUT the racket of a loud ... Toolbox Welding Cart - Keep Your Welding Supplies CLOSE ACCESSIBLE! Eastwood The toolbox welding cart is a great addition to any shop that will be doing a lot of welding because you can store your supplies right next to your welder! The PERFECT Welding Cart for Small Shops or Garages - The Low Profile Welding Cart - Eastwood The low profile welding cart is the PERFECT cart for saving space in a small shop because you can store your welder and bottle UNDER a workbench! Low Pro ... Metal Fab Must-Have: Hydraulic Tubing Bender for Roll Cages, Core Supports More! Eastwood It's time to step up your metal fab and treat yourself with the Eastwood Hydraulic Tubing Bender! MORE INFO: ... The BEST MACHINE for Cutting Metal - 7x12 Hydraulic Feed Bandsaw - Eastwood In this video Matt goes over the 7x12 Hydraulic Bandsaw and goes over the best way to set this up to get the perfect cuts! Bandsaw: ... TECH TIP - How to Clean the Jaws on Your Shrinker Stretcher - Eastwood In this video Matt goes over how to clean the jaws on your Shrinker and Stretcher to ensure that they are in perfect working condition! Shrinker/stretcher: ... How to Build a Powder Coating Rack for The Eastwood Oven and Booth WITH PLANS! Eastwood In this Video we build a power coating rack for the Eastwood Powder Coating Oven and Spray Booth. Plans for Rack: ... How To Adjust the Jaws on the Elite Shrinker/Stretcher to Get the BEST RESULTS! Eastwood In this tech tip Matt goes over how to get the BEST results when using the elite shrinker stretcher from Eastwood! Shrinker Stretcher: ... Removing Paint from a Porsche! Translog For Porsche Uses the Contour SCT to Strip a Car - Eastwood In this video Our Friend Ryan Krause uses the Contour SCT to strip down a Porsche Contour SCT: ... 7x12 Hydraulic Feed Bandsaw With Built-in Cooling System! Perfect Cuts EVERY TIME! Eastwood In this video Dave goes over the 7x12 Hydraulic feed bandsaw which is perfect for production shops or home garages that are going be doing a lot of metal ... OPTIFLOW: The BEST Roll-On Primer System PERIOD! Eastwood Joe briefly explains how easy OPTIFLOW is to apply as well as breaks down which kit is right for you! MORE INFO: ... Eastwood Auto Supplies Since 1978, DIY auto enthusiasts have relied on Eastwood to help them with their latest project. Our team is more than just people selling tools and supplies. We strive to be a part of the community as well. Our inventory of more than 4,000 car restoration tools, auto paints, metal fabrication equipment and other products is based on both our own experience working on cars and feedback from customers like you. We stock auto restoration supplies and repair equipment that are proven solutions to the challenges our fellow automotive devotees face every day. Eastwood Tools Accessories We have thousands of automotive tools in stock to repair, modify and restore your vehicle. Our Eastwood, Fairmont and Rockwood brand tools are high quality affordable tools for both the DIYer and professional. We also offer nationally recognized brands such as Devilbiss 3M, POR 15, Auto Metal Direct, ATK Engines, PYPES Exhaust and many more. The Eastwood R D team has developed a number of top-of-the-line tools and accessories as well. Shop today and find metal fab tools, engine tools, electrical tools, suspension tools and other essential shop tools. You'll also find a complete selection of welders for MIG, TIG, Multi-Process, ARC and Gas welding. Supplies for Bodywork Repairs Whether you're fixing your car up for a show or trying to get it back on the road, Eastwood has the answers you need. Our auto body repair supply section includes everything from Paintless dent repair kits, body filler putties, body solder kits, body hammers and dollies so you can do anything from replacing body panels to fixing rust holes. Our huge assortment of automotive paints and painting equipment will get any car looking like new again or give it a custom look. With Eastwood metal fabrication tools and powder coating supplies, you can practically build, repair or customize your car from the ground up. Everything You Need for Automotive Work Eastwood is number-one when it comes to automotive tools and solutions online for those who love cars. In addition to our extensive product selection, we offer expert tech advice and service for those who need car care assistance. We are a two-time winner of the Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award for product design and continue to work tirelessly on in-house development. Everything we sell comes with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee to help you "do the job right."

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Shop at Eastwood today to find everything you need for your next do-it-yourself auto repair or restoration project. Find Eastwood tools, shop equipment, auto paints and other supplies that are the solution to your needs.

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