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Electromagnetic interference shielding with graphene composites for 5G-and-beyond communication technologiesAny working electronic device is the source of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. Device miniaturization and a consequent increase in the heat and electromagnetic (EM) wave emission in the electronic systems make the simultaneous heat management and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding crucially important. New research shows that the extremely high thermal conductivity of graphene and good electrical conductivity, even...Sep 28, 2020Read moreTurning tiny algae into living micromotors controlled by light (w/video)Researchers have demonstrated the creation of a living micromotor with multifunctional capability. The distinctive feature of this device is that it doesn't require synthetic materials and therefore avoid the problems of energy consumption and waste production generated during material synthesis. Using microalgal Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells as the sole material, the scientists made living and multifunctional micromotors...Sep 23, 2020Read more4D nanomedicine based on biodegradable and biocompatible nanoalloys: difficult as catching a comet!Imagine catching a comet. Now imagine the comet is as small as a few billionths of meters and it is made of elements from the periodic table that do not like each other; whose fate is that of separate in space and dissolve in biological environments or just in air. Before this happens, the elements are trapped in what is called a non-equilibrium alloy nanoparticle. Since this nanoalloy changes over time, it is not enough to...Sep 21, 2020Read moreNanostructured surface inactivates SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus within six hoursResearchers have successfully produced durable antiviral surfaces that inactivate SARS-CoV-2 within 6 hours. In contrast, on various non-nanostructured surfaces or smooth surfaces, the SARS-COV-2 virus remained viable for up to 48 hours. These results provide evidence that surfaces that are structured with specific nanoscale surface features are effective in preventing SARS-CoV-2 and the subsequent environmental spread. Such...Sep 18, 2020Read moreApplying machine learning to nanophotonic design effortsA major challenge for nanophotonics engineers is the wide range of optical responses that metamaterials and other nanoplasmonic structures can generate. In the past few years, machine learning has emerged as a powerful tool for sifting through this vast universe of possible design parameters to aid the design of nanophotonic devices tailored for specific applications. A novel approach uses a type of neural network called a...Sep 17, 2020Read moreDirect printing of wearable health sensors onto skinSkin-interfaced, wearable electronics have attracted significant attention due to their unique roles in preventative monitoring, diagnostic confirmation, and convenient therapeutic options. The ultimate application of these bio-integrated devices for practical and convenient applications hinges on the seamless integration of on-body sensors with wireless transmission modules. As a promising direction toward this class of integrated...Sep 15, 2020Read moreTopological quantum phase in 2D MoTe2 induced by lightResearchers have provided an example of on-demand control of quantum phenomena to design the quantum materials. By state-of-the-art quantum mechanical simulations, they find that a two-dimensional transition-metal ditelluride, MoTe2, can realize a structural phase transition from the semiconducting phase to the topological phase triggered by photoexcitation of carriers alone. The sub-picosecond phase transition can be controlled...Sep 14, 2020Read moreBottom-up fabrication of nanoelectronics with DNA nanotechnologyDNA is probably the most programmable biomaterial for creating a wide range of rationally designed and functionally enhanced nanostructures. The sophisticated, programmable, and addressable DNA nanostructures are strong candidates for constructing nanoelectronic devices. The size of DNA molecules is also key: DNA double-helix has a neighboring base pair distance of 0.34 nm and a diameter of 2.1 - 2.6 nm a, and thus DNA complex-based...Sep 10, 2020Read moreThe GoNano project: Governing nanotechnologies through societal engagementThe EU-funded GoNano project explored how co-creation can be used to enhance the responsiveness of nanotechnology research and innovation. Responsiveness is understood as the capacity and willingness of researchers and developers to integrate societal considerations in the early stages of technology development. Over the course of three years, GoNano brought together citizens, civil society organizations, industry, researchers,...Sep 09, 2020Read moreEliminating biofilms with self-propelled photothermal nanoswimmersBiofilm formation is an important adaptation and survival strategy commonly employed by bacteria but, unfortunately, a major cause for infections in humans. Researchers have now demonstrated the safe removal of in vivo bacterial biofilms through artificial nanomotors driven by near-infrared laser light. This is the first demonstration of a self-propelled antibiofilm platform capable of conducting photothermal and antibiotic...Sep 08, 2020Read moreNanotechnology NewsNanotechnology Research General NewsThe latest daily news on current research topics in nanotechnology from academia, regulators and laboratoriesNanotechnology Business NewsThe latest daily nanotechnology product and company newsNanowerk Nanotechnology SpotlightNanowerk-exclusive nanotechnology research reviews and commentarySlow News Friday StoriesSome of the more funny, wacky, amusing, weird nanotechnology news storiesnanoRISK NewsletterWe separate fact from fiction and give you the knowledge you need to know and the information you can trustEmerging Technologies NewsCleanTech NewsRenewable energies (solar, wind, hydro, biofuels...), energy savingsBioTech NewsBiotechnologies, synthetic biology, genomicsSpace Exploration NewsAstronomy, cosmology, solar system, space explorationNanowerkAdvertiseNanowerk offers exciting advertising opportunities on this siteContact usFeedback, advice, questions, recommendations...Our social mediaCheck us out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and PinterestDaily newslettersSubscribe to one of our dialy topical newslettersMetric Prefixes TableMetric prefixes conversion chart - guide to metric scale unitsHow to become a science bloggerFour steps to become a science blogger and set up your science websiteOur favorite booksBooks on metamaterials; DNA nanotechnology and nanobots; nanotechnology introductions; and nanotechnology in fiction & games.Nano CatalogProduct CatalogThe latest product information about nanomaterials, analytical instrumentation, laboratory equipment, etc.Nanotechnology DatabasesEventsNanotech-relevant conferences and seminars around the worldNanomaterialsNanoparticles, nanotubes, graphene, quantum dots...Relevant publicationsJournals, magazines, newsletters, free e-books, and book seriesnanoDEGREEBachelor, Master, PhD and other degree programs by universities worldwidenanoPRODUCTSExamples of how nanotech is used in industrial and commercial applicationsMolecular NanotechnologyThe route to bottom-up organic nanotechnologyGrapheneGraphene definition, properties and applicationsTwo-dimensional (2D) MaterialsDefinition, properties and applications of 2D materialsWhat are quantum dots?Quantum dots definition, properties and applicationsNanoparticlesThe basic strategies used to produce nanoparticlesWhat are nanobots?Explaining nanorobotis, nanorobots, nanobotsMXeneWhat they are; how they are made; what they are used forMetal-organic frameworks (MOFs)What they are; how they are made; what they are used for

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