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Free Web Hosting and Cheap Web HostingFree and budget web hosts where you can place your website, blog, software, video, music, etc.Free PHP Scripts ||Free Perl CGI Scripts ||Free ASP ScriptsFree programs that allow you to add a wide variety of facilities to your website, including forums, polls, counters, search engines,blogs, wikis, photo galleries, etc.Free Remote Script HostingFree services that allow you to set up a forum, feedback form, search engine, poll, guestbook, counter, gather web statistics, etc, when yourweb host does not support scripts.Free Webmaster Tutorials and ArticlesTutorials on running your own website, earning income from your site, writing your own PHP scripts,starting a newsletter, search engine positioning, web design, usability, etc.Other Free Webmaster ResourcesOther useful and free webmaster resources that don't fit into the above categories, such as WYSIWYG HTML editors,validators, DNS, FTP, SSH, and so on.Free Security, Privacy andAnonymity Tools and ResourcesTools to safeguard your computer (such as antivirus, anti-spyware) and data (backup, recover lost data) as well as to ensure your privacy (egencryption, anonymous surfing).Free System UtilitiesFree utilities to recover your data, create or manage your partitions, image or backup, and lots more.Free Multimedia UtilitiesFree multimedia tools to edit, capture, process your audio and video, rip your CDs/DVDs, record your TV programs, author your own DVDs or movies, etc.Free Office and Productivity ApplicationsFree applications and tools such as word processors, spreadsheets and office suites, image and photo editing software,free fonts, free translation software and so on.Tofrodos: Unix to Windows/DOS Conversion UtilityConvert text files to/from Unix and MSDOS/Windows file formats. Free with source code.What's NewStay Updated (Free)Keep track of what's new on with your news readerby pointing it's news feed.Note: for historical reasons, this What's New column (but not the news feed) also includes information's news feedand's news feed.If you are developing a DirectX 12 game on Windows, take a look at the newest program to be added to theFree Debuggers and Bug Trackerspage. This one is from Microsoft, and is both a debugging and profiling/performance tuning tool.Updated:The Feedback Form Wizardhas been updated to include an additional CAPTCHA option. This one is not only free, it apparentlyeven pays you when your visitors solve the CAPTCHA challenges. For those wondering, CAPTCHAs are those"I am not a robot" or "I am human" checkboxes on forms, used to make sure that a human is at the helm,and not some spam robot.Updated:How to Add a CAPTCHA Test to Your Feedback Form Script: Reducing Spam in Your Contact Form.The article on how to add a CAPTCHA to your contact form has been updated to include informationon how you can use the newest CAPTCHA option (the one that potentially pays you for using them) of theFeedback Form Wizard.A new program has been added to theFree Static Code Analyzers (Lint)page. Such tools scan the source code for your program, looking for potential bugs and vulnerabilities (even beforeyou compile and test it). The latest addition can handle programs written inJava, JavaScript, C#, TypeScript, Kotlin, Ruby, Go, Scala, Flex, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML and VB.NET.(If you use a different language, such as C, C++, Fortran, there are other tools listed on that page that canscan those too.)A program that lets you create 2D animation and other artwork has been added to theFree Drawing and Painting Software,Image and Photo Editing Programs page. This one works on Windows, macOS and Linux.New page:How to Change the Colour (Color) of Links on a Website with Expression Web.This article deals with how to change the colour of the links on a web page using the free Microsoft Expression Webeditor. It also addresses how you can change the colour of a link that has been clicked, as well as its colourwhen a mouse pointer is hovering over it.If you are frustrated with how clumsy it is to work with Windows Explorer, when you want to copy or move files betweentwo folders, you may want to use one of these new additions to theFree File Managers andGraphical Shells page. One of them makes multi-panel (dual-panel or four-panel) Windows Explorer windows,and the other creates tabbed Explorer windows. And yes, you read that right. They actually reuse WindowsExplorer for the actual windows.New page:How to Get the Hash (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512) of a File on Windows Without Installing Anything.Sometimes, when you download a file, the website you get it from also lists its MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512hashes, so that you can verify that the file you obtained has not been tampered with or corrupted in transit. Thisarticle shows you how you can check those hashes using Windows' built-in programs.Another program has been added to theFree Video Editors page.If you are looking for software to process your video file, whether to do something simple like split it intosmaller segments or extract a scene, or something more elaborate like add special effects, watermarks, image overlays,and so on, take a look at the manyfree programsavailable here.Another web conferencing computer program has been added to theFreeVideo Conferencing Software page. This one was originally designed by Microsoft for academic learning andcollaboration, but has since been released as open source software.Bored? A new program has been added to theFree Android Emulatorspage. Android emulators let you play Android games (and potentially also run other types of Android apps) onyour computer.New page:How to Change the Colour (Color) of Links on a Web Page with BlueGriffon.There may be times you need to change the default colour of a link on your web page, for example, becausethe background colour clashes with it or renders it nearly invisible. This article shows you how to do it usingthe free BlueGriffon web editor.A new service has been added to theFree File Sharing and Storagepage. This one seems to have been around for quite some time and offers up to 10 GB space for files that youwant to share with others, or just to back up on the cloud.A new interpreter has been added to theFree APL Compilers and Interpreterspage. APL is a high level programming language used in a wide variety of fields, including scientific programs,financial software, robotics, neural networks, computer animation, etc.New page:Why Can't I Make Up Any Domain I Want? Is There a Way to Do Away with a Registrar Altogether?I was asked by a visitor why he couldn't dispense with a registrar and just make up any domain name he wanted.You may be surprised to hear that you can actually do that. But it won't do you any good.New page:How to Prevent Two or More Words from Being Split into Separate Lines (HTML/CSS).Sometimes you may want to keep a group of words on a web page together on a single line, rather than allowing theweb browser to break them up and placed on separate lines if there's no space. This article shows you the HTML and CSSto accomplish this.Two more emulators have been added to theFree Amiga Emulators page.One of them runs in a modern web browser (which means it can work on Windows, macOS, Linux, etc), andthe other works on the Playstation Portable (PSP). (For those wondering, Amiga emulators are softwarethat allow you to run Amiga programs and games on your modern computers, by mimicking the original Amigacomputers.)Another C compiler has been added to theFree C/C++ Compilers and Interpreterspage. There are now about 32 C or C++ compilers on that page, and that's not even counting theones listedseparately for microcontrollers, PDAs, calculators and embedded systems. For those who don't know whatthese are, loosely speaking, C and C++ compilers let you create your own computer programs.New page:How to Add an Audio or Music File to a Web Page with BlueGriffon.BlueGriffon has built-in facilities for you to insert an audio clip or music file into your web page.This article shows you how to use it.GW-BASIC has been released as open source by Microsoft, and thus has been added to theFree BASIC Compilers and Interpreterspage. For those not familiar with this program, it is a BASIC interpreter that was bundled with MS-DOS forumpteen years, and many people learnt("learned")to write computer programs in those days by experimenting with it.New page:How to Draw a Rectangular Box Around Your Content in BlueGriffon.This article deals with how to use the BlueGriffon web editor to draw lines around text and/or images on a webpage, so as to put them into a box, setting them apart from their surrounding content.Another free service has been added to theFreeSource Code Hosting Services page. This one not only allows you to host software projects,but you can also use it to createwebsites containing free content on any subject. You can useyour own domain namefor the site, or the free web address they provide.New page:How to Insert a Bullet Point (Unordered) List with BlueGriffon.This article shows you how to insert a bullet point list (where each item on the list is marked with a solid black circlerather than numbered) into a web page using the BlueGriffon web editor.New page:Free Video Conferencing Software.If you are looking for video conferencing software, either to conduct virtual meetings, online courses, oreven just to collaborate on a project or document, take a look at these free open source software. With these,you don't have to rely on third-party online services over which you have little or no control.New page:How to Start a List with a Number Other than 1 and Still Have it Automatically Numbered (HTML).What happens if you want to create a list of items, but don't want to start counting from 1 (eg, you wantthe list to start from item 4)? This article shows you how to do it, and still use the HTML ability to automaticallynumber the list, and keep the numbers up-to-date even when you add items to (or delete them from) the middle.Two new programs have been added to theFree File Synchronization Softwarepage. One of them can even back up across a local network and the Internet. As everyone who has worked on a computerfor some time knows, it is very important to back up (at the very least) your data onto a separate device on aregular basis, since computers can fail at unexpected times. Software like these are used to automaticallymirror the data on your main computer with your backup drive or system, so that it is kept up to date.Note: if you want to back up an entire computer, and not just your data, please see theFree Hard Disk Backup and Restore,Hard Disk Image and Cloning Utilities page instead.New page:How to Insert a List that Automatically Numbers/Renumbers Itself with BlueGriffon.This article shows you how to add a list to your web page that automatically numbers itself. This way,you don't have to go through the whole list to renumber everything when you add to the middle of thelist or when you delete items from it.A new SQL database server has been added to theFree Database Libraries and SQL Serverspage. This one is column-oriented, potentially increasing its performance (over the usual row-oriented databasemanagement systems).New page:What to do if a registrar quotes an exorbitant price for a domain.One of my visitors told me that a domainname registrar quoted a "ridiculous price" for a domain he wanted, and asked if there was any way around it.This article answers that question.A Python compiler has been added to theFree Python Compilers and Interpreterspage. This one works on Windows, macOS and Linux, and can generate standalone binary distribution packages foryour program.New page:How to Rotate an Image on a Website When Viewed on a Mobile Phone (CSS).In response to a visitor's query, this article deals with how you can turn an image on its sidewhen a web page is viewed on a mobile phone.Another PHP script that can generate CAPTCHA images has been added to theFree PHP CAPTCHA Scripts page.Such scripts are meant to be used in conjunction with forms on your website to cut down the amount of spamdumped into them. (For those who don't really knowhow to write PHP programs,or can't be bothered to write your own script, one quick and simple way is togenerate a contact form,complete with CAPTCHA integrated using theFeedback Form Wizard.It's free too.)A new compiler has been added to theFree PHP Compilers page.This one can compile PHP 7.1 code into a .NET program that can run on Windows, macOS and Linux systems.It is useful if you want to write computer programs in PHP and distribute them in executable formto others.New page:How to Stretch a Background Image to Fill an Entire Web Page (or Column) in BlueGriffon.This article deals with how you can use BlueGriffon to stretch a picture that is used as the backdropof a web page, so that it fills the entire page, column or section.A new site has been added to theFree Royalty-Free Stock Photospage. This one provides both free photos and videos which you can use without paying royalties onyour own website,presentations, etc.New page:How to Change the Message Shown Before the Comments Field in WordPress.If you run a WordPress blog, and want to customize the message that is shown in the "Leave a Reply" section ofyour post (where you visitors enter their comments), this article shows you how, using a method that will allowyour changes to persist even when your theme files auto-update.

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