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SHEESELF-DEPLOYABLE HABITAT FOR EXTREME ENVIRONMENTSCHECK THE DEPLOYMENT AND TESTING OF UNIQUE EU HABITAT MODULEread articleHalley VI Antarctic Research StationHalley VI is the world’s first fully relocatable Polar research station, and was designed to provide a home from home for scientists working in one of the most extreme environments on earth.Read MoreGLOBAL MOON VILLAGEGLOBAL MOON VILLAGE VISION 2020 BY XTENDTO INSPIRE NATIONS AND PRIVATE ACTORS TO COLLABORATEread articleMARS ICE HOUSE1st Place NASA 3D Printed Habitat Centennial Challenge Phase 1read articleMoving to Mars Exhibition, Design Museum LondonFull scale analog Mars Habitat as the main feature of the exhibitionRead MoreMars x house v2MARS X-HOUSE is the first place winner in 100% Virtual Design within NASA’s Phase 3 3D-Printed Habitat ChallengeRead moreREGOLIGHTSintering Regolith with Solar Light,innovative Horizon 2020 projectRead moreMARS ICE HOMEMars Ice Home is a feasibility study conducted at NASA Langley Research Center by SEArch+ and CloudsAORead moreEDEN ISS GREENHOUSE STAYS LONGER IN ANTARCTICread moreLunar Gateway stationRead moreEDEN ISS Space greenhouseInnovative concept of self-deployable space greenhouseread articleMARS X HOUSE V1READ MOREdeployable modular frameread more3D Printed Mars HabitatThe Hassell and Eckersley O’Callaghan (EOC) design for a human habitation on Mars for the 3rd phase of NASA’s Centennial ChallengeRead MoreVariable Gravity Space Station Prototype and TestbedRead MorePreviousNext12345678910111213141516Welcome to SpaceArchitect.orgby Space Architecture Technical Committee provides an inclusive global network that promotes research and dialogue about human living in space: Space Architecture. maintains a bibliography and open archive of space-architecture papers and articles here; maintains the online brochure “How to become a Space Architect?“, a first-line FAQ for those interested in the field; and organizes periodic space architecture symposia to bring students and enthusiasts together with professionals. Stay current and like us on Facebook.SATC (Space Architecture Technical Committee) is a professional organization. Comprising an international network of professionals, it is one of many AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) technical committees. It promotes development of the professional field of space architecture, including practice standards and other interfaces between aerospace engineering, architecture and industrial design disciplines. Members are formally nominated and accepted, and must be current members of the and SATC partner each year to organize sessions about space architecture at three major professional conferences:International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES) AIAA Space ForumInternational Astronautical Congress (IAC)Space Architecture is the theory and practice of designing and building inhabited environments in outer space (it encompasses architectural design of living and working environments in space related facilities, habitats, and vehicles). These environments include, but are not limited to: space vehicles, stations, habitats and lunar, planetary bases and infrastructures; and earth based control, experiment, launch, logistics, payload, simulation and test facilities. Earth analogs to space applications may include Antarctic, airborne, desert, high altitude, underground, undersea environments and closed ecological systems. Designing these forms of architecture presents a particular challenge to ensure and support safety, sustainability, habitability, reliability, and crew efficiency, productivity and comfort in the context of extreme environments.(For a more detailed set of definitions and guiding principles about space architecture please refer to the “Millennium Charter manifesto” on the website.)Whether you are an architect or industrial designer working in aerospace and seeking information, a student looking for inspiration and ideas or someone just wanting to find out more about the activities of or the SATC, we invite you to explore this website. You are welcome to contact us with any questions. SpaceArchitectSpaceArchitect Space Exploration Architecture is partnering with ICON and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center to launch Project Olympus. ICON has engaged both SEArch+ and BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group for the project. ICON, developer of advanced construction technologies including robotics, software, and building materials, has begun research and development of a space-based construction system that could support future exploration of the Moon. Project Olympus aspires to introduce a single construction system for the development of Lunar surface infrastructure and eventually habitats.NASA Looks to Advance Large-Scale 3D Printing for the Moon and MarsThe agency is investing in advanced manufacturing – one of five industries of the future to enable space exploration and improve life on Earth – including technologies that could find and use available resources on the Moon and Mars to build out future 8 View on FacebookSpaceArchitect finally 4G cellular communication network access on the moon! we are coming now ;)via M.Cohen funds Nokia plan to provide cellular service on moonNASA will fund a project by Nokia to build a 4G cellular communication network on the moon with $14.1 million, the space agency announced 6 View on FacebookSpaceArchitect Are astronauts worth tens of billions of dollars in extra costs to go to Mars? astronauts worth tens of billions of dollars in extra costs to go to Mars?As commercial spaceflight companies lower the cost of reaching space, nations can launch more missions. But while astronauts are great for whipping up enthusiasm, is a manned mission worth the cost? 4 3 View on FacebookSpaceArchitect NASA's 16 women astronauts -- at least one likely to walk on moonAt the end of the article a nice photo collection of the women in the NASA astronaut corps U.S. robotic moon lander since Apollo era planned for mid-2021A private company handling NASA's long-awaited return to the moon's surface in 2021 said its robotic Peregrine lander is on track to launch next 5 View on FacebookSpaceArchitect shared via Marc CohenPunk music fan brings flowers into space - documentaryThe Japanese Artist Who Sends His Work to SpaceIn “Flower Punk,” Azuma Makoto uses plants to create stunning sculptures that connect humanity and 5 View on FacebookSpaceArchitect Join our SPACEARCHITECTURE session! Accepting Abstracts NOW thru 16 November 2020 for the "REBOOT" of the 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES 2021).Hosted in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal. Go to for all the details! 1 View on Facebook

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