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Your Design and Build Lumber Storage Solution is here.As the only company in North America that designs and builds LBM facilities and rack systems nationwide, we help our clients: • Save on labor costs• Increase space utilization• Decrease shrinkage• Deliver better service• Increase overall safetyBut why take our word for it? Listen to how our customers in the video above are winning every day—in their own words.LEARN MOREAn easy step forward for International Wood Products.IWP needed coverage storage at two of their locations but had delayed adding it because they dreaded dealing with it. When VP of Operations, Baba Searle, had the first uncovered racks built years ago it took a lot of time and effort on his part to supervise that project through completion, and he simply didn’t have the bandwidth to do it all again. CT Darnell assured him we would handle the details and finished the builds on spec, on time, and on budget. Then they asked for two more!Watch Now >Ganahl’s Torrance, CA location: Building from the “Insight” out.When a company’s been in the lumber business for 130 years, it’s a safe bet they’ve learned a few things along the way. So, when Ganahl Lumber opened the doors to their 10th location in Southern California, it was no surprise it instantly became a hit.Watch Now >Kuiken Brothers proves you can double in size and make things more efficient for customers.When Kuiken Brothers set out to expand its Bergen County, NJ–site, sacrificing efficiency was not an option. In fact, the renovation had to make it faster and easier for customers to find and pick product and be on their way. CT Darnell’s planning and Sunbelt Rack steel buildings and racking systems did exactly that.Watch Now >

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