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Featured | Democratic FirmsTowards Abolishing the Renting of PersonsSeptember 30, 2020 By admin This paper is a write-up of a speech given in 2017 at a centennial celebration of the 1917 Russian Revolution at the Haus der Kunst in Munich. COVID-19 Aid to Promote Employee OwnershipJune 4, 2020 By admin The premise of this paper is that state aid to distressed companies should benefit not only the current owners but also the employees, who are the ones taking personal risks to continue or restart companies.Featured | DevelopmentComments on Universal Basic IncomeJune 1, 2020 By admin This is a draft paper called UBI: A Bad Idea Whose Time has Come? . The income supplements supplied due to the coronavirus pandemic have put the UBI back on the policy agenda, so it is appropriate to re-examine the idea. Click here to download the draft paper.Worker Ownership and the Current CrisisMarch 15, 2020 By admin There are so many crises these days (coronavirus, global warming) that this paper seems already out of date since we are referring to the crisis caused by the neoliberal post-socialist transition policies in East Europe and elsewhere in the post-socialist world.Featured | Property TheoryTowards Abolishing the Renting of PersonsSeptember 30, 2020 By admin This paper is a write-up of a speech given in 2017 at a centennial celebration of the 1917 Russian Revolution at the Haus der Kunst in Munich. Conceptual Errors in the Arrow-Debreu ModelJuly 15, 2020 By admin The highly mathematical nature of the Arrow-Debreu and other similar models of general equilibrium hide rather than elucidate the nature of equilibrium in a private property market economy where all factors of production may be purchased or rented.Featured | Quantum MechanicsProbability Theory with Superposition EventsJune 18, 2020 By admin In finite probability theory, events are subsets S⊆U of the outcome set. Subsets can be represented by 1-dimensional column vectors. By extending the representation of events to two dimensional matrices, we can introduce superposition events. New Light on the Objective Indefiniteness or Literal Interpretation of QMDecember 17, 2018 By admin This paper shows how the mathematics of QM is the math of indefiniteness and thus, literally and realistically interpreted, it describes an objectively indefinite reality at the quantum level. In particular, the mathematics of wave propagation is shown to also be the math of the evolution of indefinite states that does not change the degree of indistinctness between states. This corrects the historical wrong turn of seeing QM as wave mechanics rather than the mechanics of particles with indefinite/definite properties.Featured | MathematicsThe Logical Theory of Canonical MapsJuly 11, 2020 By admin The purpose of this paper is to show that the dual notions of elements distinctions are the basic analytical concepts needed to unpack and analyze morphisms, duality, and universal constructions in the Sets, the category of sets and functions.Negation and Implication in Partition LogicJuly 4, 2020 By admin Our purpose in this paper is to explore the notions of negation and implication in that other mathematical logic of partitions.Homepage


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