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Guidelines - Instructions - Get Assistance to Setup your printer - Call Toll Free @ +1-820-300-0370
Guidelines - Instructions - Get Assistance to Setup your printer - Call Toll Free @ +1-820-300-0370
123.hp.com/setup HP ENVY PRINTERSHP Envy Printers (123.hp.com/setup)  are considered as top selling and widely used printers for over a decade.

HP has launched a wide variety of models satisfying the requirement of common users all the way to large corporations. Regarded as one of the most widely used printer brands globally, HP comprises of a wide array of devices such as the Envy, Deskjet, Officejet and Laserjet printer models. Every series has been designed to cater to both business and home needs apart from being affordable and reliable. There are about 300 million active users for HP printers.(123.hp.com/setup)

All HP Printers (123.hp.com/setup) provide maximum productivity, thereby allowing you to optimize your printing experience and save costs. With the help of wireless technology, people these days are able to print their documents from anywhere and at any time.

ePrint is a free service offered by HP 1(23.hp.com/setup) that allows you to print to your web-connected printer from any location. This technology assigns a unique email address to the printer and the documents to be printed can be directly sent to the printer’s Email Id. The printer should be ePrint-enabled to use this feature(123.hp.com/setup). A good internet connection is required to use this service that supports all file formats.

Mobile printing is another latest feature available in HP printers. Using this feature, documents can be printed directly from mobile devices such as Apple (iPhone and iPad), Android and Amazon Fire devices. The 123.hp.com/setup HP Web Services feature allows you to connect directly to the internet. Install the ePrint app on your device to access and print preformatted web contents with the help of this service. An active internet connection is essential to use this service.

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HP CATEGORIES (123.hp.com/setup)


Available at reasonable prices, the Envy series is one of the most preferred printer options for home users across the globe.Despite being entry level models, these printers are backed with wireless technology for easy access and printing(123.hp.com/setup).


The Officejet series(123.hp.com/setup) is most suitable for businesses. Officejet models come with optimized functional features, which can be used for a variety of applications. There are a wide variety of printers in the series from which one can chose.


The Pro models of the Officejet series (123.hp.com/setup)are absolute picks for professional purposes, with a focus on paper conservation and provides excellent print quality. With good printing speeds the Officejet Pro printer model is ideal for a work environment.


The Deskjet series (123.hp.com/setup) are inkjet printers offered by HP. They provide users flexibility in printing documents and photos, efficiently. Though most of the models are compact-sized, it provides great all round performance.These attributes make them suitable for commercial needs.


Laserjet models (123.hp.com/setup) can be small yet powerful in delivering reasonably high-quality outputs. They use dry toner instead of wet ink which reduces the maintenance overhead. It is considered as one of the most attractive options in the mid-price segment.


The Laserjet Pro series(123.hp.com/setup) are attractive Printer models that have well-optimized paper printing capacities. Being multi-function printers, they have the capability to perform several activities (print and scan) simultaneously. This makes Laserjet Pro the most preferred model for business.


AirPrint is the printing solution for iOS operating systems, when you want to print a document from Apple iPad or iPhones to your printer device. You connect your iPad or iPhones to your ePrint-enabled printer, and print your documents.

AirPrint facility will need to meet certain criteria for your iOS models before you decide to opt for AirPrint.

Operating version should be at least iOS 4.2 or later versions.Does your device model support the AirPrint services? Check if your HP printer model supports AirPrint facility.Active internet facility is required for connection.The same internet facility has to be used for connecting both the printer and the iOS device.

How to Setup the AirPrint facility? (123.hp.com/setup)

Use either the wireless mode or direct connection of WIFI option to connect the device and the printerThe iOS device has to be connected to the network. If your printer model contains a control panel display, you can choose the wireless setup wizard from the control panel display.What to do when you face issues with your AirPrint?It is quite common to face issues with AirPrint. You can use these tips if you ever encounter problems with your AirPrint.Ensure that the printer is turned on. It is definitely a good advice to turn the printer off, for few minutes before trying to give a print.Check if the printer is wirelessly connected to the deviceCheck for the latest firmware updatesCheck the paper tray quantityCheck for any error message which are displayedIs AirPrint different from HP Print?

AirPrint lets you print documents from the apps which are downloaded in your iOS device to the HP printer; whereas the EPrinting is a web based free facility which allows you to print from any mobile device with email facilities.

You can even print from your iOS device through mobile printing apps which can be downloaded from the apple store. In such a case, AirPrint need not be used. It might even be worthwhile to know about the Print settings available with AirPrint, so you can make a better choice. It is to be noted that these settings vary based on your iOS device and the printer model which is used.

How can you use AirPrint?Connect printer and your Apple device like the iPhone, to the same wireless network.Download AirPrint onto your Apple device.Keep your network credentials like Network name and Password ready.Open any documentTap AirPrint App.Open the AirPrint App and navigate to the Printer Option.Tap on Print option to print your document which can be a web application, email or photo that supports Apple AirPrint.Guidelines - Instructions - Get Assistance to Setup your printer (123.hp.com/setup)+1-820-300-0370HP ENVY PRINTERS

For the 123.hp.com/setup HP Envy printer, the manufacturer has embraced a sleek, modern design and moved away from conventional colors and box types. The designs can easily blend into the decor of a house or an office. It comes with simple and clear LCD displays and arrows that allow you to navigate your choices smoothly. Most of the controls are embedded in the extremely-responsive touch screen. Some Envy printers also come with the ‘Eco’ mode to save power.

Print, scan and copy documents and photos both in color and in black and white,with the help of the 123.hp.com/setup HP Envy multifunction wireless printer. The Printer comes with one of the easiest setup modules and networking capabilities. Use the control panel to check the wireless status and enable web services where available on your HP Envy printer. Go through our website to locate and setup your Envy printer easily.

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TOP MODELS(123.hp.com/setup)

FEATURES for 123 hp com setup(123.hp.com/setup)A pull-out paper drawer is available with a bountiful paper-handling. Some Envy printers also offer environment-friendly duplex printing as a value-added feature. It produces amazing photo outputs besides professional looking reports – even for the school paper.Compatible black and tricolor cartridges are used for dispensing ink. The tri-color cartridge uses a combination of magenta, cyan and yellow. Of course, the cartridges, generally, come in two capacities, standard and XL (high-yield).The HP Envy printer also comes with an instant ink plan, which allows the user to sign up to a billed monthly fee for a set number of pages.The HP Instant Ink feature provides predictions for requirements of new sets of ink cartridges, which are automatically delivered to your registered address. Instant Ink is cost-effective and provides a good value.The HP printer packaging is pretty comprehensive and comes with every bit of information that can be utilized by the user.The CD available with the pack provides instructions for setup and installation of the printer. It provides on-screen prompts, which the user simply has to follow to complete the printer configuration to the computer.The Wi-Fi and USB Ports in the printer enable network connectivity with the help of a direct connection.The Printer also comes with print-sharing and cloud-printing features. Subscription to the Apple and Google ecosystems will allow you to use the AirPrint™ and Cloud Print Another way to establish a connection is through the network. You just have to input your SSID and password for the printer to access the network wirelessly with a single push of a button.You can give print commands from anywhere. The unique printer email ID receives the document and prints it for you on your printer. It is painless, quick and offers more quality than you would expect. The HP Envy provides crisp and black printouts effortlessly. Once you setup the printer, it may seem to print endlessly with its XL cartridges.


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