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Keeping pets and pet owners free of online scams and other dangers is of utmost importance to us. Our safe, gentle and stress-free pet rehoming process ensures your peace of mind while finding the very best home for your cherished companion.

If you are facing the very difficult situation of having to rehome a pet, please reach out to us. We will be happy to speak with you about your situation with empathy, guidance and a solid plan for placing your pet in the most loving home – carefully chosen to provide everything your pet needs.

Whether you need to rehome a dog or cat, we will carefully guide you through the process of pet rehoming with experience, know-how, extreme care, and plenty of compassion.

Call us toll-free at (888) 720-3322 or fill out our rehoming information request form here. We are here for you!

Pets For Private Adoption by Owner

Pet Adoptions Network offers pets for adoption by owner. We unite owners who need to find the best forever home for a cherished dog, cat, puppy or kitten with responsible pet lovers wishing to adopt a pet into their safe, happy and healthy home.

Visit our Private Pet Adoptions page to view all of the preloved dogs, cats, puppies and kittens for adoption to good homes near you. We also offer a pet finding service. Just complete our online waiting list, and our pet adoptions team will reach out to you when we have a match for you.

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Safe and Effective Rehoming Assistance For the Well-Being of Pet and Owner

Pet Adoptions Network is staffed by professionals with decades of experience finding good homes for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.  We can find your pet a home safely, effectively and inexpensively, with the safety and future well-being of your pet and your family first and foremost.

If you are like most pet owners, you are heartbroken to have to face parting with your cherished cat or dog. Unfortunately, life can present obstacles that make keeping your pet all-but impossible.

Circumstances including illness, severe pet allergies, divorce, a long distance move, financial difficulties, a death in the family, an aging parent or increased job demands can make it necessary to find a new home for your pet.

Although it can be very emotionally difficult, finding a great new home where your pet will receive the love, care, attention and exercise they need and deserve can be the kindest thing to do.

Uncertainty can give rise to so much anxiety in pet owners facing such a terrible decision. Our pets are first-hand family members, so it is natural to feel overwhelmed with emotion, worry, guilt and indecision when circumstances make rehoming your only choice.

Our careful and proven private pet rehoming process ensures your pet’s well-being and future welfare, while protecting your privacy and giving you peace of mind throughout this challenging and emotionally difficult process.  Our team has helped bring about so many successful pet adoptions.

Give us a call, and we will guide you through our step by step process. Lets talk about your situation and your feelings, and come up with the best plan of action to ensure that your dog or cat is placed in a home with people who will love and care for them just as much as you do.

Give us a call at (888) 720-3322 (ask for Debbie) to arrange for a no-obligation counseling session at your convenience.

Dealing With Feelings of Guilt When Rehoming Your Pet

Are you feeling guilty thinking about rehoming your cat or dog? We offer empathy – not judgement.

We are here to help you find your pet the very best home, and give you much needed emotional support as you face one of life’s most distressing situations.

We will replace heartache with hope, and worry with peace of mind. We will help turn that guilt into positivity, knowing that you have made your pet’s life better by placing them in a loving home where all of their needs and wants will be met.

Be sure to check out our Pet Rehoming Network Reviews section to learn about the many pets and owners we have helped!

Why Choose Pet Rehoming Network

Pet Rehoming Network is not for people needing to rehome a pet urgently. While we can sometimes locate a home for a pet within a few days to a week, this is not the type of situation for which our service was created.

We offer a premium service that provides you with a team of knowledgeable pet lovers dedicated to finding your pet the best home available. We are for people who want their pet to be placed in the most suitable home, with adopters who have been carefully screened and meet all of their pet’s needs.

We are not like all those “free to post” pet rehoming websites that allow you to post your pet, but leave you to fend for yourself when it comes to selecting, screening and following up with your pet’s adopter.

Many pet owners waste precious time trying out the “free to use” pet rehoming websites, only to find themselves faced with a looming deadline, having found nothing but frustration.

And although these rehoming websites do allow you to post your pet for free, they receive payment in the form of an adoption fee from your pet’s adopter. (if a home is found.)

Your dog or cat is listed among thousands of shelter pets, making your pets finding a home about as likely as finding a needle in a haystack.

If you do receive interest in your pet, potential adopters are not screened, and there is no process in place in the event the adoption does not work out, which happens fairly often.

We feel that our safe, sound and proven pet rehoming process is the best service for owners who want to provide the best possible outcome in finding a new home for their cherished family member.

Our Commitment to You and Your Pet

Pet Adoptions Network provides careful, personal, hands on private pet rehoming services. We have a team of pet marketing specialists spreading the word about your pet’s need for a good home throughout every medium available.

We KNOW just how difficult it is for you to face rehoming your pet, and we are here to support you emotionally while our team members pull out all the stops in finding, screening and presenting you with qualified potential adopters for your pet.

We get to know you and your pet, and offer a shoulder to lean on for emotional support when you need it most. We will work with you to decide what qualities are needed in your pet’s new home. This is so important to ensure that your pet is set up for success.

We work tirelessly on your behalf to locate the right home for your pet, then guide you through the process of gently transitioning your cat or dog into their new home. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions to ensure that the new owners will provide the same level of care that your pet is used to.

Consistency is so important to ensuring that your pet experiences the least amount of stress and anxiety going from your loving arms into the warm and welcoming home that you have carefully chosen for him.

Once your pet is safely in the arms of their new owners, we follow up to ensure your pets’ future well-being and welfare. We will keep you up to date (if desired) on how your pet is adjusting to the new home, and we are there to offer advice and support to your pets new family, when needed.

Pet Rehoming Network Reviews

Kaeli and Alli Rehomed in Seattle!

Debbie from Pet Rehoming Network helped us through a very trying period of our lives. Due to life circumstances, we had to rehome 2 of our family cats who are 14 years of age, after doing much research and calling local services, I was at wits end because it doesn’t seem as though there’s a way to rehome 2 older cats.

Our cats have never been separated so having to rehome 2 cats to the same home was our top priority but we know that’s a tall order. After a couple months, we found the most perfect home within 20 miles from where we live and we couldn’t have asked for a better situation.

This service has alleviated so much pressure, stress, and guilt but in the end it worked out as planned, it just took a little patience. We are extremely grateful and at peace with this decision and can’t wait to visit our girls in their new home.

Thanks again Debbie!!!

Sean and Huong - Owners

senior cat sisters rehomed in seattle

Pet Rehoming Network did a great job rehoming our cat, Panda.

My son developed severe allergies to cat dander and we found ourselves in the terrible situation of having to find her a new home.

We didnt want to risk something happening to Panda, so we were happy to find Debbie and her team.

They went to work right away and were very kind and sensitive to our situation. Debbie helped me a lot in finding the right person to adopt Panda.

She was thorough and did not consider Pandas adoption final until Panda was actually in her new home.

Debbie has already sent an update and some cute photos the new owner took of our sweet Panda.

I would definitely recommend that anyone faced with having to rehome your cat due to allergies go through this amazing rehoming service.

It would be so much harder to go through this process without their help.

You guys are great! Thank you for everything.

Panda just 2 days in her new home so cute! A new home a new window perch!

Owner, Panda - Bicolor Cat Rehomed in Calgary

Why is There a Fee to Rehome My Pet?

Unlike a rescue, Pet Adoptions Network is not a charity. As such, we do not receive donations to assist us with our operating costs. Without charging the client a rehoming fee, our service would not be able to exist, and we would not be able to help pets and their owners.

If an owner does not feel that we should be charging a reasonable services fee up-front to rehome their pet, they have the choice in not using our service. We fully understand that we are not always the right fit for some pet owners.

We cater to owners who care deeply about their dog or cat, and want to ensure that they are placed safely, with a new home carefully chosen to provide everything the pet needs to be safe, happy and healthy for the remaining years of their life.

Each pet rehoming project includes many hours of work done on your behalf by professional writers, SEO experts, Social Media professionals, and compassionate counselors there to give you the emotional support you need. We are here for you and your pet before, during and after a good home is found.

In order to provide this high level of personalized service, we must pay for premium advertising for your pet on adoption websites, social media services, adwords ppc, operating costs, staff (marketing, writers, support staff) and more.

We offer the safest, most convenient and stress free way to rehome a pet that you will find. Our one-time fee is just $150, and our hands-on, kid-gloves approach ensures your privacy and peace of mind, while making sure that you are dealing only with carefully pre-screened adopters that are in the best position to become your pet’s new family.

Once a new home is found, the new owners pay an adoption processing fee. If desired, that fee will be given back to you, to offset the rehoming fee you have paid to us at the start of the process.

What if I Cant Afford the Rehoming Services Fee?

In cases where an owner is facing financial difficulties, is a senior or disabled pet owner, we will provide our services for a commitment donation.

This means that you pay a $35 non-refundable donation up front, and we will collect the balance of our fee from the adopters, once your pet finds a home.

Great Reasons To Choose Our Compassionate Private Pet Rehoming Service It’s SAFE Our dedicated pet rehoming team take great care to ensure that you are matched only with potential pet adopters with a legitimate interest in offering your pet a loving, forever home. Our staff provide FOLLOW-UP We stay in touch with your pet’s new owners for a year, ensuring that all is well and your pet is being well taken care of. It’s AFFORDABLE We charge a modest fee of just $150 to rehome all pets – no matter what their breed, size, age or health issues may be. It’s WORRY-FREE Let our pet rehoming team deal with all those emails and phone calls inquiring about your pet. It’s PRIVATE We’ll keep your identity, phone number and email address CONFIDENTIAL until a suitable adoptive family is found. You won’t have to post your information online for prying eyes to see. We CARE ABOUT YOU Giving up a cherished family companion is never easy. Our staff are here for you when you need a shoulder to lean on, a kind word, or reassurance that you are doing what is best for you and your pet. It’s STRESS FREE FOR YOUR PET There is nothing more traumatic for a beloved family pet (or pet owner) than to be left at an animal shelter. Through our unique home to home pet rehoming service, your pet never set’s paw in a shelter. They remain in your care until they are gently transitioned into the loving arms of their new owners. It’s EMPOWERING You will be the one to decide on with whom your pet is placed (with our helpful guidance). Choose to stay in touch with your pet’s new family directly, or have our team keep you informed on how life is going in your pet’s new home. REQUEST OUR PRIVATE PET REHOMING SERVICES HERE!TweetSharePin ItEmail Pet Adoptions Network

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