For those who are just getting started with genealogy research we have created the following two page research form that should help you get started.

We are in the process of redesigning the website and have added a few new resources with name search capability.  We hope to add many more like these in the near future.

New Resources with name search functionality

1623-1666 Early Virginia Immigrants1700-1776 American Ancestry1776-1778 New York Loyalists under De Lancey1776-1778 New Jersey Loyalists1776-1778 American Prisoners on the Old Jersey1810-1850 Underground Railway Operators1928 Baker Roll Eastern Cherokee

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Summary of relevant links: (social security death index) (family tree search)

We are still refining the research form and would benefit from your comments.  Please visit or Facebook page and  let us know how we can improve the form.  Thanks!

Link to printable PDF version of AncestryPaths get started summary Apr 2015


We have broken down the process into several sections and detailed the basics of how to begin a broad-based search using a wide range of sources.

Getting Started First Steps  The BBC has a well written summary of getting started researching family history.  They cover the basics including first steps, looking for clues, organizing the data, developing a research strategy and ways to get help.  They also provide a blank family tree form and an information worksheet that can be used to document your notes.  The Canadian Archives also has a page on getting started including thoughts on the approach you want to use such as starting with yourself, working backward, and gathering family documents and records.  The BBC also has tips on constructing your family tree using use birth, marriage and census records.

If you are just starting down the Ireland ancestral trail check out this 24 page booklet on Family History Research sources at the National Library of Ireland.