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Remarkable stories about cats come from all corners of the world. Share your story with us here and upload your favorite photos! Don't worry -- your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you The Cat's Whiskers. Early in the twentieth century different cat breeds were being distinguished, although essentially, there are only three types of cats: pedigree, non-pedigree and cross breeds. Whether your cat thinks he is pedigreed royalty who should be in Buckingham Palace instead of your living room, or a street-smart, rough-and-tumble non-pedigree, there are many things you need to know to be the perfect cat owner (or slave...) Are you thinking of owning a pedigree cat such as a Persian? You need to consider whether you have the time for the daily grooming needs of such a high maintenance cat. Does it matter to you if your cat is aloof or likes to sit on your lap for a mutual cuddle? Each cat's personality is greatly dependent on the way that he or she is handled and reared by their human. People who love cats come in all shapes and sizes, as do cat breeds. Being informed about different types of cats will ensure that you and your cat have a mutually beneficial relationship. This site aims to be a comprehensive and practical guide to looking after your cat (pedigree or non-pedigree) at every stage of its life. Cat Breed Info Poll At Cat Breed Info we value your opinions and thoughts - vote in our monthly pollCat Breed Info Donations Cat Breed Info DonationsOnline Pet Supply Store Online Pet Supply StoreFinicky Feline Store Finicky Feline Store - here you can find any cat supplies as well as pet care suppliesProfessional Cat Care Professional Cat Care Advice when you need it, any time of the day or nightCat Breed Info BlogThe Chronicles of a Cat Lover Have you ever wondered how many different cat breeds there are? The Cat Breed Info Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the web site. Subscribe here.The Most Common Cat Breeds The most common cat breeds are categorized by how easy it is to find a breeder or info about the specific catThe Most Popular Cat Breeds Find out which cats are the Most Popular Cat BreedsShort Hair Cat Breeds Short Hair Cat Breeds are easier to groom than their long hair counterpartsLong Hair Cat Breeds Long Hair Cat Breeds were first seen in Europe in the 1500sHairless Cat Breeds Hairless Cat Breeds are not really hairless, they just have really short hair lying close to their bodiesThe Rare Cat Breeds of the World The Rare Cat Breeds of the World - ever heard of the Elf Cat or the Kinkalow?The Small Cat Breeds of the World Information on small cat breeds, teacup cats, dwarf cats and miniature catsThe Large Cat Breeds of the World The Large Cat Breeds of the World - which is the biggest?Wild Cat Breeds Wild Cat Breeds have been involved in cat shows since 1875Types of Cats Cross-breed or pedigree? There are basically three main types of cats that all cats are categorized byChoosing a Cat - Your Ideal Companion Choosing a cat should not be taken lightly, there are several things to considerAbout Cat Breed Info About Cat Breed Info - find out about the owner and authorContact Cat Breed Info Contact Cat Breed Info - we love to hear from cat people (and even dog people)Photos used on Cat Breed Info Photos used on Cat Breed InfoPrivacy Policy Cat Breed Info Privacy PolicySitemap of Cat Breed Info Sitemap of Cat Breed Info - a listing of the main pagesYour Contributions to Cat Breed Info Your contributions to Cat Breed Info is important and we would like to hear your stories about your cats - whether it is funny or sad - Cat Breed Info is interested!Different Cat Breeds with Pictures A guide to the different cat breeds of the world, complete with pictures and personality profilesThe Turkish Van Cat Breed The Turkish Van Cat Breed is a cat that loves to swimThe Turkish Angora Cat Breed The Turkish Angora Cat Breed is considered a national treasure in its native landThe Toyger Cat Breed The Toyger Cat Breed was bred to resemble the tigers of the wildThe Tonkinese Cat Breed The Tonkinese Cat Breed developed from a cross between the Siamese and the BurmeseThe Sphynx Cat Breed The Sphynx Cat Breed originated from a hairless kitten called PruneThe Somali Cat Breed The Somali Cat Breed is the semi-longhaired version of the AbyssinianSnowshoe Cat Info Snowshoe Cat Info - everything you want to know about this stunning cat with its unique personalityA Complete List of Cat Breeds A Complete List of Cat BreedsSingapura Cat Info Singapura Cat Info - everything you want to know about this smallest breed of catSiberian Cat Info Siberian Cat Info - everything you want to know about this majestic catThe Scottish Fold Cat Breed The Scottish Fold Cat Breed has folded ears that makes its face look like an owl'sSavannah Cat Info - all you want to know about the Savannah cat breed Savannah Cat Info - all you want to know about the Savannah cat breedThe Russian Blue Cat Breed The Russian Blue Cat Breed is an elegant and aristocratic cat breedThe Maine Coon Cat The Maine Coon Cat is one of the oldest natural breeds in North AmericaThe Ragdoll Cat Breed The Ragdoll Cat Breed is one of the largest breeds in the cat fancyNorwegian Forest Cat Info Norwegian Forest Cat Info - all you need to know about this gentle cat breedPixiebob Cat Breed The Pixiebob Cat Breed originated in the Northwestern United StatesThe Peterbald Cat Breed The Peterbald Cat Breed had its origins from a cross between a Donskoy and an Oriental ShorthairPersian Cat Info Persian Cat Info - everything you want to know about the glamorous Persian catOriental Cat Breeds Oriental Cat Breeds originated in England in the 1950'sOcicat Cat Info Ocicat Cat Info - everything you want to know about this exotic looking catThe Nebelung Cat Breed The Nebelung Cat Breed started with cats named Siegfried and BrunhildeThe Munchkin Cat Breed The Munchkin Cat Breed had its origins in a female called BlackberryThe Manx Cat Breed The Manx Cat Breed were in cat shows from the late 1800'sThe LaPerm Cat Breed The LaPerm Cat Breed started with a litter of kittens born in a cherry orchardThe Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed The Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed is considered to be the good luck cat of JapanThe Himalayan Cat Breed The Himalayan Cat Breed - a Persian type cat with Siamese markingsThe Havana Cat Breed The Havana Cat Breed was originally known as the Havana BrownThe Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed The Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed originated from Persian cross-breeding with American ShorthairsThe Egyptian Mau Cat Breed The Egyptian Mau Cat Breed had its origins in ancient EgyptThe Devon Rex Cat Breed The Devon Rex Cat Breed started with a kitten called KirleeThe Burmese Cat Breed The Burmese Cat Breed was developed from a cat called Wong MauBombay Cat Info Bombay Cat Info - everything you want to know about the black cat with the copper penny eyesThe Birman Cat Breed The Birman Cat Breed is surrounded by a legend that tells of a cat with golden eyesThe Bengal Cat Breed The Bengal Cat Breed is a domestic cat that has the look of a wild jungle catThe Balinese Cat Breed The Balinese Cat Breed was developed from long-haired Siamese kittensThe American Wirehair Cat Breed The American Wirehair Cat Breed originated from a litter of 6 kittens born in Verona, New YorkThe American Shorthair Cat Breed The American Shorthair Cat Breed is a favorite American cat breedThe American Curl Cat The American Curl Cat Breed started with a curly-eared kitten found in June 1981The Different Cat Breeds Advanced New Breeds Status The Different Cat Breeds with Pictures (Advanced New Breeds Status)The Different Cat Breeds Preliminary New Breeds The Different Cat Breeds with Pictures (Preliminary New Breeds)Hybrid Cat Breeds The Hybrid Cat Breeds of the World are the offspring of two animals of different breeds and speciesAll the Different Cat Breeds with Pictures - your essential guide Not sure what the different cat breeds are? Cat Breed Info will inform you about all the types of cat breeds and will ensure that you and your new kitty are a perfect match!

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Not sure what the different cat breeds are? Cat Breed Info will inform you about all the types of cat breeds and will ensure that you and your new kitty are a perfect match!

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