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Java Threads - Create, start and stop threads in Java The tutorial about creating and starting threads in Java has just been updated to be a bit more precise, including a new recording of the video for the topic. Java Concurrency & Multithreading The Java Concurrency & multithreading introduction has been updated, among other things with links to video versions of some of the concurrency tutorials - one of which is an introduction to concurrency and multithreading. Jackson JsonNode The Jackson JsonNode represents a node in a JSON object graph. I have updated the Jackson JsonNode tutorial to explain how to iterate all fields or field names of a JsonNode. Java Iterable I have updated my Java Iterable tutorial - among other things with an explanation of the forEach() method which is an alternative way to iterate the elements of a Java Iterable. RION Ops RionObjectWriter The RionObjectWriter can serialize Java objects into RION - our fast, compact, versatile binary data format. The RionObjectWriter tutorial now explains how to write both acyclic and cyclic object graphs into RION. Java Iterator The Java Iterator tutorial has been updated to cover everything you need to know about the Iterator interface. Did you know about the Iterator forEachRemaining() method? Java Stack Tutorial The Java Stack class is a class stack implementation like you know them from an algorithms and data structures class. The Java Stack tutorial has received another round of updates, so it is now more precise. RION Ops RionObjectReader The RionObjectReader can read RION Object fields representing single objects or acyclic and/or cyclic object graphs. A Java Record is a class representing an immutable data record using a concise syntax. Java Records is a new feature in Java 14. This Java Record tutorial explains how records work. Java Collections I have updated my Java Collections introduction, with among other things a link to my Java Collections tutorial video playlist.

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