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The English Optional trainees whom Iteach in the Govt. College of TeacherEducation, Thiruvananthapuram are giventake-home assignments during their Xmas vacation. The vacation usuallycommences one month after joining the BEd Course. By then, everyone in the classwould have fulfilled the first requirement, viz; opening an email account. The following is the first Online assignment they were asked tosubmit.
This year, unlike in previousyears a specific topic was chosen:Portrayal of Women in Malayalam Film songs. The trainees were directed tosubmit a transliteration of the song chosen and then attempt atranslation. Once the assignment issubmitted they had to meet in groups andidentify the way in which the themeevolves in the song. Ms.Iswarya, is the Class Online Editor and the person who took the lead in collecting,compiling and editing the Online class assignment of the 2012-13 batch.
A month following the Xmas vacation,the first draft of the edited versionwas submitted to me for giving thefinishing touches before uploading. Butthen, I realized that the whole taskis really time consuming and this resulted in the delay in submitting the assignment. So, Itold the editor, Ms. Iswarya, not to spendtoo much time on the finalediting until the exams are over.
Incidentally, Ms. Iswarya is gettingmarried this month (May 2013) and isquite busy preparing for themarriage. However, she submitted the final version on the last week of Aprilafter her first Semester examinations. She has written an excellentintroduction and brief critique for all the songs included in this post.I had very little editing to do!
Note: A couple of daysago, during ameeting of senior teachers, some voicedan opinion that students should not be allowed to publish on Blogs asthey fail to get the Copyrightof the material. To them, I hadonly one thing to say: The intention of making my students publish annually onBlogs is to provide them a popular publishing platform with a world-widereadership. This prompts them to beoriginal, to work hard andsubmit a well-written assignment.Please find below the total viewershipof this Blog on the day of publishing this assignment.

A Request to the Visitor/ Reader:
I hope you find this interesting... Do post your valuable comments... It wouldmotivate the authors of this piece of work...

The ever changing attitude of Malayaleestowards womanhood is clearly reflected in the Malayalam film songs ofthe 20th century. The feminine sensibilityas a mirror of the times has been explored by many writers and this explorationoften shows the assumptions and sympathies about women too. The prevailingconditions in Kerala society convinces that the condition of women is rooted inbiological and psychological immutabilities. Vaylar Ramavarma, Sreekumaran Thambi,P. Bhaskaran etc. are the pioneers inthe surfacing of female rage and sexuality.
Here we present thetransliteration and translation of some of the most famous Malayalam film songsin which we can see the making, un-making and re-making of female characters. Almost all these writers are concerned withthe exploration of female sexuality,vulnerability, helplessness, failure to live an authentic life, and dependency. Woman is often portrayed as anobject for sensuous satisfaction, an obedient life partner, and as a perfecthome maker. They can be seen as fragmented and helpless creatures still lockedinto dependency on men. It is interesting to note that none of these writers havestrived to lift the traditional / patriarchal norms that render womansubordinate to her male counterparts. None of them tend to advocate a newself-definition of woman, instead, they all nourish the prevailing concepts ofmasculinity. We can assume that the consciousness of all these writers aredirected by various socio-political factors.
This song is noted for its novel similes, and its wonderful rhythm. Thelover highlights the physical beauty and attractiveness of the lady-love:- herperfect body, her rosy cheeks, her deep blue eyes...He elevates her to thestatus of an elegant heroine, an ascetic, and a charming flower of pure love.Her burning physical beauty is glorified using powerful, striking imagery.

Hridaya sarassilePranaya pushpameIniyum nin kadhaparayu.Ardha nimeelthamizhikaliloorum Asrubindhuvenswapnabindhuvo (Hridaya)Ezhuthan vaikiyachitra kadhayileEzhazhakullorunayika ne..Ennanuraagathapovana seemayilInnale vannathapaswini ne (Hridaya...)Ethra sandhyakalchalichu charthiIthrayum arunimanin kavilil..Ethra samudrahridandam charthyIthrayum neelimaninte kannil (Hridaya..)
Again tell me your story,Oh lovely flower in the river pool of heart !A tear drop in your half closed eyes,Has become a dream spot for me..
You are the elegant heroine,Of the charming tale, I lingered to write.You are an ascetic,who came yesterday,To my adorable secluded limit..(Again..)
How many evenings are ornamented so far,To render the red colour of your cheeks.How many endless seas are ornamented so far,To furnish a blue-black glazing in your eyes.(Again)
2.Name of trainee : DEEPIKAFilm : SASTRAM JAYICHU MANUSHYAN THOTTUMusic : DAKSHINAMOORTHYLyricist : SREEKUMARAN THAMBISinger :P. JAYACHANDRANSong : CHANDANATHILThis song is yet another elegantcomposition of Sreekumaran Thambi- full of aesthetic beauty. The lover is in astate of ecstasy, and he praises the feminine beauty of his lady-love in ahighly sensuous way. He compares her to a statue made of lust, the everlastingsource of pleasure and erotic satisfaction.Transliteration
sundaree shilpam
manju thullikal thazhuki unarum
madhura hemantham
priyaiyo kaamashilayo neeyoru
pranaya geethakamo.. ho..ho..

gaaname nin raaga bhaavam
thaamarathanuvaaay (2)
ithalittunarum thaalayangal
eeren poonthukilaay
rathiyo..raaga nadhiyo
nee sukha ranga sopaanamoho..ho..

omlae nin mandhahaasam
poonilaakkuliraay (2)
kungumamaniyum lolakapolam
madhuvo premanidhiyo
nee sukha swarga vaasanthamo..ho..ho..

Oh, Beautiful figurine, carved from sandal wood,You are like the late autumnAwakened by the gentle touch of dew drops..Oh, my darling.oh, stone of lust..oh my love song(Oh! beautiful..)
You are a lovely song!Your lotus like body is an emotive melodyMovements of your moistened attire,Resembles the fall-rise of a rhythmic noteoh Aphrodite! Are you a stream of melodyor an ecstatic musicharmony.. (Oh! beautiful.)
oh, my darling! Your sweet smile is like the pleasant moonlight..Your soft cheeks with saffron dust,Is like the petal of a flower which blooms in dusk..Oh,honey! Are you a treasure of romance..Or an ecstatic heavenly blossom (Oh! beautiful)
3. Name of trainee : PRASAJAFilm : PANITHEERATHA VEEDUMusic :M. S. VISWANATHANLyricist :VAYALARSinger : M.S.VISWANATHANSong : KANNUNEERTHULLIYEThis song, extremely popular for its philosophical quality, highlightsthe feminine helplessness and purity.By comparing woman to a tear drop thepoet makes her an epitome of sadness and suffering. She is contaminated andmanipulated by society. He warns others to handle her carefully as she isfragile but precious. Women are drivento need and grasp for security and protection. Men ask women forrefugee, strength, commitment, and loyal support, while withholding thesethings from them. The song openly acknowledges woman as a devastated and diminishedcreatures having the posture ofa helpless victim. The poet succeeds in conveying a feeling which is solemn and wet.

KannuneerthulliyeSthreeyodupamichakavyabhavane!Abhinandhanam,ninakkabhinandhanamAbhinandhanam,abhinandhanamVyasano,Kalidasano,athuBhasano,Shelleyo,ShakespearoAbhinandhanam,ninakkabhinandhanamAbhinandhanam,abhinandhanamVishadasagaramullilirambumThusharagadgadabindhu - sthreeyoru vikaravaidooryabindu"Sariyanu athoru,chippiyil veenal vaidooryamakunnuPoovilveenal paragamakunnuThodaruthu,edutheriyaruth"Indranathaudhamakkiiswaran bhushanamakkiVyabhicharatheruvilmanushyana muthukalVilapesivilkkunnu innu vilapesi vilkkunnuPrapanchasoundharyamullil vidarthum prakasha budbudabinduSthreeyoruprabhathanakshathrabindu"Atheyatheaa nirthulliyilekku nokki-ninnalprakrithi muzhuvan prathibimbikkunnathu kanamThodaruthu,athudakkaruth"Chandrikachandanam nalkiThennalvannalakangal pulkiVazhiyathrakkidayilmanushyana kumilakalValaviishiudakkunnu innuvalaviishiudakkunu!Translation
Praise the poetic insight that found simile in a drop of tear, a womanhood, may it be from Vyasa, Kalidasa, Bhasa, Shelley orShakespeare.A roaring sea of sorrow inside,woman is a choked emotional pearl spot,fallen into a shell it is a pearlwhen fallen in to a blossomed flowerit turns its pollen.Touch it not! fling it not.It is a decoration for Him,Indra turned it into a weapon.Man bargain and sell these pearls along the red light street,now bargain and sell.
You are a morning star,a twinkle bright lightspreading universal beauty within."Yes! yes looking at the green dew dropsreflection of nature can be seenTouch it not, break it not.Moonlight granted sandal,breeze embraced its fringes,man while spreading nets,breaks the bubblesby spreading nets!
4. Name of trainee : DEVI V. M.
Lyricist : P. BHASKARAN
Singer : K. J.YESUDAS
A typical Keralites mind is clearly depicted inthis song- the lover sings in fond remembrance of his lady. He is a soldier,far away from his sweet home, so he shares his nostalgic memories with his fellow soldiers in a very warm way. He sings of his home-land,his extremely devoted wife, and her beauty we can feel a sad undertonethroughout the song- his craving to meet his lady, the pain of separation...Transliteration
Naleekerathinte naattilenikkoru
Naazhiyidangazhi mannundu oru
Naazhiyidangazhi mannundu
Athil narayana kili koodu polulloru
Naalu kaalola purayundu (naleekera)
Nombum notenne kaathirikkum vaazha
Koombu polulloru pennundu
Chaambakka chundulla chandana kavilulla
Chaattuli kannulla pennundu (naleekera)

Vallya perunaalu vannappol annoru
Velli nilaavulla raathriyil
Kallu vettam kuzhikkakkare vachennodullu
Thurannathin sheshame (naleekera)

Neerunna kannumaay ninne kinaa kandu
Dhoorathu vaazhunna njaananennum (neerunna)
Ororo theevandi odiyethumbozhum
Odunnu mutathu neeyennum (naleekera)

I own a tract of landIn the country of coconutsThere I own a sweet homeNo bigger than the nestof a sparrow (In thecountry...Aninflorescence like girlwaitingfor me with solemn prayersWithher rose apple lips, sandal like cheeksAnd herharpoon like eyes. (In the country...On thatauspicious day of BakridOn thatnight of silvery moonlightOn theother side of the quarrySheopened her mind forme,thereafter... (In the country..Yourthoughts in my grievous eyesKept mealive, at a distantOne ata time the train passesHithertoyou ran into the courtyard (In the coconut...)
5. Name of trainee :MITHRA.M.SFilm :THARAMusic :DEVARAJANLyricist :VAYALARSinger :YESUDASSong : UTHARAYANAKKILIThis song is effluent in sensualimagery and it gives us the impression that female identity rests on her bodyonly- as it displays only the physical aspect of her existence. The burningdesire of the man towards his lady is depicted- he pines for their physicalunion.Transliteration
Utharayanakilipaadi UnmadhiniyeppolePonnumvalayitta vennilaveeNinneonnu chubichotteUtharayanakilipaadi
KurunirakalmadiyothukkiKunukoonthal nerukayil kettiArayiljaganadhan pudava chuttiMutholakuda choodiMoovanthypuzha neenthiManvilakkumenthivarum vennilaveEnvikaram ninnil vannu nirayukilleOrunaal niraukilleUtharayanakilipaadi
Malarmizhiyal kavitha unarthiMadhurasmithamchundil vidarthiMaarilkasavulla kacha kettiKarpoorathalikayumayi KasthoorithilakavumayiNrithamaadivarum penkidaveNintedaham ennilekku pakarukilleOrunaal pakarukilleUtharayanakilipaadi UnmadhiniyeppolePonnumvalayitta vennilaveeNinneonnu chubichotteUtharayanakilipaadi.Translation
Northern bird sings like a lunatic -O moonlight, wearing golden bangleMay I kiss youNorthern bird sings
O moonlight, come holding a lamp of clay,Setting right the careless hair on the forehead,Tieing the curly hair on the top of the head,Wrapping the cloth around the waist,Holding a gem studded umbrella,Swimming through the river of dayWill my passion fill you?Will it fill you someday?Northern bird sings
O sweetheart, come to me dancing ,Awakening poetry with your flowery eyes ,Blooming sweet smile inyour lips,Tying glittering cloth onyour bosom,Holding a plate with camphor,Wearing a mark of scented turmeric on fore head,Will you share your thirst with me ?Will you share it someday ?Northern bird sings.

This song conveys the culturalclimate of Kerala, where woman is considered as a typical stereotype amistress, mother, colleague, a friend- whose capacities for self-effacement andself-sacrifice seem limitless. Instead of sexuality, the writer has givenimportance to the solemn virtues expected of each woman in Kerala society, fromthe male-prospective.Transliteration
Poomukha vathilkkal sneham vidarthunnaPoothinkalakunnu bharya Dukhathin mullukal thooviral thumbinal Pushpagalakunnu bharya
Kannueer thulliyil mazhavillu theerkunnaSwarna prabhamayi bharya Mandha smithangalal neerum manasine Chandanam charthunnu bharya
Ethra thelingalum enna vattathoru Chithra vilakanu bharya Enniyal theeratha janmantharangalilAnnadeneswari bharya
Bhoomiyekalum shamayulla soubhagya Deviyanepozhum bharyaKaryathil manthriyum karmathil daasiyum Roopathil lekshmiyum bharya
Wifeis the new moon Standingin the PorticoBloomingthe buds of love..Transformingthe thorns of agony into flowersWitha single touch of her tender fingers...Sheis an enlightened goddessWhocreates a rainbow in the teardrops...Sheis a goddess of prosperityForthe immeasurable generations...
Sheis an embellished lamb...Everglowing...ever shimmering...Aminister in her actions...A servant inher duties...Anda goddess in her appearance...

This song is the passionate andsensuous expression of the lovers feelings towards his lady. All theseexpressions have a sexual undertone. It highlights the sex-roles, which do notsupport female authenticity. Dominance and sensuality are major concerns.Transliteration
Thaazhampoomanamulla thanuppulla rathriyilthanichirunnurangunnacheruppakkaaaripoomughakilivaathil adaaykukillakaminininne njan urakkukilla.(Thaazhampoo)
aarumkaanaathoranthapurathileaaradhanamuri thurakum njan(2)eeranuduthune poojaykorungumpolneelakaarvarnanaay nilkum njan(2) (thaazhampoo)
ethokinavile aalinganathile ekantharomanjamaninjavale (2)omanachundilepunjiri pookalilpremathinsourabham thookum njan (2)(Thaazhampoo )
Oh beauty, sleeping alone in thescrewpine scented winter night..I won't close the window pane of my roomSweetheart, I won't let you sleep.(Oh beauty, sleeping alone)I will open the prayer roomIn your ever open royal bed roomWhen you begin your prayers after a bath.I will stand in front of you,Disguised as your deity-Krishna
The memory of some sensuous embraceGives a unique blush to your body...I will pour the fragrance of loveIn the sweet smile ofyour lovely lips.
8.Name of trainee :FASILA
Lyricist :VAYALAR

In this cute love song, the lover reminds hislady-love of the beautiful moments they spent together in a highly poetic and romantic manner. Beneath the apparent meaning of these romantic linesthere lies the age old concept of women only as a giver, who does not demandany gifts in return.Transliteration
Thanka basmakuriyitta thampuraatti ninte
Thinkalaazhcha noyambinnu mudakkum njaan
Thiruvillwaa malayil nedhichu kondu varum
Ila neer kudaminnudakkum njaan (thanka)

Vadakkinithadathil poojayeduppinu
Veluppaan kaalathu kandappol
Murappenne ninte poom kavilingal njaan
Harishree ezhuthiyathormayille
Premathin harishree ezhuthiyathormayille(thanka)

Thumbapookkalathil thiruvonathinu
Thumbi thullaanirunnappol
Pookkila kathirukalkkidayiloode enne nee
Nokki kothippichathormmayille
Oli kannaal nokki kothipichathormmayille(thanka)

Kalappurathalathil meda pulariyil
Kani kandu kannu thurannappol
Vilakku keduthi nee aadhyamaay nalkiya
Vishu kai neettangal ormayille
Premathin vishu kai neettangal ormayille (thanka)

Oh queenwhose forehead is adorned with golden ashes..I will hinder your Monday fasting rituals..And will break your tender coconut potConcecrated at Thiruvillwa Mountains (Oh queen)
At dawn when I saw you in the northern courtyard,My girl, dont you rememberHow I wrote the first letters of loveOn your tender cheeks?(Oh queen)

When you sat on the floral carpets of flowersDuring the festival of Onam,Dont you remember how you enticed meGlancing through the floral bunchesWith longing eyes? (Oh queen)
On the dawn of spring, after theFirst sight of offering,Dont you remember ,The first Vishu gift you gave meAfter putting off the lamp,You gave me the first gift of love. (Oh queen)9.Name of trainee : JINCY JOSEPHFilm :Kayalum Kayarum(1979)
Music :K.V.Mahadevan
Lyricist :PoovachalKhader
Singer :K.J.Yesudas

The lover passionately invites his sweetheart to sail away withhim. Her beauty and her coyness are endless sources of ecstasy and inspirationfor him. He expresses his desire to make her his own treasure, as he loves herintensely.

Chithira thoniyil akkare pokan Ethidamo penneChirayin keezhile penneChirinyil chilanka kettiya penne
Ninne kandal mayangi nilkum thoniNinne kanathirunnal madichu nilkum thoniKarayil ninnum kayar kayatti karakal thedunnuEnte karal thadathil ninte kannukal Kalam varaykkunnu kalam varaykkunnu
Mali therthum nanam unarthum penne Malar mali kondu kettiyitto enne Nalla naalu nokki nin kazhuthil Taali kettum njan Nale mankudilil kai pidichu Kudiyiruthum njan kudiyeruthum njan
Willyou come to me my dear,Tosail ashore in a star-decked vessel?Ohthe girl of the marsh land !Ohthe maiden with a winsome smile,whichresembles the giggling of anklets..
Thecanoe snooze as it behold you Andpause if it does not have a glimpse of youItseeks for new lands after having laden with coir Andyour eyes entice my heart
Ohdamsel thou evoke shyness and make garlandHaveyou fasten me with your laurelsIwill tie a wedlock on youWhenthe good day comesTomorrowI shall hold your hand and bring Youto my muddy hovel..
10.Name of trainee : RAJESWARI.N.E
Song : Nin Thumbu.......
Film : Shalini Ente Koottukari
The purity, beauty and elegance of the lady takes her lover tothe heights of imagination. Heconcentrates completely on his feelings towards his lady which makes himfly in the sky and float in the holy river- here besides the apparentmeaning lies the feelings of eroticsatisfaction..

Sundaree... a.. Sundaree...a.. Sundare...Nin thumbu Kettiyita ChurulMudiyilThulasi thalirila choodeeThushara haram maarilcharthiTharunnyame nee vannu Sundaree (Nin thumbu)
Sutharya Sundara megangalaliyumNithaantha neelimayil (2)Oru Sukha SheethalaShaleenathayilOzhukee NjaanariyetheOzhukee ozhukeenjaanariyatheSundaree (Nin thumbu)
Mridhantha tharalithavinmaya kiranamMazhayaay thazhukumbol (2)oru saraseeruthasouparnikayilozhukee njaanariyatheozhukee ozhukeenjaanariyathesundaree. (Ninthumbu)

O my beauty..you came tomeCarrying basil leaves inyour knotted curly hair,Wearing a garland of dewdrops in your bosom,You came to me..my dear..
Beautiful, transparentclouds,Thaws in the seeminglyendless sky..There I floated in asoothing pleasant modestyUnwittingly..I floated again and again...unwittingly
When the danglingsunrays,Suddenly transforming therain embraces me...Then I floated in thelotus filled river Sowparnika, UnwittinglyI kept floating ...unwittingly...
11.Name of trainee : SANDHYA SURENDRANFilm : Pareeksha
Singer :Yesudas

Music :Baburaj

Lyrics :P.Bhaskaran

The lover addresses his lady in anextremely passionate manner. He describes her drastic change from a small,silly girl-child to a full-blown adolescent-her coming of age. Both herphysical and emotional changes are presented using beautiful, literarylanguage.Transliteration
Annuninte nunakuzhi thelinjittilla
Annu ninte kavilithra chumannittilla
Pottu kuthanariyilla kannezhuthanariyilla
Ettum pottum thiriyatha pavadakari
Oru thottalvadi karalulla pavadakari

Annuninte mizhiyakum mizhi poykayil
Pon kinavin arayannam irangarilla
Paattu padan vannillenkil
Poo parikkan vannillenkil
Paloli punchiri mayum pavadakari
Pinne neela kannil neeru thulumbum pavadakari (annu ninte)

Annu ninte manasilee malarambilla
Kanmunayil innu kanum kavithayilla
Pallikooda muttathulla mallika poo maram chayum
Padam nokki padikkunna pavadakari
Kandal pari pari parannu pokum pavadakari (annu ninte).

At that time, your dimple chin wasnot much bright,
At that time your cheeks were not much red,
You had not know how to put a spot in your forehead
How to darken your eyes..
You were a silly teenage girl of sixteen then.

At that time, the swan of golden dream
Had not entered in to the flowerylakes in your eyes..
whenever I refused to join you to sing,
Whenever I refused to pluck flowersfor you,
your milky white sweet smile used to fade

And your blue eyes would became tearful,
You were just a sillygirl...
( At that time)

At that time you lacked this cupids arrow,
Which you carry in your heartnowadays..At that time you lacked this poetry,Which you carry in your eyesnowadays..You used to learn, watching theflowery treeWhich was bent towards the paddyfield.
when you see somebody watching you,

You used to fly away.....
(At that time)

Thissong is highly metaphoric, and presents multiple layers of meaning. The lady ofthe song is not an ordinary woman, she belongs to the aristocratic class. Thelyrics reflect all the elite and elegant qualities of her. The song alsoincludes some of the mythological figures likeCupid, *Artemis (Greek Goddess of Virginity) etc.
Chandana lepa sugandham choodiyatharo
Katto kaminiyo
Mai varnna petti thurannu koduthath
Yauvanamo rithu devathayo
Yauvanamo rithu devathayo
Chenkadali malar chundilinnarkku nee
Kumkuma ragam karuthi vachu
Thozhuthu madangumbol
Koovala poomizhi mattethu devane thedi vannu
Marani kacha kavarnno
Kattu nin anga paragam nukarnno

Malleesaayakan thannaycho ninte
Angopanka vibhooshanagnal
Pookkila njori vachuduthu nin yauvvanam
Puthari ankam kurikkayayo
Ponnaranjanam ulanjo
Muthadarnee nagha kaanthi kavarnno
Who carries the fragrance of sandal cream;Wind,or my beloved?Who opens themulti-coloured box of your body;Youthfulness, or Artemis*?(who carries..)
For whom did you preserve,The saffron colour of your rosy lips?For which deity, did your dark blue eyes await,On your way back from the temple?Wind stole your upper-clothes andEnjoyed the fragrance of your body(who carries..)Has Cupid given youprecious ornamentsTo decorate your body parts?Is your youthfulness, in full glory,Getting ready for the first encounter?The golden waist-chain of yourswas broken, shedding pearls,which stole the beauty ofyour lovely nails(who carries..)13. Name of trainee : CLINT JERRYFILM :KADATHANAATTUMAKKAMMUSIC :DEVARAJANLYRICS :P.BHASKARANThis song is yet another magicalcomposition of Vayalar-Devarajan team, in which we can see the aesthetic blend of romance and dismay. The lover ispining for the company of his lady, he sings of her, and through his song heinvites her to join him
Ilavannurmadathile ina kuyilemaaril kalabhakoottaninju kondurakkamaayo..virahathinchoodungo viyarppundoninne veeshuvaanmeda kaatin vishariyundo (ilavannur)
kali vallamkettiyittu puzhkadavil njaanmalarani vaakachottil mayangumbolkanavintevellitheril vannille snehakalivaakkuparanjenne kshanichille kshanichille(ilavannur)
Pathinanjaamraavile paalaazhi thiramaalapadakaalimutathethi vilikkunnupuliyila karamunduputhachaatte nintesakhimaareyunarthaathevannaatte vannaatte(ilavannur)
Oh,sweet lovely cuckoo of Ilavannoor AshramHaveyou slept after pouring sandal paste on your bosom?Doyou feel the heat of bereavement?Areyou sweating?Isthere Monsoon wind to refresh you?
WhenI was sleeping under the shadow of the Vaka treeAftertying my boat on the river side,Youcame in my dream Andinvited me with teasing wordsDidntyou?
Onthe fifteenth night of full moon,Wavesof the milky-sea have come to your courtyardToinvite you. Come on my dear..Wearingthe traditional attire,Withoutawakening your sleeping maids..

14.Name of trainee: HANNAH MATHEW
Thissong includes several traditional imagery related to Hindu Mythology andculture. A chaste and beautiful maiden is the centre of this song- her uniquequalities are depicted through intensely suggestive words.
Swarnna thamarayithalil urangum Kanva Thapovana kanyake
Arude anuraga mallika nee
Arude swayam vara kanyaka nee

Choodatha navarthna mani pole
Chumbana mariyatha poo pole
Nullatha thalir pole
Meettatha shruthi pole
Nukaratha madhu pole ninnu nee
Nukaratha madhu pole (swarnna thamara)
Kalil dharbha muna konditto
Maril pushpa sharam konditto
Alli poonthalir nanichu ninnu nee
Arayanna pida pole
Ninnu nee arayanna pida pole (swarnna

Sleepingon a petal of golden lotus,
Hey! young lady of kanva tapovana,
Whose lovable jasmin are you?
Whose young bride are you? (2)

You stood,
Like honey-never tasted,
Stem -now budding,
Rhythm-never composed,
Precious gem-never worn,
Like a flower- never kissed..

Sleeping on a petal,
Of golden lotus,
Hey! Young lady of kanva tapovana,
Whose lovable jasmin are you?
Whose young bride are you?

what made you stand with coyness,
Under the shadow of Alli tree,
Like a beautiful female swan?
Did the sharp darbha grass pierce your legs,
Or the arrows of Cupid hit your chest?

Sleeping on a petal,
Of golden lotus,
Hey! Young lady of kanva tapovana,
Whose lovable jasmin are you?
Whose young bride are you?

15.Name of trainee : SILPA MOHAN
This is an extremely popular song, full of energy and feeling.The writer dissects the emotional and physical side of sex intelligently anderotically. Throughout the song an intense and passionate emotion is conveyed.
Unmaadatenalakal chundilaninjavale
Raagam neeyallo thaalam neeyallo
Ennathma sangeetha shilpam neeyallo [Ullasa]
Vaa malayajasurabhila pulakithanimishamithe
Nee thaa manasija madukana manupamarathilathike [2]
Yekanthaswapnathin threri vaa
En manassin paanapaathram nee nukaraan vaa
Nin ponchiri then manjari
Va va va sakhi vaa [Ullasa]
Nee asulabha madhumaya nava mrithu kusumadalam
Ee njaan anudinamathiloru sahridaya mani shalabham[2]
Suravaahini sughadaayini
Aarorum choodatha poove nee vaa
Poothunilkum ponkinavin nandanathil vaa
Nin neelmizhi vintharamaayi
Va va va sakhi vaa [Ullasa]
Oh! My darling, youreyes twinkle with the light of joy.Oh! Girl your lips bearthe waves of ecstasy,You are the melody, youare the rhythm,You are the musicalstatue of my soul.
You come to me mysweetheart,in this rarest moment ofecstasy,when the wind spreadsthe fragrance of sandalwood..Give me the moon-lithoney drop,Oh! Unique tendril oflust!Oh! Carrier ofhoney! Epitome of beauty!Come to me,in a chariotof lonely dream,And drink from thevessel of my mind.
You are the new, softpetal Of a rarest honey-filledflower.In that I am a sensiblebutterfly everyday..Oh! Carrier of Manna,who always gives pleasure!Come, myever-embellished flower,Whose blue eyes mirrorthe stars in the sky.Come to my bloomingpleasure-garden of golden dreams.


The lover praises the eternal andimmortal qualities of love and beauty. He compares her lady to a musk-deer, abeautiful stream, a glowing lamp, and toa mythological figure- Damayanthi. Thus, beauty and purity are the mainconcerns.
Kalpantha kalatholam kathare neeyen munnil
Kalhara haravumay nilkkum..
Kalpantha kalatholam kathare neeyen munnil
Kalhara haravumay nilkkum..
Kalyanaroopanakum kannante karaline
Kavarnna radhikayeppole..
Kavarnna radhikayeppole..(Kalpantha)

Kannatachalumente kanmunnilozhukunna
Kalloliniyallo nee...(Kannatachalumente)
Kanmadappoovitarnnal Kalivirunnorukkunna
Kasthurimanallo nee...
Kasthurimanallo nee...(Kalpantha)

Karppoorameriyunna kathirmandapathile
Karthika vilakkanu nee...(Karppoora)
Kadanakavyam pole kaliyarangil kanda
Kathirmayi damayanthi nee..
Kathirmayi damayanthi nee..(Kalpantha)

Oh, my coy darling,You will stand in frontof me,Untilthe end of this world,With a garland of lotus.Like Radhika-who stolethe heart of Lord Krishna. (Oh,my ..)
Even after I close myeyes,You will appear beforemeAnd flow like a stream..You are my musk-deer,Who prepares a feast,When the rock-flower blooms.. (Ohmy..)
You are the glowing lamp of Pleiad fest,Placed in a decorateddais for wedding,Where camphor lightsburnLike a parody of misery, I saw you in thestage,There you become thedramatic heroine -Damayathi..(Oh my)
This song directs us to the joy,ecstasy, and excitement of romantic love-affairs. Some of the subtle and funny aspects of love-makingare presented through a fresh point of view. The joyous mood of enjoymentis clearly conveyed.
Mohamkondal innethu pennum poochaye pole
Pathiye pathiye athu paal pathram kudich vattikkum (2)
Mizhikalil naanam mozhikalil naanam
ithakave naanam
Ante nadayilum naanam nilayilum naanam
ithadimudiyoru naanam
Pani neer nilaavin poomazha
Anuraagalola yaamini
Ithu hridayam nirayum nimisham
(Moham kondal.)
Njan illa illa illa ennoru naatyam kaanikkum
Ini koode poru poru nee ennishtam bhaavikkum
Nee ente kinavennente kurumbenn ennellam konjikkum
Oli koodi koodi koodittavale koode nadathikkum
Madhuram thiru madhuram pola
Madhuvudhuvith madhuram pola
Onniniyoru kaalam paadam njan
Ee hridayam nirayum daaham
(Moham kondal..)

Njan ellam ellam ellam ennoru thonnal thonnikkum
Njan pora pora pora ennoru poothiri kathikkum
Nee ennaval ennum nallaval ennum punnaram chollum
Avan avalod avalod avalodaliyum sneha nilaavakum

Evide nee evide karale
Nee eviden kavithe parayu
Nee ezhuthiya gaanam paadamo
Nin hridayam kaviyum gaanam
Moham kondal innethoraalum poochaye pole
Pathiye pathiye athu paal pathram kudich vattikkum
Pani neer nilaavin poomazha
Anuraagalola yaamini
Ithu hridayam nirayum nimisham
(Moham kondal..)
When desire strikes, every girl is like a cat
It will empty the milk tumbler slowly(2)
there is coyness in her bashful eyes,
In her timid words
in every footstep she makes..
In every posture shetakes..There is coyness all around her
There is a shower of rose waterin this moonlit night
And the night is filled with romance
It's the moment that fills our heart (When desire)

She will pretend, Nay, I wont,
She will fondly feign, Come with me,
she will pamper, You are my dream, my naughty darling,
And her craving will makeher walk beside him ..
Honeymoon days are sweet, sweet likemanna,
I'll sing a song now that fills my heart
(When desire)

she will feel that he is her world,He will pamper her by saying You are mine ..you are the bestHe'll become the moonlight of love that dissolves in her
Where are you, my dear.. my sweet melody..
Can you sing it for me, the song that fills your heart
(When desire)
18. Name of trainee : NAYANANARAYANANFilm :INAPRAVUKALMusic :DAKSHINAMOORTHYLyrics :VAYALARThe lover merrily addresses hislady-love, comparing her to a black-bird, which sings beautifully. The bird isdescribed as the Princess of Crows, which indicates the Cuckoo. Hepassionately tells the bird to adorn herself to join her Groom in the wedding pavilion.
Kakka thamburatti karutha manavatti 
KoodevidekoodevideKootin inayallekonchum mozhiyalleKoode varu koodevaru
Vellaramkunnirangi vannatteNinte pullankuzhalenikk thannatteKattarin kadavathukannadi kadavath Kalivachu pattupadi parannatte (kakka thamburatti)
Puthan pudavanjoriunjatteKathil mukkootikammal eduthanijatteKalli penne nintekannadi cherukkanteKalyana panthalilvannirunnatte (kakkathamburatti)
OhPrincess of Crows, Oh Black Bride,Whereis your nest? Where is your nest?Ohdear, with a coquettish voice,Whereis your mate?comewith me, dear, come with me(Oh Princess..)

Cometo me, ascending the white-stoned hill,Andgive me your flute..Fly,singing your boat-song,Inthe banks of the mirror like stream,,(Oh Princess..)
Oh,naughty girl,Wearnew attire, and cute earrings..Comeand sit beside your groom,Nearthe decorated wedding dais.. (OhPrincess..)
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