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Overview Review Traffic Revenue SEOHosting Registration Security Technical Relatedcashkaro.comFree website and domain report on cashkaro.comLast Updated: 17th February, 2021Update NowOverviewSnoop Summary for cashkaro.comThis is a free and comprehensive report about The domain is currently hosted on a server located in United States with the IP address, where the local currency is USD and English is the local language. Our records indicate that is owned/operated by Pouring Pounds Ltd. is expected to earn an estimated $921 USD per day from advertising revenue. The sale of would possibly be worth $672,548 USD. This figure is based on the daily revenue potential of the website over a 24 month period. is insanely popular with an estimated 146,820 daily unique visitors. This report was last updated 17th February, 2021.About cashkaro.comSite Preview: Title:Best Coupons, Offers, Promo Codes z-index:0;display:inline-block;padding:0;min-height:250px;min-width:290px class=ezoic-ad>TrafficVisitorsDaily Visitors (Unique):146,820Monthly Visitors (Unique):4,468,738Yearly Visitors (Unique):53,589,300Note: All visitors figures are estimates.Visitors By CountryRevenueRevenueDaily Revenue:$921 USDMonthly Revenue:$28,041 USDYearly Revenue:$336,269 USDNote: All revenue figures are estimates.Revenue By CountrySEOBacklinks Analysis (SEMrush)Backlinks:618,025Referring Domains:5,603Referring IPs:6,584View Backlinks at has 618,025 backlinks according to SEMrush. 78% of these backlinks are "dofollow" (follow) links which allow the flow of link equity to pass through, which may improve's search engine rankings. Other links are treated as 'hints' by search engines and may also pass link equity, depending on what search engines decide in each case.100% of's backlinks are text and image links, which are ideal for SEO. Other backlink types may be unrecognized or ignored by search engines.Top New Follow Links1Source: all links at SEMrushTop Ranking Keywords (US)1Keyword: cashkaroRanked Page: indian beard stylesRanked Page: jp comRanked Page: beard styles 2019Ranked Page: olive oil for beardRanked Page: all keywords at SEMrushDomain AnalysisValueLengthDomain:cashkaro.com12Domain Name:cashkaro8Extension (TLD):com3Expiry Check: Page Speed AnalysisAverage Load Time:1.40 secondsLoad Time Comparison:Faster than 65% of sitesPageSpeed InsightsDesktopMobileAvg. (All Categories) 61 Performance 61 Accessibility 60 Best Practices 64 SEO 92 Progressive Web App 26 0–49 (Fail) 50–89 (Average) 90–100 (Pass) URL: 17th February, 2021

1.26 secondsFirst Contentful Paint (FCP) 68%25%7%

0.01 secondsFirst Input Delay (FID) 95%2%3%

Simulate loading on desktop 61 PerformanceIndicates how well the page is performing and highlights opportunities where performance may be improved for This includes details about optimizing page load times which can result in a better user experience.Passing (36)Average (9)Failing (9)Opportunities Eliminate render-blocking resources
Resources, such as JavaScript and style sheets, can block the first paint of the page. should consider delivering critical JavaScript/style sheets (JS/CSS) inline and deferring all non-critical JS/CSS. Properly size images — Potential savings of 7 KiB
Images can slow down the page's load time. should consider serving more appropriate-sized images.URLResource Size (Bytes)Potential Savings (Bytes) Details Defer offscreen images — Potential savings of 152 KiB
Time to Interactive can be slowed down by resources on the page. should consider lazy-loading offscreen and hidden images.URLResource Size (Bytes)Potential Savings (Bytes) Details Minify CSS
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files can contribute to network payload sizes. should consider minifying CSS files. Minify JavaScript — Potential savings of 43 KiB
JavaScript (JS) files can contribute to network payload sizes and increase script parse times. should consider minifying JS files.URLTransfer Size (Bytes)Potential Savings (Bytes) Details Remove unused CSS — Potential savings of 54 KiB
Dead and/or unused rules in Style Sheets (CSS) can contribute to network payload sizes. should consider removing dead rules from style sheets and deferring the loading of CSS not used for above-the-fold content.URLTransfer Size (Bytes)Potential Savings (Bytes){ width:100%; height:250px; overflow:hidden; } ...1664615761@import url(//,400,700,900); *{ margin:0; padding:0; ... } ...1668613633Show Details Efficiently encode images — Potential savings of 62 KiB
Unoptimized images can consume more cellular data than what is necessary.URLResource Size (Bytes)Potential Savings (Bytes) Details Serve images in next-gen formats — Potential savings of 127 KiB
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Resource hints, such as 'preconnect' or 'dns-prefetch', may assist in establishing early connections to important third-party origins. Initial server response time was short — Root document took 160 ms
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Key requests can be preloaded by using 'link rel=preload>'. should consider using 'link rel=preload>' to prioritize fetching resources that are currently requested later in page load. Use video formats for animated content
Large GIFs are inefficient for delivering animated content. It is recommended to use MPEG4/WebM videos for animations and PNG/WebP for static images instead of GIF. Remove duplicate modules in JavaScript bundles
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Pages that refresh automatically cause a poor user experience as focus is directed back to the top of the page unexpectedly.Audio and video `video>` elements contain a `track>` element with `[kind="captions"]` may provide assistance to deaf or hearing-impaired users with captions on videos. `video>` elements contain a `track>` element with `[kind="description"]` may provide relevant information that dialogue cannot, by using audio descriptions.ARIA `[aria-*]` attributes do not match their roles
Avoid mismatching 'aria-*' attributes and their 'role' value, as it invalidates the attribute.Failing Elements


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