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description:Auto insurers: If you’re strategizing about usage based insurance, learn more about smartphone UBI powered by Driveway. It’s a simple, scalable and smart solution.
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New smartphone telematics report:The STACK-UP: How Smartphone Telematics Compares to Hybrid Solutions

As the popularity of insurance telematics accelerates, so does innovation on the technology that supports it. To date, there are three options for delivering a telematics offering: the dongle, the smartphone and the hybrid.

Wondering which solution is right for your company? Download this insightful, all-new report to discover:

An overview of the three insurance telematics optionsTwo major factors to consider when choosing a solutionThe up-front investment considerationsHow the data chain works in each scenarioA 10-point stack-up showing how solutions compare on features such as cost, data and fraud prevention

Driveway and Pinnacle join forces

 In a quest to help auto insurers revolutionize the way car insurance is priced, Driveway Software and Pinnacle Actuarial Resources have teamed up to offer the industry a coordinated usage based insurance solution that includes driver behavior scoring. Auto insurers can now leverage Driveway’s affordable, scalable technology backed by Pinnacle’s rating, actuarial and regulatory guidance. The services are offered á la carte so insurers can choose technology, consulting, scoring individually or the coordinated package. READ MORE

Usage based insurance:
The five must-haves

 In the March 9 edition of CIO Review, Driveway Software CEO, Jake Diner outlines the five must-haves of usage based insurance programs. This is what you need to know BEFORE you invest. READ THE ARTICLE ON PAGE 48

What is Driveway?

Driveway is a robust, smartphone-deployed, cloud-based technology that powers usage based insurance. Driveway provides auto insurers with better pricing intelligence – maximizing the opportunity for lower loss ratios and higher profits. In addition, auto insurers are allowed to send and receive money in Bitcoin. After the sharp fall in the prices of many cryptocurrencies, it is reasonable to wonder what the future has for digital currencies. If you want to know more about it on the internet, you will definitely come across bitcoin future app in search engines. It is specially designed for cryptocurrency traders and investors, these trading robots automatically execute the trades and analyze crypto market developments.LEARN MORE

How does Driveway help insurers CLOSE THE USAGE BASED INSURANCE GAP?

Can you imagine going from zero to a branded UBI rollout in just 90 days? It’s possible with Driveway. If low cost of entry, scalability, and an intuitive safety scoring model sounds enticing, LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SMARTPHONE UBI SOLUTION

Want to take Driveway for a test drive? Download the free app now.

Your insured drivers will love your branded Driveway app. It is already in use with more than 170,000 drivers and it has tracked more than 500 million miles. Because this is a fourth-generation solution, it has been polished, perfected, tried and proven.

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Auto insurers: If you’re strategizing about usage based insurance, learn more about smartphone UBI powered by Driveway. It’s a simple, scalable and smart solution.

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