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IN NEW YORK From pre-conception counseling through delivery and recovery; from leading edge diagnostic ultrasound services to the full range of gynecologic care including cervical cancer screening and minimally invasive surgery; the specialists at MFMA deliver state-of-the-art reproductive health-care services in a caring and considerate manner. Leah -"Your care, concern, and amazing advice throughout our pregnancy is something we will never forget."Read More Stories » Healthful Woman is presented by Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates and Carnegie Women's Health. Dr. Michelle Santoyo returns to Healthful Woman to talk about inducing labor with Dr. Fox. In this episode, they discuss why an OB/GYN would choose to induce labor, what the process is like, and what patients should know.   Why Induce Labor?  Dr. Santoyo explains that there are three major reasons why labor might be induced: for CONTINUE READING Endometriosis is a relatively common disease which occurs when uterine tissue, including endometrial glands and stroma, grow outside of the uterus. About 1 in 10 women in the U.S. have endometriosis, although the disease is often under-diagnosed and may be even more common. Here are eight facts about endometriosis you may not be aware of:    Endometriosis often CONTINUE READING Genetics is a complicated subject, but many parents have concerns about whether they may pass down a genetic condition to their child. If this sounds like you, scheduling an appointment with a genetic counselor can help you develop the best plan for your pregnancy.   What is a Genetic Counselor?  A genetic counselor is a health care CONTINUE READING Bleeding between periods can be a worrisome symptom, but there are many causes for irregular vaginal bleeding, and not all are cause for serious concern. It’s important to see your doctor whether you have spotting or heavier bleeding outside of your regular period, but it’s also helpful to know what the causes could potentially be before CONTINUE READING On the Healthful Woman podcast, Dr. Fox regularly interviews colleagues and members of the Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates team so audiences can get to know them. On the episode “I’m Dr. Melka, How Can I Help Ya!”, we were introduced to Dr. Stephanie Melka, a board certified OBGYN who joined MFM Associates in 2012. You can listen to CONTINUE READING MEET OUR AWARD-WINNING TEAM There are seven Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists on staff in our practice. Collectively, they are considered national experts in the field of high-risk obstetrics, OB-GYN ultrasound, and prenatal diagnosis. They are also renowned for their research and teaching skills in this unique specialty. Nine general OBGYNs round out the medical staff at Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates and enable us to provide the full range of women's healthcare services within one medical practice. MFMA also provides additional services with our Geneticist, for medically complex cases, and Nutritionist, for a healthy pregnancy. Take 10% off your order and 20% of all sales will be donated to Mt. Sinai Hospital and MFM Associates to help during these unprecedented times. Use code HELPNYC at checkout. SHOP. SAVE. HELP.

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