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A 10 year warranty is Ritchie s way of saying you can believe we built these waterers to last! I once told a rancher that I did not know how I ever got along without the time labor saving devices of a fax machine and a business computer...He said he feltexactly thesame way about his Ritchie Waterers! - G. BeckerLooking For A Dealer? Click MeIf you live in Texas, New Mexico, or Oklahoma I ll show you a list of Ritchie dealers in your area. If you are not in our territory, I can even show you how to find your Ritchie distributor where you live - So Click Me!.Stall Fount Family for Barns StallsWatermatic Units for horses, cattle, sheep goatsEcofount design with poly/stainless hybrid constructionThe New Omni Series - Replaces the old Cattle units made of metal.Welcome to the Ritchie In Texas WebSite!Notice to customers: Our website has the https (secure) feature on only one page...the one whereyou checkout and give us your name, address and credit card information. This saves both of usmoney. And anywhere you see letters printed in blue, these are links. See the website link on theleft for more info.It s All About RitchieFountains Waterers.And For Over 93 years, They have beenBuilt WithAmerican Pride!Ritchiefountains have been manufactured in Conrad, Iowa since 1921. The reputation, dependability and long life of Ritchiewaterers cannot be matched. There are Ritchie products still in service today that were manufactured 30 plus years ago. We hear from happy Ritchie customers everyday who will use no other livestock waterer for their horses, cattle, dairy, sheep, goats, or swine.Relax, Water em Right With Fresh Water for Life Using A Reliable Ritchie Fountain!Ritchiewaterers andRitchie fountains provide yourhorses, cattle, hogs, sheep, and goatswith areliable water source24 hours a day,all year round.You will often hear or read the Ritchie slogans Ritchie waters em right! , or Fresh Water For Life Rest assured you can believe that! And the water will be cool in summer, liquid in winter, and clean healthy always.In the northern part of the country, itisvery importantto keepwater for animals from freezing duringharsh winters. Ritchiewaterers not onlydo agreat job of this but they provide another important needtous in the south...animals drink more, stay well, and benefit greatlyduring scorching hot Texas summers if their wateriscool, clean, fresh and inviting.Horses, cattle, and other livestock livehealthier andlongerif watered withRitchie fountains - it s been proven. Add in thelabor time savings,ease of cleaning, and the dependabilityof a Ritchiewaterer and your daily animal care becomes a pleasure...then YOU willbe healthier and happier too! Ritchie waterers, Ritchiefountains, and Ritchie partsdo all these jobs wonderfully wellwith simplicity and long-lasting trouble free service. Clinton Anderson believesRitchie horsewaterers are the best way to water his horses too!CLICK HERE to listen to Mr. Anderson tell you himself!CLICK HERE to watch a 1-hour video of Clinton touring the factory.The noted horse trainer Clinton Andersonwill tell the folks who attend his training clinics that he has yet to find better horse waterers than those made by Ritchie. You ll see a lot of yellow out thereat his ranch! Mr. Anderson reminds his followers that there is no quicker way to lose a good horse (and all you have invested in it) than by ignoring the healthy feeding and watering it needs and deserves. Clean,cool, fresh, and inviting water in the summer, no ice to break in the winter... for you and your horse, that s living the good life! It is interesting to know that Mr. Anderson could have ANY brand of horse waterer made - HE chooses Ritchie! An important note:Ritchie Industries believes the distributor / dealer relationship is the best way to serveits customers across the United States. For this reason, Ritchieintexas.comonly takes online orders from customers located in ourauthorized geographic territory of Texas, Eastern New Mexico, and Southern Oklahoma (south of I-40).This website exists to inform and serve the retail Ritchie customers who would like to purchase their Ritchie products online. However, in many instances there is a Ritchie dealer near you. It is always best to spend your money locally helping the merchants in your community. To see if there is a dealer close, go to the link above on the left and use thedealer locator.Thanks for visiting Ritchieintexas.comFree UPS ShippingWhen your qualifying Ritchie purchase exceeds $50.00!NOTE: Fountains that do not offer add to cart feature are too big to ship free - please place your order by phone or fax so we can discuss the logistics of delivering your Ritchie waterer.Need Our Phone Numbers? Click MeClick the pictures on both sides of our home page to shop the various fountain families - or explore the Ritchie Groups on top for your needs:WatermasterUnits for feed yard and dairyCattlemaster design with poly/stainless hybrid constructionTheenergy-free reliable ThriftyKing Series - it laughs at the cold!Hog Founts - Poly ThriftyKing Stainless Pork KingDiscontinued Metal Fountains - For Parts Info

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