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Time To Take A Closer Look At Health Coaching As Your NextCareer Posted by anntotten in Health Coaching as a profession. Tagged: health coaches, health coaching, Web-based coaching. Leave a Comment Companies like Google, Motorola and UnitedHealthCare are employing web-based health coaches everyday to address the problems of  healthcare directly. Because of the demand, there is a shortage of good qualified health coaches.Could this be the next billion dollar business?Health coaching is changing healthcare because it helps people not to get sick in the first place.Web-based coaching allows almost anyone to quickly build a professional coaching practice/income and deliver excellent coaching.  We provide a teleconference call/webinar that will show you exactly how.  You can be a successful health coach without any selling, prospecting, or using any persuasive techniques. Ready to take a closer look now?   Contact me at 845 389 0826. I need a healthcoach! Posted by anntotten in Health Coaching as a profession, What is health coaching?. Tagged: trained health coach. Leave a Comment I have always been very interested in health issues.  I feel that I lead a healthy lifestyle.  Sure, I could stand to lose a few pounds, but on my 5 8 frame, I am hardly considered overweight. So, when I had my routine annual physical and fasting blood work a month ago, I had few worries. Then, the nurse from the doctor s office called.  It was a simple enough message; they are happy with my good cholesterol , but my bad cholesterol is a little elevated .   Ok, I thought to myself it s time to take off the extra weight.   But I let the nurse continue with their recommendation.   And this is what she said:  You know the drill, diet and exercise.  Come back in 3 months for a re-test .    That s IT!!    The extent of their advise to me is that I know the drill.   How dare they?   There was NO additional educational information provided to me.   Do you think they could have thrown a few brochures in the mail to me??  How about referring me to a few websites where I could get appropriate information?   No, nothing at all like that.   Simply you know the drill .   Wouldn t a better outcome have been Ann, you probably know all the changes that you need to make, but we recommend the services of a trained health coach to help you set and reach goals to target this specific health condition and get it under control .The bottom line is that this is a fundamental problem with our health care system.  We don t focus on prevention and on intervening before a condition worsens.  No, we wait until the patient needs medication and/or more serious treatment. Health Coaching Is CatchingOn Posted by anntotten in Health Coaching as a profession. Tagged: health coaches, health coaching, healthy, job opportunities, personal goals, shedding weight. Leave a Comment I just reviewed a recent article which had the following title: Health coaches catch on Here are a few excerpts:“There are many more job opportunities available for health coaches these days as corporations, insurance companies, medical centers and individuals are beginning to hire them,” On average, health coaches earn between $100 and $150 per hour, and those who are savvy marketers can earn up to six-figure salaries. But it s more than money that draws most people into the field. They are dissatisfied in some way with their own lives. Becoming healthy, shedding weight and having more energy are their personal goals, which eventually become the selling point of their services. The person interviewed in the article was quoted:  One tip he often gives clients is to start each morning with breathing exercises. His website promises such results as improving confidence and self-esteem, as well as developing healthy, lasting relationships. He charges between $395 and $495 per month for sessions, or $175 to $250 an hour. Corporate workshops garner $500 per hour. Article reference:  http:// his/her bad habits.   Then work with your client and get him to the point where he understands why he  needs to change them.   He can then take ownership of these habits, and optionally,  ask for support from family, friends, co-workers and doctors.As a health coach, you will have an ongoing relationship with your clients and can review the changes.   And celebrate in the successes! Know Your Number HealthScore Posted by anntotten in Health Coaching as a profession. Tagged: biosignia, health coach training, know your number, Know Your Number HealthScore, The Biggest Loser. Leave a Comment Are you familiar with The Biggest Loser ? Well, we at Health Coach Training,  have a special business relationship with BioSignia, the creator of the Know Your Number HealthScore featured on NBC s hit TV show, The Biggest Loser.All of our current Health Coach Training Program students and graduates can provide their clients with predictive modeling through the Know Your Number HealthScore at a substantial savings.Click on the More Information on Health Coaching link on the right. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 76 other followers Email Address: A Yale research study found that people with highstress levels, release more cortisol and tend tohave excess abdominal fat. 9yearsago ... starchy food, fatigue, constant hunger, diabetes, inflammation and premature aging. 9yearsago If your liver gets overloaded because of a poor diet or alcohol abuse it can lead toweight gain, cravings for sweets and..CONTINUED 9yearsago Qi Gong is an effective method to reduce stress chronic pain. Qi Gong involves slow movementsw/specific breathing patterns meditation. 9yearsago Grate some lemon rind onto freshly steamed veggies,grilled fish or chicken to add extra flavor withoutextra calories. 9yearsago Privacy Cookies: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy

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News on the growing niche of Health Coaching

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