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Jim DalyDaly Focus Blog HomeFamily HomeCurrent EventsFocus NewsAboutHidden Gems 0 Today, on our Focus on the Family Broadcast, you’re in for a special treat. We’re airing an episode of our award-winning children’s radio drama Adventures in Odyssey.Not only are these dramas one of the best things we do here at Focus to communicate the gospel message, they’re a lot of fun, too!This episode is titled “Hidden Gems.” The story follows young Olivia as Whit teaches her why reading the Bible is important.Continue ReadingTopics: Family and Home Tags: family, prayerA Father’s Lament: What Kind of Country are We Leaving Our Kids and Grandkids? 0 Since the first national Father’s Day in 1910, dads of every generation have wondered and worried about the future world in which their children would live.Such concern is not entirely misplaced.If you had become a father back at the time the holiday was first celebrated at a YMCA in Spokane, Wa., your kids would have had to navigate the Spanish flu (50 million deaths), World War I (20 million deaths) and the reprise of the KKK.Continue ReadingTopics: Family and Home Tags: family, fatherHooray for Dad 0 Men are important to families.Dads model character for their daughters, shaping what they will seek in a future husband. Men model for sons how to be a committed husband, a loving father, and a man of integrity who guides his family according to biblical values.Men don’t always hit the mark, of course. They get distracted by busy careers, the hard work often required to make ends meet, or too many hobbies and toys.Which is why every man needs to be reminded from time to time that their wives and children deserve their best.Continue ReadingTopics: Family and Home Tags: family, fatherLook to the Family for Answers in Our Current Crisis 5 Our hearts break for what the country is experiencing. From Monday’s Supreme Court ruling that added sexual orientation and gender identity to a list of protected classes in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, to ongoing racial tensions and continued physical and economic suffering related to COVID-19, we’re living through difficult days.As president of a world-wide organization dedicated to the preservation of the home, and setting apart things like a virus, which are outside our control, I want to address what I believe is a major part of our problem –the breakdown of the nuclear family.Continue ReadingTopics: Current Events Tags: current eventsOvercoming the Obstacles of Cerebral Palsy 0 Tyler Sexton has been an overcomer since the day he was born. So have his parents, Lisa and Kevin.When Tyler was born at 28 weeks, doctors immediately placed him in an incubator and said, “We’re rushing him by helicopter to a hospital four hours away. His lungs will likely collapse, and there’s a chance that he could die mid-flight.” Tyler survived, but a long road that included 16 surgeries had just begun.At 18 months, Tyler was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.Continue ReadingTopics: Uncategorized Tags: faith6 Supreme Court Justices Brazenly Proclaim Themselves Legislators in Landmark Decision 10 I’m extremely disappointed to learn that the U.S. Supreme Court today took it upon itself to brazenly rewrite a federal employment statute to add sexual orientation and gender identity to a list of protected classes contained in the 1964 Civil Rights Act.When that landmark civil rights statute was enacted by duly elected representatives of the people, Congress never imagined or intended that “sex” meant anything other than biological males and females.Yet in this opinion six justices have done what Congress never intended to do and has explicitly rejected many times over the years since 1964.Continue ReadingTopics: Current Events Tags: current events, supreme courtThe Secret to Being a Happy Wife 0 What’s the secret to being a happy wife?Is it expecting more from your marriage? Expecting less? Does happiness come from working hard? Or from feeling content with what you have?Author Jen Weaver – and my wife, Jean – say balance is important. They’re both guests on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “The Secret to Being a Happy Wife.”There’s good and bad to having too-high or too-low expectations.Jen is a self-admitted “high-expectant wife” who had a lot of ideas about how her marriage could and should operate.Continue ReadingTopics: Family and Home Tags: marriage, wifePursuing Our Untamable God 0 In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, we’re introduced to Aslan, a great lion who rules Narnia.Susan, a little girl who stumbles into the enchanted world through a magic wardrobe, asks Mr. Beaver if Aslan is safe.“Safe?” Mr. Beaver replies. “Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King.”God, whom Aslan symbolizes, isn’t safe, either. We never know when or how God will show up in our lives.Continue ReadingTopics: Uncategorized Tags: faithA Call for Peace in a World Ready and Raring to Fight 22 As heated protests continue to roil and rock America in the aftermath of the heartbreaking George Floyd killing, what does the pathway toward peace and healing look like?A lot like America, I hope – a broad array of races, diverse in ethnicity but united in belief that our nation’s motto means what it says – E pluribus unum – out of many, one.In other words, though a melting pot in both background and ideology, our survival as a country is dependent upon our ability to work together.Continue ReadingTopics: Current Events Tags: current eventsConfronting Others with Grace 0 Racism is an ugly stain on our nation’s history. And, sadly, a very present reality. On the first part of our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Facing Confrontation with Grace,” I’m speaking with Tim Scott, United States Senator for South Carolina about his perspective on racial tension in America and how we find solutions.On the second part of the program, we’re sharing a conversation with author Deborah Pegues discussing biblical ways of handling confrontation.Continue ReadingTopics: Family and Home Tags: confrontation, family123282Next Page President of Focus on the Family Jim Daly with Paul Batura Daly Focus Jim Daly is a husband, father and President of Focus on the Family and host of its National Radio Hall of Fame broadcast. His blog, Daly Focus, is full of timely commentary and wisdom designed to help you navigate and understand today’s culture. His latest book is Marriage Done Right.Jim Daly Blog HomeAboutPosting GuidelinesTerms & ConditionsPrivacy PolicyFAQs

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