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Most people have never even heard of GABA, let alone know what it does in the body. However, for those suffering from anxiety or insomnia, this important neurotransmitter can be To be so intensely alone that you can hardly find the words to describe how you feel. To doubt your every word and action, even your sense of who you Rates of alcoholic liver disease have soared 30 percent in the last year at the University of Michigan’s health system, a rise doctors blame on higher amounts of alcohol intake Sri Lanka s sacred city of Anuradhapura is an unlikely place to be enmeshed in a fantastic tale of UFOs and otherworldly happenings. Locally known as Rajarata (Land of Kings), the An out-of-control 21-ton Chinese rocket is falling to earth and could land on populated areas, experts warn. China’s Long March 5b rocket that launched Thursday is predicted to crash back As Australia-China crisis intensifies, it’s extremely dangerous that Scott Moronson believes he’s doing ‘God’s work’ (remember Blair Iraq?) The end of free speech: Why is Britain handing huge new Some people have trouble giving, some people have trouble receiving. Rarely do these two poles meet, fall in love and form a happy relationship. I will approach this on both I have decided  do Audios for the People in the Personal Guidance service. The audios will be published by the end of the week. 52 self-empowering – inspirational audios the Reject fear, choose love. This is a popular refrain and wonderful advice. Many believe that there are only two primal emotions in the human being, love and fear, and that we can’t feel both It is that time of year when I love to putter about in my garden, which somehow feels simpatico with the creativity of composing music. As a matter of fact, Pomegranate, with its characteristic red arils, is a small but mighty superfood. It’s been called an antioxidant superstar since researchers have confirmed that pomegranate has three times the antioxidant power of I am often asked whether it is possible to have a successful long-term romantic relationship with a narcissist or whether it is possible to have a happy marriage when your ‘Covid anxiety syndrome’ is a thing. We can’t escape one crisis of inflated health risk by dreaming up new ways to be ill Keynote speaker Snowden crashes ‘elite’ business investment A number of countries are reporting increasing rates of viral gastroenteritis over recent months, and experts suggest greater use of hand sanitizers, known to have little effect on pathogens such A plan to release thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes in an effort to combat disease in the Florida Keys has triggered dire concerns among locals, some saying the “criminal” experiment When this all started, I wrote Feb/April 2020: The one to look out for is the Spring 2021 (April), that will most likely be some weaponized virus April 2021 India s Covid second wave is being driven by a far more infectious and probably far more deadly strain of virus that has pushed hospitals beyond crisis point in just a Nebulized hydrogen peroxide offers an immediate and direct supplement to the body s natural immune response. Nebulized hydrogen peroxide is a safe, inexpensive, and incredibly effective way to help prevent and Churches in Canada have been subjected to aggressive policing of Covid-19 restrictions, despite the fact that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the rights of religion and assembly. Why Most of us love the summer months, spending time anywhere the weather’s warm and working up a good sweat. However, long periods of hot, humid climates — or exposure to

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