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As if a pandemic, global recession, and race riots weren’t enough to make 2020 a joyful year, mommy nature sent a hurricane into the east coast and up the I95 corridor to wreak havoc in my neck of the woods.  This wasn’t a monster storm.  It only rained for a few hours. But it brought high winds that dropped trees and tossed debris like beads during Mardi Gras.  It caught my local power authority off guard and for over a week after the storm, many remained without power.  Mine was out for 4 days.  This also happened in the middle of a heat wave.  Personally, I can rough it without power just fine, but it is tough on my family.  They are quite fond of everything that has a plug.  It was also hard on my 13 year old pug.  That breed has trouble breathing under ideal conditions.  Due to her advanced age and a myriad of health problems which would garner lots of street cred at an assisted living facility dinner table, she went into respiratory distress and spent a night on oxygen at the emergency vet.  They felt her symptoms were so severe and indicative of enough health problems that we talked about putting her down.  The happy ending was that our power came back, AC was restored and she hacks and coughs just like before the storm.By: Jonathan Glazer Strategic Command WW1 (WW1) is a strategic level wargame encompassing all primary theaters of World War 1.  WW1 is developed by Fury Software, primarily by Hubert Cater and Bill Runacre and distributed by Slitherine/Matrix.  I purchased WW1 using the exclusive Grogheads discount offer upon release.  This review is based on twenty plus hours of play including completing the 1914 core campaign.By: Avery Abernethy It has been quite some time since my last communication in this blog.  It hasn’t been because there was nothing more to say.  I was just focused on surviving.  And then world events popped up and made all of us think about survival.  Even the hermit living at the top of a mountain knows about the pandemic that crashed through world economies like a wrecking ball.  In a perfect world, politics would have no place in health discussions, but this issue has become so highly politicized that it is difficult to focus solely on the facts.  Regardless of whether you feel that this was a health crisis that threatened the lives of you and your family members or that it was an overblown reaction engineered for a political outcome, readers of this series will agree that it has to make us think about what to do for the next pandemic.By: Jonathan Glazer It was a great day when Slitherine announced that the original Field of Glory Empires (FoG:E) would link to Field of Glory 2 (FoG2) and allow players to fight out the campaign s battles in a tactical turn-based format. As I concluded in the Groghead s FoG:E review, the system succeeded! I never had one stutter, bump or crash when switching between the two systems, or in the games themselves for that matter.What did happen, though, is that the campaigns were very long. This is still the case with the new FoG:E DLC released this week for Persia (Persia 550BC-330BC) I ll acronym it as FoG:P. I fired it up for the first time yesterday, chose Persia immediately and played for two hours. How many turns did I complete?By: Gusington

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