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The evacuated tube solar water heater is a highly efficient solar heater, which is capable of converting 90% of the solar energy received into heat, which helps in heating water.These types of water heaters are also known as vacuum tube heaters and are typically constructed from durable glass.In most countries including North America and... Read More We are living in an age when solar panels are being used more and more due to the quick depletion of other energy resources.One of the best uses of solar panels is in a solar batch water heater.In the years to come, we might even see solar propelled cars and jets as well or something far more bigger like entire cities being powered by solar... Read More Solar energy is considered as one of the most efficient and cost saving forms of energy on the planet.This is one of the reasons why people across the planet have started looking at various solar water heater plans to supplement hot water availability in their homes.The growing awareness of consumers and the need for harnessing solar energy... Read provides you with unbiased hot water heater reviews of various types of water heaters.You ll find extensive reviews and easy-to-follow articles about tankless, electric, gas and solar hot water heaters.If you re a savvy shopper, you definitely want to do some research before purchasing any product online or in the retail stores and aims to help you out when you re looking a for a new water heater.Note that we do not physically review hot water heaters but we research the web and industry magazines, comb through all the information and compile our findings in easy-to-follow reviews and articles on this website.We do not receive any free products to review them and we also don t accept them.We strive to provide honest and unbiased water heater reviews for the benefit of the consumer.How To Make The Best Of Hot Water Heater ReviewsThere are several features that you will need to consider before purchasing a new water heater. When reading reviews it is always best to look for any discussion on these features.Power sourceWhat power source a hot water heater is using will be vital to your making a decision of whether or not this heater is right for you. For example, if a heater uses natural gas to heat the water and there is no natural gas in your area, then purchasing this heater simply would not make sense.The same is true when looking at solar hot water heaters. While these heaters are very energy efficient, if you live in an area that gets little sunshine, they will not be able to heat your water efficiently.Size requirementsYou will also want to look at the size requirements for each water heater. If the heater can only supply enough hot water for a family of two and you have a family of 6 then you will find yourself never having enough hot water to meet your needs.PriceBefore purchasing a hot water heater you not only want to know the cost of the heater itself, but also installation costs if you need it installed, and the cost of running the heater. Many heaters will give you an estimated yearly cost.You may also want to check with a trusted plumber and see if the heater does break down how expensive the replacement parts will be and how readily available they are. An expensive heater that has parts that are difficult to find and expensive to replace may not be worth the moneyWarrantiesBe sure to check the reviews and see what warranties are offered. Are the warranties just for parts or labor as well?What are the Pros and Cons of the Different Kinds of HeatersYou need to know the pros and cons of the different kinds of heaters available when reading heater reviews.Electric heaters can heat water any time of the day or night and can be used as storage heaters, heat pumps, and support solar heaters. However, they are expensive to operate.Gas heaters are very efficient and come with ratings but gas is not available in all areas.Solar heaters use the sun to heat the water, they need a backup source of energy and they do not work well in areas that get limited amount of sunshine.Heat pumps only use 1/3 of the electricity that an electric hot water does, they can use waste heat from a refrigerator or air conditioner unit. However, their initial cost is very expensive.Understanding how to read hot water heater reviews will help you to make the kind of informed decision that will guarantee that your new hot water heater will give you the amount of hot water at a price you can afford.Main CategoriesBest Water Heaters What criteria to look for when choosing the best heater, which are the most important features and three models that we recommend.Water Heater Reviews How to make the most of online reviews, which features to look for and what types of heaters may be best for your specific needs.Electric Hot Water Heaters While the electric models are very easy to install and are safer than gas water heaters, they do cost more.Gas Water Heater Reviews Gas heaters heat water very quickly and can produce hot water even in electrical outages but take more planning at installation and a dedicated gas line.On Demand Water Heater The key benefit of on-demand or instant heaters is saving energy and money in the long term. The initial cost of purchase is much higher though.Solar Hot Water Heaters They need professional installation which costs more but you ll also notice substantial savings in your electricity bill.Tankless Water Heaters Reviews Tankless heaters are very energy efficient as they heat water only when you need it but they cannot heat huge amounts of water instantly.Water Heater Installation Follow these simple steps to install a water heater yourself or know how to prepare everything for professional installation.Water Heater Repair And Troubleshooting Knowing what to check when something goes wrong with your heater can save you a lot of money if you can fix it rather than replace it or even call a professional to repair it.

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