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YES, IT IS A SCAM This web site curates (hilariously unsuccessful) attempts at ADVANCE FEE FRAUD.[If you're already hip, skip to the scambaits]The sender claims to be a bureaucrat, banker or royal toadie, wanting to move vast sums into your hands, honestly or otherwise. There is no money to be moved - except yours. Palms must be greased, imaginary legal documents must be acquired - with your money. A few K here, a few K there... eventually you get wise, and retire to lick your wounds. Other versions of the scam play on your charity, loneliness, or naivet (you can't win a lottery you didn't enter!). Orphan, cancer patient, dead bank customer, phony job offer, overpayment with a cashier's check... same scam. You may be shown pictures of "money". Same scam.This site is devoted to the '419' scam - named after Section 419 of the Nigerian Criminal Code. Most '419' e-mails come from West Africa, chiefly Nigeria, or Nigerian expatriates (who happily scam other Nigerians). Although 419ers have their own style, their emails, which smack of political satire, contain elements harking back to 19th century European literature.Yes, it's a crime, but the letters are funny. Read them out loud at parties and see. So are the responses.[Some people write back just to waste the scammers' time. That is scambaiting, and the raison d' tre for Scamorama.]The 125 letters below introduce the literary genre of the Lads from Lagos.Most readers say "what an obvious scam!". Some say "I was almost fooled till I saw this site."A handful say "couldn't mine be 'real'?"Welcome to the Scamology. Stay safe out there!THE FIRST 125You never forget your first 125. Go on. You won't get lost.Request for Urgent Business RelationshipSon of Urgent Business RelationshipTrust Fund for Alms and AmmunitionWe did over-inflate the contractsI am only trying my best not to be noticed by my government... and 120 othersUPDATES TO SCAMBAITSReverse chronological order. Updates roll upward. Some roll off.See Ongoing Digests on the right -->[the Dead Bank Customer Memorial Page, etc.] --> GREEN: especially fine anti-scams RED: scam victims 2016A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE - Ragnar Lothbrok proposes to Aisha Gaddafi2015YOU'RE THE JOKER ROUND HERE - Mal Reynolds Skypes with a Dead Bank Customer bankerNA NA HEY HEY KISS HIM GOODBYE - Koala rancher Sheila Bundee returns! Parts 1 and 2 of the thrilling serialized epic! A PRIVATE DICK - from the archives - somehow lost & resurrected - the Lads vs a genito-urinary surgeon.THE F-WORD 172 TIMES - Gomez Adams Law, crooked nurse, in a tale of betrayal! foul language! bearer bonds! A Lou AlS1ndor epic.2014DO NOT ALLOW THE DEVIL STEAL YOUR JOY - Marty McSorley, crooked attorney, vs. the Lads in a seven-week soap opera!THE PAINFUL FACT or, Now You've Runed Everything - Goth supermodel Cammy White calls down the wrath of Freyja on a scammer - now with more jpegs! PRETTY VACANT - Youra Nassol versus the Fake Job Scam - you can trust him - he's got a PhDA BOLT FROM THE BLUE - Camilla Parker fends off a combo "Lottery/FBI/The Nigerian Government owes you money" scamA PLEADING OF ORPHANS - Mal Reynolds versus five Lads, with recorded phone calls!OH MY GOD THEY KILLED KENNY! - a two-month bait from Alotta Fosters, wealthy koala rancherI HAVE TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR ME - Aesir-worshipping super-model Camille White chats with a phony priestA CASE OF PROBATE CANCER - a brief but tasty tidbit from TushieINSERT SCAM HERE - Bro channels Vladimir Nabokov, saving up his penniesSMEAR IT ON - Brother Bro is too honest to accept a sudden windfallALL ATRICLES ARE RECOMMENDED IN ACCONDERLY - The Lads come to Molokai! Or do they? Retiree Lou Al S1ndor versus Lads on Acid (apparently)I DON'T LIKE IT TIMES TWO! - Malcolm Reynolds versus a stranded orphan, in two parts, over a year - chat! recorded conversation! come for the MP3s, stay for the humorI SEE BUCKS - Tushie Meshuganah and Lonslo Tossov, together again, in a variation on the inheritance formatIT AIN'T OGAH TILL IT'S OGAH - Mal Reynolds and a contract scam - fake fake scammers! fake payments! bad graphics! No mercy...A MAN OF HIGHLY INTEGRITY - A moose stands betwen Nigel Ryan-Schama and a dead bank customer's richesI CAN KILL YOU IN SPIRIT - Lou Al S1nd0r's two-year joust with a fake ambassador! (corrected link)PLEASE DON'T CALL ME AN IDIOT - Lou Al S1nd0r's crooked attorney battles with a scammer to rob Lou'GRUFFALO ROAM - secret agent Tossov vs. Cyndy Ibrahim, Orphan!THE WHEELS KEEP TURNING - Lonslo Tossov vs. a scammer impersonating a science publicationI ASK THAT WE SHOULD BURY THE HATCHET - Mal Reynolds vs one disposable Barrister after anotherIF YOU ARE STILL ALIVE - scammer vs. Tossov at the Court of St. James revived after a year!)NORTIFIED - Lex Talionis & a Lad who won't take no for an answerplus update to the German Versions page (see right sidebar)YOU CAN CALL ME AL - a Naz tale in the makingCAMMY vs THE CONTRACT KILLER - Goth supermodel Camille White and the Bad SamaritanTHERE IS NO GOD - Lex Talionis is a skeptic about religion as well as million-dollar offers out of the blueMUCH ADO ABOUT SOMETHING - Chat FB avec un fraudeur se faisant passer pour professeur. Scammer poses as teacher from old schoolHAND HELPS THE HAND TO MAKE IT CLEANER - Olamide needs money for a 'metal cutting machine' to open a Trunk Box - a Mal Reynolds baitHOSTEL WITNESS - Tushie Meshuganah & the Orphan's Inheritance (update)SOME DAYS YA CAN'T GIVE MONEY AWAY - Alotta Fosters in a 7-week chat with Eucharia CastleTAKE IT ON FAITH II - Nigel Ryan-Schama's four-month anguished love affair with Loveth HutuSOMEONE'S LIFE IS ON THE LINE HERE - Lou receives a Lad's confession - updated with chat!SAVING CAPTAIN WHITE - Roscoe & Cammy versus Imaginary Orphan - now with extra lolcats! (updated)THE TABLES ARE TURNED - Filthy McNasty negotiates a loan with a scammer (updated)YOU CAN BANK ON THAT - Ben Zona is tempted by the dark sideSTILL WAITING - Lex Talionis versus a remorseful oil minister (updated april 28)DRIVE ME LIKE MOTOR - porn star Stevieperv Rammer versus Dr Orji (really)YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE LIKE A REFUGEE - Captain Manwairing is back!Updates to the LANGUAGES (get yer Indonesian on!), IRAQ AND A HARD PLACE, and DEAD BANK CUSTOMER pagesRICHARD IS AVAILABLE - lonely koala rancher Alotta Fosters chatted up by a scammerTHE HISTORY OF MR FOLLY - Aesir-worshipping photomodel Cammy White vs. the Dead Bank Customer gang - a six-month scambait - with a treat for H. G. Wells fansSEED ME - Sir Charles Farnes-Barnes of the Foreign Office vs. a phony investorSOMEONE'S LIFE IS ON THE LINE HERE - Lou receives a Lad's confession - surprising conversation with a scammerMAY THE FARCE BE WITH YOU II - Tossov senses a disturbance in the force - in Guangdong (updated)CASH ONLY - Raynaz vs phony Hong Kong bankerYUSAPLONKA (EAST OF WOTTAWANKA) - from the Tossov archives, another Chinese manufacturer of random stuffDECEMBER 2012SAVING CAPTAIN WHITE - Roscoe & Cammy White versus an imaginary orphan - now with extra lolcats!TROUBLE IN PARADISE - Lou Al S1ndor's 11-month bait, complete with conniving imaginary rival scammerBARGING IN - Tossov is invited to a conference! There are fees, of course.NOVEMBER 2012THE PRICE OF A DOUBLE CHOC DRUMSTICK - Odin-worshipping super-model Cammy White vs a Dead Bank CustomerBATTLE FOR THE BANK - Lou Sindor (retired in Hawaii) vs The Dead Bank Customer format.OCTOBER 2012AMANDA RECKON WITH - from Rabbi Ben Zona's archives, Amanda the refugeeSTRAIGHT OUTTA EAST DOCKLANDS - OR NOT - Maryjane Bongresin vs. a struggling student with alien abduction issuesYOU ARE NOTING BUT A FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL - Lou Al Sindor is anything but.SEPTEMBER 2012WATER UNDER A BRISBANE BRIDGE - Sheila Bundee has a 7-hour chatAUGUST 2012IF YOU ARE STILL ALIVE - scammer vs. Tossov at the Court of St. James (updated 8/26)CUSTOMER CARE - Rabbi Ben Zona hears from the U.N.!TAKE IT ON FAITH - Nigel Ryan-Schama insists a scammer abandon his faithIMA NOTHER - Raynaz's friend was mugged and needs money to get home!JULY 2012THE BAIT THAT WOULDN'T DIE - Lou Sindor's five-month foray against phony bankers (another "we owe you money you've been scammed out of" scamOOZING CAPITAL - Rabbi Ben Zona in a "we owe you money you've been scammed out of" scamMAY 2012NOT A PRAYER - Lou Sindor, 7 feet of scambaiter, versus fake barristerDONALD MIKE REDUX - "Donald Mike" resurfaces, only to meet RaynazAPRIL 2012MANY A SLIP 'TWIST CUP AND LIP - Charles Farnes-Barnes receives a grant! and he didn't even apply for one! DEAR LANDLORD - Wheelchair-bound Lovey Howell answers bogus rental ad (updated april 29)NOT IN THE CARDS - Filthy McNasty and an ATM card loaded with moolah!MARCH 2012Updates to Con-ferences and Iraq pages, see right sidebar --->MONEY BROTHER - Ralph Ramburger vs. Donald Mike - fake Ukrainian vs fake IcelanderSO LONG SUKA - Nigel Ryan-Schama vs. 'lonely lady' scammer and bogus prelateFEBRUARY 2012SOCIAL ENGINEERING - Lonslo Tossov hears from a lonely scammerTOUGH GIG - Billy Bob stands to make a mint - for the price of a 120GB driveTHE OGONI AND THE ECSTASY - send a cow and some kola nuts - or just cash - a Cammy White taleJANUARY 2012OGA VARIT PA RUSSKI? or, RED DON? - Arnold Wanker II is back (featuring the hit single, "You've Been Wanked")THE GIRL FROM BLOCK A001 - Frank Larzlo vs. Miss Malaria, an orphan DECEMBER 2011SLAM DUNK - Scammer lectures Lou Al Sindor about charityLICKED - Short, very funny, not safe for workWHITE MISCHIEF - the Lads meet Whitey BulgerGO LOKO - Frank Larzlo makes a lovely Western Union form >:}YOU PEOPLE PROMISED TO SEND THE MONEY TODAY - Tushie and Sir Charles hear from a Libyan refugeeNOVEMBER 2011O BROTHER WHEREFORE ART THOU - Nathan Detroit spurns graftIT DIDN'T JELL - in a change of pace, Lonslo Tossov meets a nice Russian girlI WILL USE MY AFRICA NATIVE JUJU TO KILL YOU THERE IN YOUR COUNTRY - Mal Reynolds tries to help a scammer come out of the closetOCTOBER 2011ALL THAT JAZZ - Filthy McNasty returns to claim secret boxes of cash at the airport!A DARK MASS - do not offend the Priest of Pestilence!HOW ARE THINGS IN MBALONGA? - Lonslo Tossov and Tushie Meshuganah vs. a Cancer Victim (updated)WANKER REDUX - A new Arnold Wanker emerges, wielding a bottle of Jim Beam against scammersSEPTEMBER 2011Updates (at right) to the Fake Conference page.Updates (at right) to the Sales Job and Cancer Patient pages.AUGUST 2011BLIND LUCK - Scammers offer to cure Lewd Noogie of his urges and he learns too late that you CAN go blind doing That. Featuring the Temple of the 7 stars of Golden DemonTHE WIND OF DEAD HUMANS - Odin-worshipping photo model Cammy White chats with a fire and brimstone evangelistic scammer. Funniest chat ever.IF YOU WANT TO SEND A MESSAGE, USE WESTERN UNION - Frank Larzlo, fruit exporter, seeks love with a scammer, but it ends with a Western Union flip-offJUNE 2011THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE - Rabbi Ben Zona hears from a not-so-Chinese fortune tellerTHE FRENCH CONNIPTION - dyslexic Australian tourist guide Bradley Morrihan versus Babelfish-dependent scammersMAY 2011QUIT MONKEYING AROUND - rental scammer finds potential tenant, whose pet is a traumatized ex-circus chimp - what could go wrong?NOT QUITE COMPREHENDIBLE - Chester Nutley vs. a phony banker - a NutleyCorp production!I ALWAYS GET TWO STUPID AMERICANS - or, if you're Noogie I'll be frank - a scammer lets her hair downAPRIL 2011SPURIOUS - Rabbi Ben Zona returns to deal with a Bank DirectorAS FRENCH AS I WANNA BE - Daughter of Laurent Gbagbo appeals for help - Anna De Meanour answers!AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS WHOLE LONG STORY - angry model Cammy White versus the FBII AM VERY DISINCLINED - Lascivia Meretrix and solicitors, Kenge and Carboy, deal with a scam proposal (updated april 17)MARCH 2011PLEASE, NOT THE HERBALIST! - or, You Will Know That Africa is Not Russia! Lewd Noogie and Maya Bushburn versus scammersFEBRUARY 2011A BIT OF BOTHA - Rabbi Ben Zona juggles two scammers at onceLYING WASTE - Sephiroth Crescent receives psychic transmissions from the spirit of President Omar BongoLAST MINUTE WITHDRAWAL - Lonslo Tossov in a sticky situation with a "Chinese industrialist"JANUARY 2011HOLY ORDERS - Father Martin Voom recruits a scammer into the cult of Cha! Intrigue! Alien impregnation! Fake money orders!FINAL FALLACY - Sephiroth Crescent versus scammers - and Strife!THE FINAL VERDICT - Fake Korean banker versus Jack KervorkianALL IN THE CARDS - locksmith Gabriel Varden is offered a giftWHAT A CROC - Aussie Ted Bundee tries to help an orphanPLAYING IT COOL - Lewd Noogie vs. competing scammers. Will the real Idi Amin Dada please stand up?NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 2010A MESSAGE TO YOU RUDY - Naz tries to help an orphan claim his inheritanceONE LUMPUR OR TWO? - Tushie Meshuganah tries to help a dying womanWHAT THE DICKENS - Solicitor Conversation Kenge receives a dubious propositionOCTOBER 2010O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU - A priest marooned in the wilds of Wales needs helpSCAMMING QUA SCAMMING - Harry Butkrak tries to help a widowREAL IN LOVE 4 U - Dr. Lonslo Tossov hears from a pretty ladySEPTEMBER 2010ANGLOPHONY - Lady Groisse Schmekl doles out her particular brand of charityLOVE IS NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU'RE A MUGU - Agent Tossov goes undercover as a custard magnate?NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL - Lads raise money for flood victims in Pakistan (not)A LOAN AGAIN - Arnold Wanker gets a loan offer from a scammerYABA DABBA DOO!!! - Naz doesn't cotton to scammersAUGUST 2010GOOD GRIEF! - Capt. Malcolm Reynolds vs. Charlie Brown - a 'cascade' bait from the archivesSHE'S JUST A GIRL WHO SAYS THAT I AM THE ONE - Lonslo Tossov & Cardinal Richelieu help an orphanALL REET - Reverend Sir Charles Farnes-Barnes helps a cancer patient21 GRAMS - fake movie producers invite Harry Butkrak to a red carpet eventCONNECT THE DOTS - Lonely, rich Baybinda Woods hears from a nice young manJULY 2010A VERY SHORT LIFE SPERM - scammer with a tragic health issue vs. Tushie MeshuganahTHIS WILL NOT BE A DRILL - Agents Tossov and Ilichy vs. a bogus Marine - Czech it out! (updated July 15)DEAD MEN DON'T TALK - Entrepreneur Harry Butkrak makes his entree into scambaitingBIG WHEEL - Anna Demeanour and a transport ministerJUNE 2010HW MUCH WILL U PAY ME 4 A START - Rabbi Ben Zona vs. a Chattered Accountant - 8 months!ARNOLD THE MYSTERY SHOPPER - Arnold Wanker gets a job offerMAY 2010I WANT BOTH OF US TO BE VICTORIOUS - Eliza Dane gets kinky to raise moneyALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD - Lewd Noogie and Weiner Crumbley love the same scammerYOU KNOW MY NAME, LOOK UP MY NUMBER - Lonslo Tossov (the flip-off!)BRAVE NEW WORLD - A 'scientist at CERN' warns Lewd Noogie about a black holeSOMETIMES A ROSE IS NOT A ROSE - Mal Reynolds is back! All talking! All scamming!APRIL 2010A TALE FROM THE NOTARY REPUBLIC - Witold Padarewski tries to help an orphanRANK, a boxing promoter scam from Jonah VarqueALL MOD CONS, a rental scam from El PapitoMARCH 2010NIGHT OF THE STUPID DEAD LIVING CORPSE, a Bradley Morrihan adventureWE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT HIS IDIOTNESS - Lewd Noogie fends off the FBI and the UNHAVE A LITTLE FAITH - a kindly genetic researcher wastes a scammer's timePUT UP YOUR DUKES - Richard III corrects a scammer's grammarFEBRUARY 2010NEW 'FBI' PAGE: "JUST THE FACTS, MA'AM" --> see the right sidebarHOW NEE NOT - as Chinese as they wanna be (an Anna Demeanour tale)I AM HAVING TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING YOU - Reverend Wally Tightnuts IILAVA AT FIRST SIGHT - looking for love in the chat rooms - smileys can tell lies!JANUARY 2010WHAT A TURKEY - Naz is back as Mark E. de Sade, laughing all the way to the non-existent bankDON'T WAIST YOUR TIME - an orphan's inheritance (featuring Charles Farnes-Barnes) ATTILA THE LAD - the Lads try it on in HungarianLOVE AT FIRST BYTE - Love on the Interweb - a chat session, with smileysTHERE IS NO JOY - a great deal on horse vaccine (Arnold Wanker tale)SEPTEMBER 2009MORE THAN A FOOL - Lord Fuzzlewait's grand entrance!AUGUST 2009ANOTHER GOLD-DIGGER - Witold Padarewski and a scammer's imaginary goldYOU ARE GOING ME NUTS, MR. NOOGIE - Lewd Noogie and his barrister, Idi Amin, versus the "FBI"AWAKE AND SING - Dr. Brinkman emerges from a comaJULY 2009GREEN LETTER DAYS - An Eliza Dane drama in two actsMEET ME IN SMEGAROON - the Lads want to invest in real estateSHE'S BAD, SHE'S BAD - Michael Jackson's widow needs helpFAWLTY WITT - Basil Fawlty vs. the LadsJUNE 2009IN BENGT WE TRUST - Lads vs. St. Bengt of the Church of the Third RelevationMAY 2009SHE TOOK ME IN - Stevieperv Rammer chats with a poor studentWILL YOU EVERY FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE BE SERIOUS - Eliza Dane versus a rack of fake identitiesOUR DOUBTS ARE TRAITORS - "John Githongo" signs a pre-nuptual agreement (a Lewd Noogie adventure)APRIL 2009JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK - rental scams investivated by Hanna SelvbedragTHE MADOFF LETTER - it was inevitableARE YOU WITH ME OR NOT? - Bradley Morrihan has vowel problems [from Team Eliza]MARCH 2009STUPID SCAMMER TRICKS - or, 10 reasons to not pay scammers pretending to be Dave LettermanCIRCUMSPECTION - Rabbi Ben Zona of Congregation Rodef Bubbameissah in a year-long tale!P.P.P.P.S. IT'S A SCAM - Witold Padarewski staves off the LadsCIAO BELLA, or VESTI LA MUGU - Cy Gezunt is the heir of Luciano PavarottiMAGNUM FARCE - Lads based in Malaysia try to scam Willard Fong (a Naz adventure)SOMETHING SMELLS IN SWABIA - Wehrmacht veteran Harold Stassen undermines Lad moraleFEBRUARY 2009YOUR GAME IS FAKE! - Lady Matilda Gottrocks finds love and Jeeves foils a scammerSLAPMUGUENCIA BANZAIA NERVOSA - a Robin Banks adventureYOU ARE A CHURCH RAT - Mal Reynolds doesn't like being jerked around, ok?JANUARY 2009FAMILY PLOT - Mrs. Arafat reaches out to a rabbi[sorry for sloth... pause for American-centric moment: counting down to the inauguration... enjoying...]APOSTROPHE NOW - Scammers target Esther Summerson - their prospects are bleakDECEMBER 2008FRESH - the Lads mix it up with Beatrice CrockerTO EACH HIS DULCINEA - death threat, butchered French & Spanish (Conoro Oprolite)A HALF-BAKED PROPOSAL - Tushie Meshuganah inherits a fortuneNO GOOD END - Dr. Runny Schitz, proctologist, takes on a scammerNOVEMBER 2008DAKAR CONFIDENTIAL - A geezer hears from a lady in trouble (a Naz adventure)A FRIEND IN LEED IS A FRIEND IN NEED - Tushie Meshuganah hears from a mysterious investorOCTOBER 2008PLEASE LEAVE THE CHIPMUNKS ALONE - Joe Smith gets a death threatGOT ROCKS? - Jeeves saves Lady Matilda Gottrocks from a scammerWHEN LIFE HANDS YOU A LEMON - Brother Mark Knopfler and a cancer victimSEPTEMBER 2008THE WALL STREET BAIL-OUT VERSIONHELP US HELP YOU - RayNaz (as Mark E. De Sade) wants his money back - the EFCC is here to helpHI HO, IT'S THE LOAN ARRANGER! - a "church" offers a loan to Odin-worshipper Eliza Dane BE A GOOD GIRL ALWAYS - 'contract killer' tries to frighten a child (Conor O'Prolite)IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE SEND THE MONEY - "Lewd" Noogie starts a defense fund for a churchDROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY! - personal trainer Jack Bigstakk needs a loanAUGUST 2008LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK - Brother Mark Knopfler vs. a 'banker'YES GRASSH PFER - Harold Stassen vs. the Lads - fake newspaper! German and Yiddish slang! cancer victim!VOO DOO - Agent Fadgina obtains Oaths of Honor from the LadsTHE LOAN RANGER - Naz applies for a loan from the LadsI HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR INSULT - Mal Reynolds's mystery benefactorJULY 2008I MIGHT JUST SPEAR YOUR LIFE - C. O'Prolite and a Hired KillerWINKY WANKY WOO - Lads vs. RAF Squadron LeaderBLEAK LAD - Lads try to fleece Tom JarndyceCOME ON FEEL THE ILLINOISE! - puppy for sale (Naz adventure)JUNE 2008WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE NUKES - Goth Eliza Dane and brother Ross of the Australian SASR hear from a "U.S. Marine"K R OKE F R F HRER UND VOLK - a new Harold Stassen adventure!I'M BESIDE MYSELF - Lady Matilda Gottrocks and alter egos sow discord among scammersDUNG GET ME WRONG - Railwayman fleeing killers hears from a banker in TogoIT TASTES LIKE CHICKEN - Accordionist Larry Welk leaves a bundle to a scammerMAY 2008LIGHTS, KAMARA, ACTION! - Dill Dowe tempted by gold and young flesh (a Naz creation)A PARLEMENT OF LADDES - scammers tempt Geoffrey Chaucer with wealthWE CAN SHARE THE JOY - Eliza Dane uses the F word a lotTHE WIDOW SCAMBAIT - a Bo Kaow adventureAPRIL 2008REMAIN BLESSED AND SWINGING - Brother Mark Knopfler and anoter cancer patientBIG DADDY'S LAST UNCLAIMED DEPOSIT - Mal Reynolds takes on the Central Bank of NigeriaDON'T FALSE ME TO DO STUPID THING TO YOU - Lewd Noogie vs. a contract killer & phony FBI agents!ODIRI ME, or GOING TO THE DOGS - Naz's inner teenager is offered a fortune - the flip-off! I'LL SHOW YOU MINE IF YOU SHOW ME YOURS - Lady Agatha vs. a bogus Chinese bankerSPANDAU BALLET - Harold Stassen as an ex-Wehrmacht officer vs. the LadsTHIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON 419 - Naz hits the jackpot!MARCH 2008SAINTS AND ANGELS - can't a spymaster drink a custard liqueur in peace? Lady Agatha is Not Amused.IF THE FALAFEL LOOK LIKE GOLD - the Lads get a Hebrew lesson, habibiPEARLS BEFORE SWINE - Raynaz as Pearl E. Whytes gets a mean phone call from a scammer BORN TO RULE - leadership lessons from Mal Reynolds (USMC, Ret.)FEBRUARY 2008EAT MY SHIRTS - the Lads order t-shirts from RaynazLET US FURGE ON - Mikhail Stroganov vs. a South African World Cup Bid official (not)THE UNICORN FARMER - scammers selling unicorns - for you, special price!INFORMED CONSENT - will Miss Koromah enter Dr. Sweeney Todd's Renal Harvest program?A MINT ON THE PILLOW - Sir Marmite Luny-Binns receives a hotel reservation requestPICTURE THIS - oily proposition from a "Japanese" Lad (Bulgaria 1, Nigeria 0 at halftime)WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE - Aggie Nostick's scammer is in touch with the AlmightyTHE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNESTO - Goth chick Eliza Dane, a drama in two actsSOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES - Agent Tossov finds that all that glitters is not goldPUSH IT GOOD - Porn star Stevieperv Rammer recruits a LadA PRINCESS IS A DELICATE THING - orphaned princess meets Lady Fapina TyuksarA BRIDGET TOO FAR - Randy Rimmer vs. a hippo-molesterDECEMBER 2007MOONSHINE OVER METHLAND - can an imaginary girl find happiness in Kentucky? (an Arnold Wanker adventure)NOVEMBER 2007YOUR UTTERANCE IS REPREHENSIBLE - Dr. Sweeney Todd returnsSIR GEORGE AND THE ORPHAN - Capt. Manwairing helps an unwanted female childACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN VOICE - Goth Eliza Dane & brother Ross of the Australian Special Air ServicesOCTOBER 2007HAPPY TRAILS - the Lads puppy up for the Adams familyTHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TIME WASTING - Malcolm Reynolds upholds the honor of the CorpsYORKIE JERKY - Scammer selling puppy. Meat factory? No problem (Gene Rayburn adventure)SEPTEMBER 2007ORPHANS R US (a Marmite adventure) - How many times will a scammer ring Room 419? - the flip-off!U STILL LOVE ME? - Princess Candy vs Prince Emmanuel - 5 years - the end?DEMON SCAMBAITER OF FLEET STREET - the Lads meet Sweeney ToddB.USMAN'S HOLIDAY - a Foreign Office-Raynaz-Dad's Army joint productionA REAL CHARLIE - 'Prince Charles' still chasing a recording contract with Brother Mark Knopfler! 15 monthsAUGUST 2007SCAM TREK - the Lads meet Captain Picard on the holodeckA VISIT TO CORONATION STREET - the Lads meet Terry DuckworthGOING TO THE DOGS - a Lad's plea to adopt his puppyBUMPED OFF - the Lads meet a phrenologistBABY YOU CAN DRIVE MY CAR - Marco sends the Lads on four trips to Western Union! with a memorable picJULY 2007YOU ARE SLOWING DOWN OUR SERVICE - Arnold Wanker wins the lottery - fast cars, inflatable sheepA FINE FINNISH? - Lads pretend to be Chinese, Russian, Congolese, Zulu, French and now Finnish.But can they *answer* in Finnish?THE AGONY OF DEFEAT - Lewd Noogie is back, in a triumph of alter egos. Read carefully and pay homage.UNITED WE LAUGH - from an international cabal of comedians - The Foreign Office, Raynaz & Co., Brother Mark Knopfler, Captain George Mainwaring, Phil Munglers, and Lewd NoogieTHE TWO FACES OF ERNEST HAMBURG - Malcolm Reynolds's weenie roastTHE END IS KIND OF NIGH - will a royal orphan follow Okershee Holdergrass into his own personal hell?THE MUGU AND THE MODEL - 'Frank Bobby' meets Eliza Dane, Goth model with a short fuseJUNE 2007COMES TO YOU THIS DAY A SCAMMER - The Lads meet gunslinger Roland Deschain june 30THERE AIN'T NO JUSTICE - Malcolm Reynolds faces JusticeTHE MARK OF ZAHRA - Lewd Noogie's dream of a home for Playboy centerfolds unfoldsANOTHER JOB - made man Ray Nazmeani hears from a LadFOR WANT OF A DORK - Tushie Meshuganah and a 'Somali refugee'FOOLS RUSSIAN - Lads meet Bernadette Devlin - sometimes you get the bearTHE LADS DO HAMPSTEAD HEATH - Stevieperv Rammer, porn starMAY 2007RISKY FREE - the Lads break it down for Todd BrownCHECK IT OUT - the Lads send a fake check to Bobby MuellerSILENCE OF THE LADS - Serge de N mes vs. "Jean Pierre Jospin" [fr/en]THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN KEYBOARD - the Lads meet Francisco ScaramangaNO BULL - don't mess with the Music TeacherAPRIL 2007THE PRICE OF JUSTICE - Mal Reynolds hears from a 'human rights' activistYABBA DABBA DOO! - a page right out of historeeLEWD NOOGIE vs. THE OVER THE HILL GANG - sheikh of the burning sandsA STAR ISN'T BORN - Gene Rayburn hears from Universal Studios Lagos!I'LL SHOW YOU MINE IF YOU SHOW ME YOURS - Mikhail Stroganov vs. Azizi NwamkaO CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN - Wily seadog Capt. Dumurra vs. a dead bank customerMARCH 2007DAY OF THE CACKLE - Eliza Dane lays some goth on Gbenga WilliamsBIRD ON THE WIRE - Lads try to check in to the Bates Motel [French/English]CHECK THIS OUT - Serious! "Gene Rayburn" helps get check scam victim out of jail!SAVING GRACE - Alex Wale evangelizes for the Church of the BushHE WAS A VERY HUMBLE MAN - goth gal Eliza Dane inherits a fortuneKOOL FOR KATTS (Naz) - Fritz, Morris & Garfield, bachelor Javelina farmers,fending off the Lads since October 2004!FEBRUARY 2007MONEY FOR NOTHING - Brother Mark Knopfler's crisis of faithNO MUGU NO CRY - Lads vs. the Church of Cannabis~The Scamorama holiday message~DECEMBER 2006DRESSED FOR SUCCESS - Eliza Dane's heart-warming holiday scambaitA BLESSING IN DISGUISE - Malcolm Reynolds and a lady in distressDEAD AGAIN - Alex Wale gets two amazing offersHAS YOUR MORTAL COIL BEEN SHUFFLED? (welcome Okershee Holdergrass)NOVEMBER 2006SCAMMED IN IRAQ - that lady in Pakistan was a guy in DubaiYAHHILAKY WOOHENY - chat from South AfricaEVIL FRAUD STARS - Rev. Klucks seeks marital adviceBEYOND THERAPY - Weiner Crumbley - bartender/therapist - just met a girl named MariaTHINGS GO BETTER WITH COKE - Comrade Ilya Kuryakin wins a lotto!OCTOBER 2006I SEE YOU AS MY BROTHER - a scam goes on the fritzSTITCHING UP THE TAYLORS - Eliza Dane versus three Janes!NUNU NO-NO - Eliza Dane, Australian pagan Goth, vs Christian LadsSEPTEMBER 2006I'M GAME - Herrel Foggs & Barry Lenner probe your rectitude.ABSALUTELY NOT - from a Turkish Kindly Contributor. More serious than usualTROLETTING ALL THIS SHEET - Lewd Noogie's Lad dies but the bait goes on - one year!AUGUST 2006URA NOTHER - Ura R Sole likes her sigs sourYOU ARE A THIEF BUT I WILL LIKE TO MAKE YOU A FRIEND NOW- Lads try to recruit Lewd NoogieTHE GOOD BOOK - Stroganov gets religion?!HOMAGE TO CAIXO CATALUNYA - Love poetry and fake banks THE MAN FROM I AIN'T YER UNCLE - Ilya Kuryakin joins the frayWAKE IN FRIGHT AT WOLF CREEK - the Lads meet Mick Taylor - drongolicious!THE WRATH OF MICROSOFT - Capt. Slog (aka Alex Wale) wins the lottoJULY 2006SCAM-O-GRAMS FROM ABSURDISTAN - Mrs Arafat and Ariel Sharon's doctorBEST FRIENDS FOREVER - Meet Wade Munoogian, dabbler in weird scienceGREAT GREENE EXPECTATIONS - Eliza Dane vs. Emmanuel GreeneIF BRAINS WERE DYNAMITE - Capt. Slog Thais one onNICKED - Nick Tamaire versus Les Nuls - France 2, Lads 0 in overtimeCHRIS CROSSED - Phil Munglers vs Cross Chris - start your engines!VENGEANCE IS MINE - Lewd Noogie threatened by The Hired GunJUNE 2006WHEN DOVES CRY - Lenner and Foggs vs. Another EvangelistMANY MOUTHS TO FEED - "Pedro Martinez", everyone's favorite pitcherDEAR,ANYBODY - Stroganov, Munglers and Lenner talk football (soccer)BUMMED - Menzies Barrington loves LadsPLUMBING THE DEPTHS - Plumbing magnate Barry LennerCLAIRE D. LUNE, AND THE MFDWEC+2 - Naz hears from a cancer victimMAY 2006YOU ARE A GREAT PILOT - Malcolm Reynolds & another LadSTOP STUPIDING YOURSELF - Turkey 3, scammers 0( sminiz ne? Benim ad m D rt Bir Dokuz!)DO IT NOW! - Racer Takeshi Fujiwara takes on two BanksPLEASE DON'T BE WORRIED - Eliza Dane returns!GOLDEN DORKS IN THE SUNSET - Barrister Hali signs the OathMAY YOUR BALLCOCK NEVER HANG LOW - Barry Lenner vs. Evangelist Debra WealthPOWER OF DEAD MAN'S CASH - Dr Phil McCrackin's program for scammersBLESSED BENN - Capt. Slog vs Blessed BenAPRIL 2006CHELSEA FOREVER! - Victor Coulibaly blows it again. Football chat, strong language.NOBODY WRITES TO THE KERNEL - two people, four languages, one scam foiledRUDE MECHANICALS - Japanese racer Phil Munglers vs Mrs BolaSAVING THE PLANET - environmental appeal from the Niger (Foreign Office exploit)REALIO COULIO - Sir Marmite obtains an Oath from "Victor Coulibaly"A ROSE IS NOT A ROSE - The Unkindly Contributor returns.MARCH 2006A ROLEX IN THE HAY - Jacques N. LeBaux loses at lovePEACE OUT - Racing champ Munglers vs. Allround NtejeSPRING TRAINING WITH THE LADS - Pedro Martinez's no-hitter against Samson JohnsonA TALE OF TWO DANES - Eliza Dane, Lewd Noogie, a cameo by Mikhail Stroganov. A cast of several - no expense sparedDR WHO'S ON FIRST - Tom Cobley returns as Tobias Vaughn. You belong to us. You will be like us.URAL I'VE GOT TONIGHT - Lewd Noogie. A Lad escapes North Korea the flip-off!WE AIM TO MISBEHAVE - Lads meet the crew of FireflyJANUARY 2006AND TOTO TOO - Naz hears the worst pickup line of all timeDAG NABBIT - Lads meet Yosemite Sam, dag nab itGO BEARS - Lady Agatha & Weiner Crumbleydba GUNN - Ray & Tommy Gunn are back!GO SPEED RACER - Phil Munglers - Foreign Office production DECEMBER 2005MOST DANGEROUS THOROUGHFARE ON THE PLANET - a Reginald T. Buttquest adventureOPERATION AMSTERDAM: FLIGHT OF THE WILD ROSEIT'S A SMALL GLOBE AFTER ALL - Lads phone the Unkindly ContributorPULL DOWN THE RAINBOW - It's lurve. Samoosa the solar-powered sunlamp heiress.Crudeness in Afrikaans and English.STOP WORSHIPPING TWIGS - the Lads meet Manoel ArpoadorDMITRI THE LAD - Mr. Ludwig gets a Slav-o-gram"FBI" vs. THE FRAUDSTARS - "FBI" Lads contact Lewd NoogieNOVEMBER 2005INTERNATIONAL POLITRICKS - Jack Breda gets a political lectureTHINK POSITIVE - Lads offer AIDS vaccineTSUNAMI SCAM LETTER - ongoing (sigh)DEEP DUDU - penguin stampede on the MojaveHAPPY TRAILS - cowpoke Marion Morrison hears from a lady in Nigeria>WATCHING THE DICTATiVES (LewD Noogie) - Lads pose as EFCC copsTHE HARIRI PAGE - the Lads try character assassinationOCTOBER 2005LUCK BE A LADDIE TONIGHT - Stew Hawke meets Lucky UbaTHE INTERNATIONAL ENDIVE KING - simple mailing instructionsBOLLETJESSLIKKERS HIER - Dubai dubai dooBOGGARTED - Lads go to Dark Arts classTHE MATRIX, or RINSE, LATHER, REPEAT - Rich Lather vs. everybodySEPTEMBER 2005SHRINKWRAPPED - or, don't drink the Kolade (a Roger Biggs adventure)WE'RE FROM FRANCE - the Lads meet Beldar ConeheadHOW THE WEST WAS WON - Foreign Office vs. confused multiple personalitiesAND A PARTIAL SCORE - LADS ZERO - another Lad tries to scam Pedro MartinezI'VE LOST MY MOJO - Foreign Office - Weiner Crumbley productionFOR FORM'S SAKE (Agent Stroganov) - after the flip-offFOUL TIP - Pedro Martinez returns!FELLOWSHIP OF THE STING - the Lads meet BoromirTAKING CANDY FROM A CHILD (Juan Perez Jr)WHO'S YOUR DADDY? - the Lads meet Pedro Martinez and strike outWILLY NILLY - the Lads meet Dr. Pandit, the kindly urologistMOONLIGHT OVER MUSA (Lewd Noogie) - the flip-off!BRING OUT YOUR DEAD - one part of Virginia Beach that is forever EnglandBIG BROS - The Unkindly Contributor is not just another pretty faceJULY 2005A MAN OF RESPECT - Don Roger Biggs is very, very disappointedCIRCLE THE WAGGINS - a simple married coupleNO ABACHA LEFT BEHIND - A Noogie-Stroganov production in technicolorWHAT'S YOUR POISSON? - Ted Kozinski wins the lotteryTHE ONCE AND FUTURE SCAMMER - enter Marty McFlyCHU GET ALL THAT? (Johnny Knoxville) - six-month baitTHE SONG OF ROLAND - Oath achieved!MRS ABACHA YOU'VE GOT A LOVELY DAUGHTER- the Unkindly ContributorDUELING CAPS LOCK - Stroganov vs Thankgod Tobi - the flip-offPOLICE YOURSELF - Lonslo Tossov meets a police inspector - the kiss-offHOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL - Rev. Bob is back! Finger-lickin' goodJUNE 2005KHAN JOB - 'Don Sanjay' back with more insultsHAIL TO THEE FULK U. - Weiner Crumbley doles out adviceLADS IN THE HOUSE - Scamorama offered a kickback by the British Parliament!SCAMMERS 4:19 - from the pulpit to your pitHAMMER PLEASE DON'T HURT 'EM - Praise Wayne Gretzky!TALE OF THE WORN OUT BALLS (Lizzie Borden) - Eze, but not cheapMAY 2005CAN I GET A WITLESS - Rev. DredlockWE ARE SO NOT THE EFCC - Lads pose as scam-bustersDON'T BE DECEIVE (Unkindly Contributor) - A warning from "Mrs Abacha"WHEN I WANT YOUR EPINION I'LL ASK FOR ITHOLDING HANDS AROUND THE WORLD- the Korean-Swaziland-Cuba-Chechen connectionBE PREPARED - scambaiting Scout merit badge proposalMINE'S SMALLER THAN YOURS - proofreading is importantAS SLAVIC AS WE WANNA BE - Lioudmila gets a NoogieLADS OF THE ROUND TABLE - Lads meet Lance du Lac!THIS MAKES ME VERY ANGRY - Lads meet Marvin MarshynYOU'RE IN THE ARMY NOW - Captain Manwairing returnsA DAY OF RECHNUNG - (DE/EN) Sven vs. The LadsBATMAN VS. THE HULK - Bruce Banner vs. The LadsI'M DADA (Agent Stroganov)FROM TRALFAMADOR TO YOUR DOOR - Lads meet Kilgore Trout SCAMMERS OF THE CARIBBEAN - Lads meet Jack Sparrow, arrgh!APRIL 2005AND IF YOU BELIEVE THAT - would a scammer buy the Brooklyn Bridge?OIL BE SEEING YOU - Lady Agatha vs. a tovarisch from LagosIF YOU'RE EARNEST I'LL BE FRANKS - meet Allbee Franks!LIZZIE BORDEN MEETS THE LADSFOUR ON THE FLOOR - Johnson Ndu vs. four people at once DR. STRANGELAD - or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the scamTHE ODDITY - six-month scambait from GreeceHOW SPUPID OF YOU TO HAVE FALLEN FOR OUR TRICKS - proud Harvard dad LadLADS DO VATICAN CITY - scammers pose as Archbishop MarcinkusMY BOYFRIEND'S BACK AND YOU'RE GONNA BE IN TROUBLE - Lads meet Lois LaneMARCH 2005MAY THE FARCE BE WITH YOU - Anakin senses a disturbance in the forceBLESS THE BEES - Rev. Bob meets "Sharon Stone". Bzz bzz!YOU ARE SO NOT BARACK OBAMA - Agent Tossov meets a "U.S. Senator"COUNT ME OUT - Lads meet the Count of Monte CristoEZEH DOES IT - Stroganov extracts another OathWHEN THE SCAMMERS COME MARCHING IN- "Christian youth conference"CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? (Lonslo Tossov) - Lad waits at airport!IF YOU'RE EARNEST WE'LL BE FRANK (Sir Marmite) - another Oath!OBAMA IS NOT IN THE HOUSE - a 419 letter from "Senator Barack Obama"MOSCOW NIGHTS - Lads team up with Joe StalinBOWLED OVER - Camilla and Charles meet the LadsREPORTING FOR DUTY - Lads approach John KerryTOUCH - (DaScritch ) - can you spell Interpol? (fr/en)KENN I GET A WITNESS? - Stroganov vs. Barrister KennTO SIRS WITH LOVE - Sir Marmite, and Sir Charles double-team a scammerTHEY'RE GRRREAT! - Lads vs. Wilma FlintstoneFEBRUARY 2005M G - German scam-o-logy / Scammkeit auf DeutschSTAND BY YOUR MAN - Lad has $42M for a gay rights organizationSCAMMER SCIENCE THEATER 3000 - report from the Gizmonic InstituteCOMMON SENSE - Lads recruit for FreemasonsA BODY OF WORK - Julien Makezela won't give up (US-Spanish production)RACE FOR THE CURE - Lads sell "cure" for AIDSFROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE - "Mrs. Khodorkovsky" meets Tom CobleyDIAMONDS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND - dueling fake passportsYOU'VE GOT JAIL - Ted Kozinski makes a new friendNOTHING LIKE A DAME (Lady Agatha)HOUSTON YOU HAVE ANOTHER PROBLEM - Lad vs the Unkindly Contributor - again.Porn! Angry lawyers! Messages from the beyond!MAKE MONEY FAST - Lads offer Scamorama wash-wash chemicals!PEOPLE WHO NEED PEOPLE (Soylent Green)NAZ DOES NEWARK - Lad abandoned in dumpster!JANUARY 2005SCHADENFRAUDE: or, IT'S A ZOO OUT THERE - Lads vs. CEO of Castle Sch nbrunn!A ROSE IS NOT A ROSE - Lads meet "Kofi Annan"ADRIAN MONK CLEANS UPON A MISSION FROM GOD (Naz) - Jake and ElwoodTHE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (Noogie) - smile, you're on candid Camara! JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS - Sigfried the lion-tamer 3, Lads 0DECEMBER 2004THE PERILS OF POGE - the Lads meet Poge MahoneALIU SAY IS A LIE - Lads meet hunter of mutant kangaroosBEAVIS VS. HADDAD - T.P. magnate helps Lads liquidate investmentsGLUTEUS MAXIMUS OVERDOSE - Christopher Tennant's poem! CRUDE OIL CHRONICLES - meet Captain Pugwash. Ar.THIS SCAM BLOWS GOATS - Johnny Knoxville is back, both of himPRINCESS MARGARET ISSUES A WARRANTRINSE, LATHER, REPEAT (Naz)THIS IS THE ELECTRONIC AGE (Lewd Noogie)NOVEMBER 2004MUG PUNTER LTD. - Lads meet the CEOTHE MONEY AWAKES - Sir Charles v Dr Mabuza GO WITH GOD BUZZ BUZZ - Church of the Blessed BeehiveSPRINGTIME FOR THE LADS - Max Bialystock offers Dr Mabuza a walk-on partDONT TALK TO MY MAGA NO MORE (Unkindly Contributor) - 16-month bait!THE UNABAITERR U GOIN CLUBBIN (Princess Candy!)OCTOBER 2004WORLD'S FRIENDLIEST LAD - Sir Mark Time and the Blue Sky Mines IPO!A LIFE IN SERVICE - Lady Agatha racks up another oath!RETURN OF THE ROMANOVS - Lads meet a would-be monarch!GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY - Stalin wakes up brieflyCASTING CALL! - the Lads want to cast YOU in "Superman"IN A STEW - our fiend Raynaz vs. Long List of LadsBEWARE THE TASMANIAN TIGER - Sir Mark Time, mining magnate! (What a pic)SEPTEMBER 2004HOUSTON YOU HAVE A PROBLEM (The Unkindly Contributor) - Lads deep in the heart of Texas. Catch the WAV daddioLADS ARMY - meet Captain Manwairing!THE GAME'S A FOOT (Mikhail Stroganov) - and in the red trunks, Mrs ShabanguAM ENDE DES TAGES - mit apocalypse und schadenfraudeCALIFORNIA DREAMIN' - Lewis Noogie wins a Green Card from the LadsDANGEROUS LIAISONS - Wally Jersey Heifer, NZ's man of mysterySO YOU'LL BE PICKING UP THE MONEY AT WESTERN UNION? (Perico) - 7 months!GUNS AND ROSES (another Noogie-gram)FULL MOON OVER MOSCOW - from Russia with Lewd (Noogie)ABSOLUT LAD ("Johnny Knoxville")YOU'VE GOT TO SCAM A MUGU OR TWO (Bill Sykes/Caractacus Potts)OATHS R US - from Annie's Bar - straight no chaserTHE MUGU'S TOO BIG - Lads go down the Telegraph RoadI AM NOT A JOKER (The Dark Knight)DR. SHIPMAN WILL SEE YOU NOWAUGUST 2004LADS GO DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE - with Charles DodgsonEVERYBODY WANG QIN TONIGHT LITTLE BUDDY - Lads vs. The SkipperLADS SEND XAVIER XALISIO $100! LADS JOIN THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY PINEAPPLE (Captain Pike)DO LADS WORK ON WEEKENDS? - a Wizard of Oz tries to join the businessTONY MUGABE EMERGES FROM THE CRYPTLADS DO THE VATICAN RAG (Pontiff Papageno)JULY 2004TO THE BATCAVE!FULK YOU (Christopher Tennant) - the Lads check into Kingdom HospitalTHE ROAD TO KOTOKA (L. D. Noogie) - Lads get a real writer!LADS JOIN THE G.O.P. !LET'S FUDGE AHEAD - MEET JOSEPH STALINATTILA TH' HUN IS BACK - "Charles Taylor" finds ScamoramaSO LONG SAKA - Mr. Saka discovers Scamorama mole in Foreign OfficeTREMBLE BEFORE DR. LIZARDODUDE, WHERE'S MY LAPTOP? - "Michael Dell" up by 5000 nairaGEORGIA ON MY MIND (Lewis Noogie)SILVER DORKS IN THE SUNSET (Lord Marmite)ALWAYS WOUMFO ONE MORE (Dr. Shipman) - "you think you are very clever , using many name and writing boolshit"PET SHOP BOYS MEET WESTERN UNION GIRLS (Christopher Tennant) TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOUR PROPOSITION, MORTAL (Dr. Lizardo)YOU ARE A FOO (crude)THE STUFF SCAMS ARE MADE OF (movie clip)A SHIP IN WOLF CLOTHING (Brother Samuel Vimes)JUNE 2004PEYTON WESTLAKE PLACE (Darkman)LAY OFF OF MY BLUE SUEDE SHOESTHE LAST DISHONEST SPORTS SHOW - Stroganov talks soccerDR ACULA RUNS THE BLOOD BANK (C.R.A.P.)KENNETH CONTRE KENNETH - dueling scammersURGULY PIC - Lads in lingerieNASTY MEAN AND MORPORKIAN (Brother Samuel Vimes)LADS COME TO DUNCE INANEMAY 2004LADS MEETS COMRADE LYKAON (Greece)DOWN BY LAD (Reynolds Rap Records)ILICHY MEETS A PRINCESS!A TALE OF TWO BAITS - Scammers double-teamed in Brussels! Photos!PLAY BALL (Naz)APRIL 2004SCAMMED IN KENYAI HEARD YA GOT RELIGION (Samuel Vimes)WATCH ME PULL A RABBI OUT OF MY HAT (Naz)KEEPING UP WITH THE COJONES (Capt. Pike)LADS IN SPACE - NIGERIAN ASTRONAUT MAROONED!C.R.A.P! - DR. BILLY RUBIN RETURNSMAN THE WALMARTS! - Nigeria west of Winnemucca?OVER 1000 MUGUS SERVED!MARCH 2004GRACE AND PEACE AND LOVE FROM PRINCESS CANDY419 DALMATIONS - DOG BREEDER SCAMTALK THE TALK - the Lads don't speak SangoAN ORPHAN MEETS JACQUES N. LeBAUX (aka NAZ)LADS MEET DARKMANLADS LEARN ABOUT LOCH NESSNETHERLOTTO A NASA FRONT? OR VICE VERSA?A GOOD SHEARING IN TALLYGAROOPNALIBERT , EGALIT , STUPIDITE - FIN!LADY AGATHA IS A RUSTY, PINK PIGANTI-FRAUD FRAUDNOVEMBER 2003GUY FAWKES CONSPIRACYYOU WILL SCREAM LIKE A HORSE (The Unkindly Contributor)WEST DAKOTA 2, LADS 0 (Juan Perez)JAKOB GOTT-DAM (DENMARK) COLORFUL EXCHANGE (PRINCESS MARGARET INSULTED)C'EST QUOI LE TRUC - Rage against the machine translationNEWS FROM UST-KAMENOGORSK - Lads learn Kazakh poetryNEVER YOU WRITE TO THIS ADDRESS AGAIN YOU MONKEY (Latvia)SEE YOU IN KORTOCTOBER 2003MEET CASEY JONES THE MR T EXPERIENCE - pity the Lad who calls Buckingham PalaceVENGEANCE IS MINE SAITH "WINNY MANDELLA"MY DAUGHTER IS EVER YOUNG - Princess Candy vs. N. D. CollinsLIBERT , EGALIT , STUPIDITENOSTRADAMUS 4, LADS 0AMADAN - SEAMUS O'PADDY TEACHES THE LADS GAELICYOUR DAYS ARE NUMBEREDI CAN'T HEAR YOU NOW - I'VE GOT PENCILS IN MY EARS (really)SEPTEMBER 2003TRUFFA PER VOI LAST TANGO IN LADLAND? (Samuel & Natalia)THE JEEVES VERSIONLIBERT , EGALIT , SCAMOSIT CONFEDERACY OF LADSDRAGOONED BY CAPTAIN FLASHMANIF i AM YOUR HUSBAND, i WILL HATE AND DISPISE YOUTHUNDER OVER TORSKIKKEL (SCANDINAVIA)YOU HAVE 250 HOURS TO BECOME A DEAD MANMUGUN.EXE - the binarySCAMMOMAMA LA SUPERBE (FRANCE)AUGUST 2003PACKING THEM IN - warning, crude graphicsSKAMTRAK - THE POLICEWARE (South Africa)MUSTER THE MUGUS - Dr Eze vs the Super Mario BrothersEENY MEENY CHILLY BEANY - scam by telepathyDEEP THROAT IN A CYBERCAFESINGAPORE UP BY 500 NAIRAMEET COSMONAUT "LAD" HUNTER (Germany)SILENCE OF THE LADSDANNY THE FOOTBALLER THREATENS TO SUEMORE INSULTSJULY 2003TEENAGE WASTELANDANKH MORE PORK (ARGENTINA)IAMA DILDO (THE PIC)DOWN FOR THE COUNTJUNE 2003HARRY POTTER AND THE CAULDRON OF SCAMSTHIS SCAMMING LIFE - Danny wants to try out for Manchester UnitedTHE BITTER MIND 2 - vs The Unkindly Contributor - again. Mwah hah hahTHE BITTER MIND 1 - stalks the Unkindly ContributorDANNY THE FOOTBALLERJOHNSON DEVILISH HARLOT PERSON - A BITTER MINDMEET NATALIA STURGEON (ARGENTINA)AS THE SCHNITZEL TURNSTAKE THE SAGBAMA ROAD - get off at MI-5LADS RECRUIT DUDLEY DORIGHTMAY 2003The Miskatonic University Tales:MEET THE BRILLIANT PROF. MALLORYLADS BEATEN BY A HEAD IN A JARLADS APPLY TO MISKATONIC U.andSEND THE F***ING BANK DETAILSI PITY A FLY THAT DOES NOT LISTEN WILL DIE IN THE GRAVE WITH THE CORPSEFOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IF YOU'RE NOT DUTCH YOU'RE NOT MUCHAPRIL 2003HINDUISM 101 - attachment and greed are against the dharmaSCAMMED IN ENGLAND - who is Silvia? What is she?LITTLE SHOP OF SCAMMERSTHE DEAD BANK CUSTOMER REDEMPTIONA CUP OF JAVAMARCH 2003FLEURS DU SCAM SCAMMED IN NORTH CAROLINA MEET LONSLO TOSSOVSCAMMED IN ISRAEL SCAMMED IN MALAYSIAA LOVE STORY IN FOUR ACTS - meet Dopp BobNO XBOX FOR LADY AGATHAFEBRUARY 2003HERKY JERKY - breakfast of anti-scammersTHE KING LEAR VERSIONMALNUPULATIONS - Agent IlichyYOU MIGHT BE A MUGU IF... - the Al Bundy questionnaire THE SNEEK - meet Mikhail StroganovDECEMBER 2002GREETINGS FROM JA: Ilichy vs. Jame Peter Ja - of ORPHANANS OF LONDONDR OMU INSULTS THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILYYOUR ANCESTORS ARE MUGUSES - meet Dr. E. KoliLADS DO NORAD - review specs on the AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air to Air MissileNOVEMBER 2002TALES FROM THE CRYPT - BAMBA VS. IMHOTEPCAPT. STABBIN ON THE HIGH SEAS (U.K.)THE CURSE OF BAMBA - Beware the wrath of Judge JudyMY INSULT'S BIGGER THAN YOUR INSULT - bad languageTHERE'S GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS (USA)- The Pierpont Project gets gold out of a LadLET'S NOT GO GET STONED - Sharia even scares the LadsDARK SHADOWS OVER SAGBAMA EXPRESS ROAD - Barnabas Collins meets the LadsMEET OLIVER FLANAGANOCTOBER 2002Louise Lutefisk encounters scammer "Butle Young" under three personae:LOUISE LUTEFISK AS ULYSSES EVERETT McGILLLOUISE LUTEFISK AS ANNA NICOLELOUISE LUTEFISK AS ANKH SU NAMUNandJACK BREDA vs. SON OF SAVIMBI (Netherlands)DR. PAKMESAKKIE AND HIS GIRAFFE (Netherlands)SCAMMED IN LATVIAWHY DID YOU REPORT TO THE SCAM WEBSITE - Agent IlichyLADS VS. YODA - he small but not stupid isSEPTEMBER 2002THE COLONEL WRITES TO THE LADS - Col. Sanders that isCATCHING KUTIS, or DOMINATRIX D DUMPED- by Raymond Kuti for sending his letters to ScamoramaOUAGADOUGOUERY - Stu Hawke pulls a triple-headerTHE LADS WRITE TO THE COLONELFEAR THE LUTEFISK - the Lads catch a virus from LouiseAUGUST 2002DON'T HAVE A SCAM, MAN (QUEBEC) - Bart Simpson +$5, Lad -$5THE CZECH IS IN THE MAIL - meet Agent IlichyJUAN PEREZ MUNOZ DE BARATA TUDELA LOVEDAYBIG MAC IS BACK - with Will Hoseya, counsel to Enron and WorldcomJULY 2002DOMINATRIX D - STILL LOOKING FOR THAT WEDDING RINGDORITO BAMBINI - THE MAN, THE LEGENDTHE EMIR OF BAHRAIN did not write this letterGHANA SIT RIGHT DOWN and send myself a letterJUNE 2002DOMINATRIX D GETS DUMPED (POLAND) - by Tom Tutu for sending his letters to ScamoramaUP THE CREEK WITH DR. SHEFFIELDINAGADA DaVIDAYOU DESERVE A BREAK TODAY (Big Mac)MAY 2002QUEEN TAKES PAWN - a deceased royal hears from a scammerSPRING 2002DEATH BY UMLAUT (Smurfs 5, Lads 0)MR. BRUNO THE ITALIAN MANANTI ALKUSUKAS (Finland rules) AFRIKA YATIRIMCISI (Turkey rocks)PRINCESS MARGARET'S DEATH EXAGGERATEDFLYING LAD MEETS CROUCHING ANTI-SCAMMERFANNERMAN'S PLASTIC FISHING WORMSJOSEPHINE DIDDY ZEI GEZUNT FANNERMAN or LOVE BLOOMSASTRO JETSONWINTER 2001-2002HEY AHMED (SIERRA LEONE)THE EYES SAY YUGOSLAVIA BUT THE HEADER SAYS NIGERIADUMBEST CRIMINAL ON THE PLANET (PHILIPPINES) LUKE SKYWALKERFANNERMAN GETS THE FLIP-OFFFALL 2001ARNOLD FANNERMAN'S BRILLIANT ENTRANCETHE LADS TAKE UP GAY RIGHTS- How ya gonna keep them down on the madrasa after they've seen Paree?NOTTAR CLOO - aristocratic counter-scammer THE MASK COMES OFF (KENYA)SCAMMED IN OZ - met the Lads, but it cost himISA KAITA LETTERS - and so it beginsLANGUAGESportugu s! deutsch! dansk! espa ol! t rk! italiano! polski! croatian! indonesian! svenska! nederlands!(feb 17 2015)FRAN AIS: SCAMALICIEUX(The French Collection; Arnaquerie Bilingue)(feb 17 2015)CON-FERENCES(bogus conference invitations)(sept 18 2013)SALES JOBFu Li Rong's adventures selling online (sept 20 2011)AIRPORT LADS'Diplomats' waiting at the airport with money (july 6 2011)

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