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Still under development. The complete set ofdocuments is available now, hereon-line, freely. With the main core done,there's the other 400 or so to do ... Please note that these documents are theEnglish versions. A committee was struck years ago to have them translated into an official French version for enactment, but to the best of my knowledge, it just handed in its report in 1993 and there has been nothing produced yet that is 'authorative.' For more details on this, refer to section 55of the Constitution Act,1982. If anyone has any information to the contrary, please send info along, thank you. If anyone has something to contribute to this archive, like historicallegal documents relating to the evolution of Canada, feel free to drop mea note.Statutes of CanadaAs related to the Constitution Acts, 1867 - 2001Don't get too excited, there's only a few Acts on-line, undersections C, I, Y and J. These are the Acts mentioned in thefootnotes to the Consolidation of the Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982.Note that this section is complete insofar as referencesby the Consolidation of the Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982, are concerned.In addition to the subject-specific versions, there's also an index to allthe Statutes of Canada online, despite the sorry state of organisation.As related to Canada in GeneralYou may try Canada's Department of Justice Web server for an almostcomplete selection of Acts in force today. Generally speaking, these arethe Acts that one finds in the Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, but areupdated to include recent changes.To get a full sense of which laws are really enacted now, and to findwhich Ministers of the Crown are responsible (i.e., which Minister in thegovernment is responsible for the law in question), you have to consultthe Table of Public Statutes, available through the above site.New: The CanadaGazette, Parts I through III are now available at the Ministry ofPublic Works and Government Services web site. The Canada Gazette, amongother things, publishes notices of new laws, orders-in-council, andconstitutional amendments.Canadian Aboriginal TreatiesWell....just a couple.Specifically Treaty Numbers 2, 8 and one of the Robinson Treaties.The Department of Indian and Northern Affairs has nowpublished all the old treaties at their siteSupreme Court of Canada Rulings You can find all rulingsdating back to the beginning of 1983. Hopefully, the archive will expand to include the older rulings as well. Constituci n de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos y LeyesMany new changes have come with the arrival of the Mexican FederalCongress to the Internet. Here's an updated list of highlights on what'savailable:The Constitutionof Mexico. In HTML and Acrobat PDFformats. Current to March 20, 1997.Reforms of the Constitution ,covering every change made since 1917, or since the law in questionwas first promulgated, provided by the H. Congreso de laUni n (Federal Congress).More importantlyare the laws themselves,all current. They too are available in PDF or Microsoft WordElCodigo Civil de M xico (The Civil Code). An oldcopy, plus the newest one, current to October 31, 1997.El Diario Oficial dela Federaci n. This is roughly the Mexican equivalent to PartIII of the Canada Gazette, which announces, among other things, thepassing of legislation or decrees (orders-in-council) into law and otherreports as prescribed by law.The InfoJusWWW (Instituto deInvestigaciones Jur dicas, Universidad Nacional Aut noma deM xico) server is now providing all the constitutionsof the country's states, including the federal one, plus all other laws.Here is a great example of a constitutionalact to compare against the Canadian one: Much more is defined in the powers of the Commonwealth of Australia Parliament, duties are morespecifically defined, and they had the common sense to include anamending formula for their constitution in the first place.... The complete Acts ofAustralia, furnished by the Senate of the Parliament of AustraliaInsitituteThe Constitution ofFrance, otherwise known as the Constitution of the Fifth Republic ishere in French. The Constitution of RussiaThe Russian Constitution is here and inRussian. This is the constitution that succeeded the SovietConstitution. To view it, you need Cyrillic fonts, either for Windows orfor X-Windows. This version may be out-of-date.The Constitution of JapanThe Japanese Constitution is available in English or Japanese. Please note, the Japanese version requires a browser capable ofinterpreting and viewing Kanji characters. The Constitution of IrelandThe Irish constitution is reproduced in both Irish Gaelic and in English. The Constitution of the Slovak Republicconstitution of theSlovak Republic is available in English.TreatiesThe GeneralAgreement on Tariffs and Trade is available here, as well asthe North American Free TradeAgreement.Since 2006, the WTO have been making public many more documents via their ever-growing collection. The NAFTA Secretariat has likewise done the same.More Legal pointers?Want some more? There's lots out there listed in my legal resources page, or alternatively, refer to theThe WorldWide Web Virtual Library: Law section of the Virtual Library.Comments?Please send me your comments orsuggestions! I'd love to here from you. Last updated: 1 September, 2011.William F. MatonCopyright (c) 1994-2019 by William F. Maton.Reproduction of any of these documents without permission strictlyprohibited.

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