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Hi5! We are still just as excited about our 5 year old as the day when the doctor pronounced,"You're Pregnant!" Yep, we're still jumping for joy,and so is he! We are sharing our joy,disappointments,successes and challenges as a family with a child touched by AUTISM-a neurological condition considered a developmental disability.If you care to share, please do.Join us on Google Blogger/Reader/Buzz/orkut,hi5, digg,Facebook,Twitter,Yahoo!Buzz,YouTube,MySpace, holiday WordPress.ENJOY!KBJCosse'Family

Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism - A Family ExperienceEnjoyHi5!Autism (adults)EnjoyHi5Autism on YouTubeEnjoyHi5Autism on VimeoEnjoying the Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience (Facebook)EnjoyHi5Autism (KBJCosse'@EnjoyHi5Autism - Twitter)(KBJ Cosse'@babymiracle2005 -Twitter)Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience (Google/GoogleBuzz/Blogspot)Planning Successful Event!" (Events Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism - A Family ExperienceNo comments: Sequestration | #All4Ed WebinarWEBINAR REGISTRATION September 14: Sequestration | Alliance For Excellent Education MediaNo comments: Talk Therapy an Option for Those Using Assistive Technology to Speak Talk Therapy an Option for Those Using Assistive Technology to Speak - On Special Education - Education WeekNo comments: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 Transition: From Special Ed Teacher to Special Ed Advocate

I am a certified special education teacher K-12. I will be retiring in two years and would like to become a special education advocate.
What is the first step?
You are wise to prepare ahead of time.

Transition: From Special Ed Teacher to Special Ed Advocate


"disAbilityVOICE - Disability Rights Advocate"
"Enjoyable School Year"No comments: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 A special kind of class: Team HoytA special kind of class: Team HoytNo comments: Monday, September 3, 2012 who decides what's NORMAL?
'Not Ordinary Redefining My Autism Life' = NORMAL is our new series about living on the Autism Spectrum. Share your perspectives, advice, questions, comments on Not Ordinary.

Also, get a copy of

Asperger Syndrome in the Family: Redefining NormalYear Published: 2001Book Code: A135Autism Asperger Publishing Company -http://www.aapcpublishing.net/book/view/702/grandparents-guide-to-autism-spectrum-disorders-making-the-most-of-time-at-nanas-houseNo comments: AUTISMCARES-PROVIDES-SUPPORT-TO-FAMILIES-DURING-NATURAL-DISASTERS

Mission:AutismCares is a consortium of leading autism organizations who have come together to support individuals with autism and their families during natural disasters and other catastrophic life events.
AutismCares understands that families living with autism often need additional and specialized support in recovering from critical life-challenging events. Leading autism organizations, along with committed individuals in the community have come together to support families in their time of need.
Funding:AutismCares is funded by the contributions of the its Partners and other individual donations.100% of donations from member organizations are distributed to the families in needProgram Oversight:
AutismCares Partners: Set program goals and objectivesMakes final selection of families to receive awardsHelp recruit new member organizationsAssist in promoting AutismCares within the autism community and throughout their respective organizationsBe available to speak with the press as requiredQ:How do I apply for an AutismCares Support Award?A: Each family must completeanonline application. We understand that you may not have your own computer; however, computers are available for use at all public libraries. If you absolutely cannot access a computer, please call 1-888-288-4762 and the Autism Response Team (ART) Coordinator will help you complete the online application.
Q:What information does AutismCares require from my family? A: If you are chosen to receive an AutismCares award, additional information may be required based on the nature of the request.All information is considered confidential and will be treated as such by AutismCares and its Partners.
Q:I have questions about my application; who can I speak with?
A:Contact AutismCares via Serena Selkin, Autism Speaks Family Services Grants Manager at (917) 475-5059 or e-mailautismcares@autismspeaks.org.

For a list of Sponsors, Application specifics and further details, refer to:

AutismOnABudgetNo comments: "All Children can Learn." - Students with AspergersWelcome Back to School!
"All Children can Learn."
Let's start the school year by understanding our Students who are learning while on the Autism Spectrum, specifically, thosewith Aspergers Syndrome.

This is an excerpt from 'Autism Learning Felt'.

Many parents with children that have Aspergers know that there are going to be problems that arise having their children in a mainstream school. But are those problems a product of the child or of the system? Schooling so often these days is like a cookie cutter factory. Those that fall above or below the norm just have to fit in.
This is a reason that many parents choose to homeschool. They can teach their child in the way their child learns best. With a guided curriculum toward a auditory, visual or kinesthetic education, the parents approach to teaching becomes more efficient for the child to learn.

Read the complete article at Educating Children with Aspergers DisorderNo comments: Friday, August 31, 2012 Bookshare Plans to Make Graphics, Math in Books More Accessible - On Special Education - Education WeekBookshare Plans to Make Graphics, Math in Books More Accessible - On Special Education - Education WeekNo comments: One Step Forward, One Step Back For Students With Disabilities? - On Special Education - Education WeekOne Step Forward, One Step Back For Students With Disabilities? - On Special Education - Education WeekNo comments: Older PostsHomeSubscribe to:Posts (Atom)EnjoyHi5Autism pins on Pinterest!Share in a Global CommunitydisAbilityVOICE - Disability Rights Advocate

Promote Your Page TooHire People with disAbilities Thanks Global Supporters!Hi5! FollowersShare This - EH5A-FamilyWhat are your top 3 ASD goals for this year?Enjoy Hi5! Autism - Blog Archive 2012(262) September(8)Am I included?Sequestration | #All4Ed WebinarTalk Therapy an Option for Those Using Assistive T...Transition: From Special Ed Teacher to Special Ed ...A special kind of class: Team Hoytwho decides whats NORMAL?AUTISMCARES-PROVIDES-SUPPORT-TO-FAMILIES-DURING-NA...All Children can Learn. - Students with Aspergers August(72) July(55) June(42) May(27) April(18) March(13) February(12) January(15) 2011(493) December(14) November(10) October(23) September(8) August(22) July(35) June(15) May(17) April(75) March(271) January(3) 2010(220) December(18) November(125) October(27) September(18) August(10) July(22)About Our Family'Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience'a 'uniquely different' family: married 15 years with a 5 year old son who brings us enormous joy; we love, support,appreciate, advocate,and hope for our joyous child who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum - considered a neurological condition and a developmental disABILITY. We enjoy nature walks, bowling, movies, blogging, beignets, traveling,parks, camping and laughing!View my complete profile'EnjoyHi5!Autism' FamilyFollow this blogJoin a Global CommunitydisAbilityVOICE - Disability Rights Advocate

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disAbilityVOICE - Disability Rights AdvocateCreate your Like BadgeHi5!Autism - HowCastShareCare courtesy of Dr. Oz Show(Oprah)SharecareICAA Special:What do you think of Cameras in Classrooms - blogtalkradio 7/26/2012Search This BlogPopular PostsAutism Doesn't Cause Murder! Autism doesnt cause murder! Tell Joe Scarborough , Autism Speaks , and Starbucks -- Autism doesnt c...What Are Special Needs? Children's Disabilities and the Special Needs of FamiliesParenting Children With Special Needs Get the information and inspiration you need to be your childs best advocate from your About Guid...FYI - Back to School #3 - "All About Me"Hi-5! Y OUR CHILD GOES BACK TO SCHOOL IN LESS THAN A MONTH! (depending on where you live) Alright, are we get ready? Here is anothe...#BeBookSmart Twitter Party JOIN US FOR A TWITTER PARTY ABOUT CHILDRENS LITERACY! RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) has partnered with Macys to create Be Book ...50 App Giveaway - Independence Week Celebration Fifty family-friendly apps can make a huge contribution to your iDevice. Most participating developers are parents themselves so come w...Hi5!Autism - kids activities vids
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