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ExoticWood Veneers , Brass Inlay work , Boulle Work , Silver Nickel , Faux Ivory and Tortoise Shell , Mother of Pearl, AbaloneClick hereforMARQUETRYINLAYS and PATTERNSand click herefor ourLASERCUTTING ENGRAVING SERVICE CONTACTFrequentlyAsked QuestionsMARQUETRYand INLAYSLASERCUTTING ENGRAVING SERVICECADDRAWING SERVICE CONTACTPaymentTermsGeneralTerms and Conditionsnew! EBAYSTOREWESHIP WORLDWIDEHISTORYEstablishedin 1984 by Deborah Jameson and Joe Geoghegan , Heritage Inlay Design Ltd are based inthe United Kingdom, and specialise in thedesign and manufacture of highest quality marquetry and marquetry inlays made fromexotic wood veneers, metals and shell, for a varietyof projects.Utilising knives , scalpels , fretsaws and lasers, Heritageregularly work on both historic restoration projects and contemporary design. Situated less than anhour from London on thesouth coast of England , in the vibrant Sussex city of Brighton , Heritage Inlay Design Ltd supplies furniture makers, joinery companies , home woodworkers , artists and designers worldwide with alltheir marquetry inlay requirements , whether it be small motifs, large murals,or marquetry layons for architectural projects.Previouscommissions include The Burj Al Arab Hotel -Dubai 1999,the ScottishParliament Building , the New Irish Parliament Building , Harrods Egyptian Room .However much of our work is small bespoke orders , and we attach the sameimportance and pride to all projects , whether a large Drawing Room or a Jewellery Box.Our use andexperience of laser cutting and engraving has also led to exciting work innumerous materials for artists , students and costume designers......moreHistory here MARQUETRY and INLAYS Custom Commission PortfolioTraditional Motifs, Fans ,Shells etcOtherServices...CADDRAWING SERVICELASERCUTTING ENGRAVING SERVICEFAQsCONTACTPaymentTermsGeneralTerms and ConditionsCustommade highest quality Marquetry and Inlays;Small andLarge commissionsTraditionaland Contemporary DesignsHandsawn and Laser CutOneoff Custom Specials and Large Quantity BatchesAll ourmarquetry and inlay is made at ourBrightonWorkshop in England , UKWeship Worldwidehere forMARQUETRY INLAYSEBAYSTORE LASER CUTTING SERVICEWe also provide a unique bespoke laser cutting and engraving servicefor artisans,designers , jewellery makers,degree students etcspecialising inPERSPEX,CARD and FABRICS Complementing our marquetry inlay manufacturing service, we also provide a laser cutting andLAZER ENGRAVING service, enabling clients toachieve the intricate cutting and engraving of a range of diverse materials;wood ,leather, acrylic , perspex , glass and many other materials. CONTACT Click here for Laser Cutting Service FrequentlyAsked Questions GeneralTerms and ConditionsPaymentTerms........moreabout our Marquetry serviceTheMarquetry designs themselvescan be created either by ourselves orfrom photos or drawings supplied by the client. We have an expansive design library ofpatterns and pictures, and 25 years of marquetry inlay manufacturingexperience to draw on, and we believe we provide an unrivalled service. Utilisingtechniques that have remained the same for centuries , such as fretsaws andknives,alongside state of theart laser technology,we believe Heritage Inlay Design Ltd to be only company inEngland to employ the 3 essential marquetry manufacturing techniques, lasercutting, fretsaw cutting (on the line/off the line, as well as pad sawing), andknife or scalpel cutting.This ensures that the method that best suits a particular job is used,especially important in the restoration of antiques for example, where lasers areoccasionally less suitable, or geometric patterns and script work where lasercutting can't bematched.We have clients who insist on laser marquetry inlays , and we also work for clients that will onlyaccept hand sawn pieces. However, the simple fact is that most projects requireemploying more than one method .CONTACTPaymentTermsGeneralTerms and ConditionsMarquetryDesigners,Wood veneers,MarquetryCutters,MarquetryMakers,Marquetry Suppliers, Bespoke Marquetry, Custom MarquetryCorporate Logo Marquetry ,MarquetryInlays, Brass,Boulle,Wood veneers , Silver Nickel and Mother of Pearl, MarineMarquetry, Traditional Marquetry,Gamesboards,marquetry designs Boulle and Brass Inlays,Wood Inlay,marquetryrestoration, Marquetry Commissions, marquetry patterns LINKSSitelast updated on Sun 14th AUGUST 2011photographic material on this site is the property of Heritage Inlay Design Ltd1984- 2010-Marquetry, Inlays ,Lazer Cutting and Lazer Engraving Specialists, and cannotbe used or copied in any way without prior written permission

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