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Make IBM Watson Part of Your Research TeamWhat assignment would you give IBM Watson? With Coalesce you can teach Watson to identify prospective contributors using the same factors you have learned from years of experience, that you feel in your bones. Coalesce is a smart search engine that learns to research like a virtual assistant. It uses IBM Watson to search your internal sources and extensive external sources. It learns from you, as you work together, to read and identify those factors that make a good prospective contributor. My role with Coalesce is to introduce it to philanthropic organizations to teach IBM Watson how to identify prospective contributors using the same factors development officers have learned from years of experience, that we feel in our bones. Read more… Welcome Rita Fuerst Adams transforms charitable and philanthropic organizations at the heart of social change into professionally run, better funded, effective organizations. Key to building successful organizations is establishing a strategy for growth, developing the total necessary financing, and creating and executing on a persuasive messaging campaign to communicate the organization s impact and goals. For more than three decades, and throughout the U.S., Rita has served charitable and philanthropic organizations with operating budgets of $1 million to $1.5 billion and resulting campaigns ranging from $1 million to $450 million. Her experience includes working with causes in education, youth, the arts, community and economic development, historic preservation, health care, international relations, and professional and civic affairs. Charity relieves need.Philanthropy rewards promise. Charity is committed to aid the unfortunate while philanthropy is determined to prevent and correct social ills. It recognizes both aspects of our role as defined by Robert H. Bremner, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of History, The Ohio State University. Charity and philanthropy are so closely related it is sometimes hard to tell them apart. Both involve giving but for different purposes: charity gives to relieve need, philanthropy to reward promise. Charity is older and plainer; philanthropy the more modish and glamorous.

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