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Recognized Approved by the Top Industry LeadersBy getting featured by all of the top online marketplace vendors in the legal industry, we have proved that choosing CaseFox was the best decision for your law firm to streamline your law practice.Complete billing software solution for all firm sizesCaseFox is a timekeeping and legal billing software with all the time-saving and billing features you need to make your practice better.Manage all your cases, clients, and documents in one placeModernize your operations, as managing clients and cases is easier using our client portal. Upload and manage all the documents with ease. With a case management system the attorneys can have a clean and consistent overview of time and billing programs.Effective timekeeping, automated law firm billing, and paymentsKeep track of your Billable time with accuracy, set up hourly rates, and get paid on time with an easy and automated billing process with our legal billing software. Have easy time entry creations and time tracking during your busy day with a time billing system and stay top with deadlines in your busy day.Effortlessly manage your trust and operating accountsManage multiple trust accounts and the firm’s operating account easily. One-click payment recording against all unpaid invoices from trust funds. Have accurate client records in a matter with a trust accounting software to generate monthly and quarterly reports and get it easily downloaded in PDF formats.From painless timekeeping to complete case management.CaseFox does it all, only betterAll Features →Simplified billing to seamless case management, law software makes your practice easyIntake ManagementLeads from your prospect clients will automatically generate through intake forms provided by CaseFox. Complete integration with your firm’s intake forms helps you onboard clients which just some clicksClient PortalSecurely share information with your clients in any form such as messages, documents, viewpoints through notes, invoices, etc. Have effective coordination at every stage of your case.LEDES BillingStreamline your invoicing process by separating your billable tasks and data. Effortlessly create LEDES invoices that incorporate the LEDES 1998B format within. Have an optimal billing process with CaseFox.Staff ManagementHave efficient accountability by your staff through our staff management feature. Assign tasks and improve your workflow and track the overall performance of your staff all within one platform.Legal PaymentsAccept client invoices with ease through CaseFox law software. We ensure secure eCheck credit card functionality as well as other payment gateway integrations like LawPay to ensure that you have a seamless experience.CaseFox StorageDump unlimited data with CaseFox storage and have everything assembled in one place for your law firm without juggling between the tabs with other software to have file storage for your cases and clients.CaseFox StorageDump unlimited data with CaseFox storage and have everything assembled in one place for your law firm without juggling between the tabs with other software to have file storage for your cases and clients.Everything which a legal billing software requiresAccess premium support, most 5 stars rated, best in class security, and more at no additional cost.Most 5 Star RatingsCaseFox has 5-star ratings and reviews on Capterra and other platforms.Best SupportWe are here for you. Get help from our exceptional customer support team via email or phone.Most trusted by Law FirmsCaseFox is Trusted by thousands of law practitioners to manage their law firms in 50 different countries.Data SecurityProtect your firm's data and client’s information using industry-standard data security methods.Data MigrationEasily transfer all your data from your existing software to CaseFox.Mobile AppFree and easy to use mobile application updated just for making your law firm available in your pocket.Integration ReadyCaseFox Integrates with all the required apps that you need to run your practice smoothly.All Integrations →See what our customers are sayingThousands of customers worldwide rely on CaseFox to track, manage, and improve their law firm’s operations.“Best online software for case management, time entries, billing, and accounting”It is sooo easy to use, very intuitive, has every feature you would want, set-up is a breeze, no demo even required, no sales people to talk to trying to sell you on it, extremely affordable, links to google, outlook, quickbooks and more. I just love it! I tried trial versions of a ton of other programs and was quickly frustrated. Not with CaseFox. I am surprised more people aren't using it, but I'm sure they will be soon.- Margaret S."Great product, great price, and customizable!”We've been using CaseFox for almost two years now. The software it great and I love that it is customizable. There have been many times that I have contacted CaseFox support asking them for something that didn't currently exist and within hours they added in the new feature for me. The support team is always quick to respond to any issues that come up. It is just fabulous firm management software and at a great price.- Katie P.Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is legal billing software?Legal billing software is what lawyers use, to keep track of their work and expenses, and to bill clients for that work in a case. This software makes managing every stage of the legal billing process easier and more efficient by providing features such as time and expense tracking, invoicing, bill creation, bill review, trust accounting, collections, and payments.With so many software’s on the rise, legal billing software provides automation. If you’re providing legal services to the same clients each month the software can be set up to automatically generate invoices for those clients. If one attorney at your firm charges a different fee to the next or if certain tasks carry a different fee, the software can be adjusted to automatically reflect the different rates when bills are generated.Why should I choose cloud-based legal billing software?The cloud-based billing software is just a paragon.It offers great mobility as well as safety at the same time. With using cloud-based billing software, you do not need to worry about losing data since they are stored in the cloud which you can access anytime and from anywhere unless you do not have an internet connectionAbove all, it offers mobility, that is, with cloud-based billing software, you can oversee your business activities from any remote location. You do not need to sit behind a table to do soWhat kind of technology do lawyers use?There are hundreds of papers you need to read almost daily and several you need to review in connection with the current case you are dealing with. The tools thereon are enormous which includes google drive, google calendar, email software, etc. But with so many tools working simultaneously, the guarantee to get effective return decreases, so many firms are shifting to cloud base software which provides them with all essential features under one roof.Which is the best accounting software for a small law firm?For the best results for your small firm, we provide the best cost-effective options which serve all the purpose majorly. QuickBooks, Lawpay, Xero are some of the top leading solutions that consolidate with Casefox.How does generating bills work?Casefox helps you in generating bills through the main dashboard. Clicking on the “quick report” button will instantly generate an invoice with all billable time entries. Bills can also be generated in a large amount.Can I operate on multiple trust accounts?A trust account is a special bank account that a lawyer must maintain when the lawyer receives and holds money on behalf of the lawyer s clients or third parties.Casefox can handle multiple trust accounts. Hence, if you have multiple trust accounts with your bank(s), you can mimic those accounts in Casefox. Every time you withdraw money from a trust account at the bank, the same entry is made in the Casefox.Can I see which clients haven’t paid their bills?Yes, Casefox includes an elementary dashboard of outstanding balances that shows who has paid their bills, who hasn’t, and when a payment is due.

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Manage your law practice easily with CaseFox, the leading legal billing software made for law firms, lawyers & legal professionals. Try the free basic plan now.

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