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Ocean Air Cycles Click to Shop Bicycles and Gear for Going Places Near and Far Self Propelled With Comfort and Speed Aside for the obvious style and fashion reasons, who the hell wouldn t want to look like a cowboy or pirate?  The Kerchief is a worthy tool to add to your daily wardrobe or every day carry kit.  I personally wear one through a good bit of the year.  The primary function is shelter for the midsection of your neck.  In the summer, sun protection is the obvious reason.  While a wet kerchief also provides evaporative cooling.  For the hot days, a basic bandanna gets it done.As the seasons cool it is not uncommon to see the masses move towards a scarf as part of the outdoor wardrobe.  In Chinese medicine it is a pretty big deal to keep the neck and throat protected from wind to ward off colds and maintain health through the cooler months.  Most scarves are bulky though, Not ideal for the bike rides and come off with the jacket every time you head in and out.  But what else works to keep your neck covered in the gap area?  The kerchief of course!Most of my Fall/Winter/Spring layering is set up to minimize the need to peel layers off and on as the day, stops and starts.  Getting around town, many short to medium rides, in and out of shops, or in the shop etc.. We are pretty spoiled here in California with the weather, but things run on the cool side of temperate, often between 45 and 60 deg F.  I layer with breathable natural fabrics that adapt well to the warming and cooling cycles of the day and activities.  The layers increase and decrease as temperatures dictate, but the kerchief is there, the shield that otherwise bare stretch of throat and nape of the neck that the shirt collar misses.A few years back I was looking for something more substantial than a bandanna, but not as bulky as a scarf.  I started experimenting with neck gaiters made out of different materials, but found them a bit too confining in all but the coldest of weather.  That said, on long cold and possibly wet rides, there is still one in the bottom of my Docena waiting to be called up for duty.It was the exploration of materials for our caps that had me cross paths with the the materials known as double weave gauze.  Two layers of gauze like cotton, bonded together in a grid pattern by a shared yarn.  It offers all the ease of an old soft linen shirt, but doubled up into to layers building the loft, trapping heat between the layers.  I started searching out samples and sewing up test pieces.  Settling in on a 100% cotton material sourced from Japan, with a silky hand and slightly dense weave, our Double Weave Solid Kerchiefs were launchedThese are with me most days, if not around my neck they have been torture tested as lunch napkins, furoshiki insulation for lunch in a mason jar, snot rags for the kids, and on and on.  The first ones I made a couple years ago have been though hundreds of machine washings and just keep getting better with age.  This last summer they even outperformed my regular bandannas as evaporative coolers.Strongly consider adding one or more to the kit this year.  It may seem extravagant at first, but will quickly become part of your every day carry/or wear.  Many of our customers start with one, then come back, and back again as gift season rolls around.  I still cut and sew these myself in the shop.  Stock is constantly being updated, and there will be a few new colors as we move into spring.  Im looking forward to getting more of these out into the world in 2016.As always, thank you for the support, that is what keeps this going. Turning 41 today was more interesting than turning 40.  Forty was one of the longest and best years of my life.  So why not cap it off with a #hardstylewednesday shot from the weekend s headshot self-portrait session.Ridiculous, but fun, and that s the point.  Forty is stereotypically suppose to be some sort of a melt down or mid-life crisis.  I on the other hand worked the hardest I think I ever have, am more sleep deprived than ever, the years finances were a roller coaster of success and despair, the family cars are 15 years old and on the brink, it seems things are held together with kite string at times.  Going into forty I started back at a day job so Aly could be home with our second daughter.  It was pretty much the same construction management gig I left behind 6 years earlier, building and refurbishing schools in the public sector.  The pay is OK, but the hours and windshield time are long.  In the middle of all that we grew OAC, kept Ramblers rolling out, brought a few new products to market, and moved out of the garage into a gigantic space a mile away.This stuff was incredibly hard, long hours, stretching finances to the brink and back more than once and scary as hell.The best part?  I plan to keep it up.  This is the most rewarding thing I have ever done and keep doing.  The school economy is growing and the company I work for is setting the stage for the next generation of kids and delivery methods for the schools that will facilitate the education of the Gen X and Millenial s children.  The OAC business is right at the edge of an incredible tipping point, it is about to all come together.  There will probably be a few more years of little or no sleep some nights, and growing both facets to see which one wins the race.   I know it will be Ocean Air, but the other one lights the lamps for the moment None of this could happen with out the love and support of my ladies and extended family.They are amazing, tolerant and loving.  Watching my babies grow into little ladies, and them wanting to help.  Aly working to keep it all together and learning to start a yoga teaching practice.  So much amazing going on.The vendor support, both the makers and suppliers.  So many of you stepping up to the plate to supply the odd combinations of product and make my dreams into real objects.  Swift with the bags, Blue Lug getting Ramblers rolling in Japan, RandiJo with the cap patterns, Dylan at Centri on and on.  Then the back packing companies like Trail Designs and Soto who wondered if people riding bikes would really want the gear to make coffee outside in the middle of the week.  And there are a bunch of others that have my languishing projects on the back burner, vendors and wholesalers, the list goes on and on.   Then the friends who listen to my ideas and dreams, lift heavy objects, and help when I need a hand.  Jason, Marshal,  Toby and all the others.  I have to get home for dinner or I would type for hours.But it is really about the people, family, friends customers everybody who has come together to help hold the ship up, keep the wheels turning.  There have been other times in my life that come close, but this last year What an amazing year.All I can say is thank you, for the support, wanting to change the world with us, and keeping us going through the rough patches.  Without all of you, I am just a crazy guy without enough sleep and a dream. The pre-sale for the third round of the Docena Demi-Porteur bags is on.  These are a collaborative project that we developed with Swift Industries last year, and you can read up on all of the design details HERE.  This has been my one and only bar bag for over a year now, and I am stoked that feedback on the first 50 that we sold in the last year are all finding love and use from their owners.This round of bags will start production in about two weeks and we are projecting for a Late August / Early September delivery.Click Here To OrderThere are a couple of changes to the program as well.  the original gray body with yellow trim is being discontinued,  The color combo started life as our prototype.  While never intended to be a production color, the demand was there, but it is time to move on.  They are listed as out of stock, but if you really want one let me know via email and we can make one or two happen.  Bid farewell New to the line up is the All Black.  This color combo has been requested quite a bit in the past. We added some reflective details to help with visibility on the road.  Production bags will have a dark gray, almost black reflective tape that shines bright silver when hit with light.After this there will be one more production run of 12 bags in 2015.  They are all made to order based on pre-sale quantities.  In general we sell through in about 3-5 days, although I expect that will get shorter as word gets out.  The faster we sell through 12, the faster they are ready.  Each pre-sale will start approximately a month after the previous delivery.Thank you for the continued support and enthusiasm, without you out there, these would not happen. We are getting a group together to ride up to Lake Casitas camp ground this June 20-21, next week, fathers day weekend to celebrate the solstice and the Swift Campout.  At the moment there are about ten to fifteen people going that I know of.  The plan is to meet here at Ocean Air Cycle soon to be shop in Ventura around 9;30 AM on the 20th and ride up to Lake Casitas.  There will be lots of this:and some of this:All at a family pace.  This will be the first full family bike tour that all four os us: Aly the girls 5 and 1.5 and I all get out on for an overnight.  We will defiantly not be setting any KOMs, but will be having a ton of fun and may take a bunch of breaks and stop at playgrounds and stuff.  Some folks are probably going to jam ahead, and thats cool too.  the route is a really simple mix of the Ventura River Trail and some country roads (minimal shoulder if that matters to you):If the embedded thing above does not work click HERE for the mapWe have reserved Campground P for the night.  It is a group camp that should hold at least 20 people comfortably, the park says 40, but I am not sure there is that much flat ground.  There is a water spigot and primitive toilet, no showers, but that OKWe will get there, set up camp, and do camping stuff, maybe ride around the lakeor head up to Ojai for food and supplies.  it is a pleasant ride about another 5 or 6 miles north.  Since we will be riding with kids, we may not haul that much food to the camp.  The idea is to keep it simple and fun, this is not going to be all that hard, a couple big hills and a night outside with friends.  There will be touring veterans as well as some bike camping for the first time.  There are not a lot of rules, mostly guidelines, and just a few:the idea is to get there by bike, self supported.  We reserved the campground and are loosely organizing this, but it is by no means a sponsored event with SAG wagons and catering at the camp ground.  (maybe we ll do that for another trip)Plan on having the things you need to get there, spend the night and get home on your own.  Others can probably help you out of a jam, but try to be prepared.You are welcome to meet us there, take a different route, or come by to hang out, but get there by bike, please.The route has a mix of road and paved bike trail, there are also a few hills.  None of it is crazy, all regular local cycling routes.  That said this is not a sponsored event and do it at you own risk and all that.  (I have to keep saying that so our insurance company does not call me on Monday freaking out)In the morning we will do camping breakfast stuff, probably play with the kids and hang out.  Then ride back to Ventura.If you know for sure that you want to come, please hit me with an email at rob@oceanaircycles.com so that we can gauge how many to expect.  Try and help me bu putting something like Solstice and Campout in the subjectThis whole thing is part of a bigger thing Swift Industries put together that has spread around the world, pretty cool.  You can take a minute, and register, its kind of fun and there are prizes.  They make cool things really well, like our Docena bags.  Events like this are good motivators, and Martins(Swift Owner) is good a making things like this happen Thank you for getting this going. With the latest round of Docena Demi Porteur bags starting to ship we decided to put together a video to help head off any questions that might arise.  The bag folds down flat for shipping and you will need to work through some basic steps to get it into the final shape you are familiar seeing in our social media feeds.  The video is just under 7 minutes, and covers every aspect of what you will see and be getting.  At no point is this hard, but there are some steps that we have gotten questions on in the past.  Hopefully this removes any initial questions you might have with your new bag, the one you have had for a while or the one you hope to get this year.For mounting on the bike you will still need a small front rack to support the bottom.  We sell and recommend the Nitto Mark s rack for our Ramblers and many other bikes.  The bag will work with most Rando style front racks.  You will also need some sort of upper support connecting the bag to the handlebars.  Traditionally this is called a Decaleur.  There are off the shelf versions made by Berthoud, VO, Nitto and Compass that all can work well with the Docena.  I have been using a prototype system made with pannier mounting hardware for well over a year now.  This is one of the many things we hope to get to market this year.Thank you to everybody who had bought the bags so far and to Swift Industries for collaboratign to make my dream bag real.Just for fun the video was shot be me in the new work space we are moving into, one take, no scrips, the only edit was cropping the ends and attempted color correction.  I am pretty happy with it, and think my love and involvement with the product shows.  I could go on for way over 7 minutes, but had to stop for your sake.I have a Docena with me on every ride.

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