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Busy Days Uncategorizedateicher

Spring went by in a crazy blur, but its hard to believe that summer is here already. Worked on some quick character and concept art as we were applying for a grant for a short film were developing. Quick illustrations never quite do the subject justice, but they are great for getting the visual across. Worked on getting some character cards done as well, as part as the full treatment we put together for our pitch.

Also had the chance to experiment with a more painterly style for a couple of paladins, but I still prefer the harder lines I use for most of my other work. Still, it allowed me to play around with setting a bit more and I overall like the result.

The illustration I made for the short film Vices Virtues: The Game

Character portraits let me be more dramatic too, heh. Perhaps Ive been enjoying my fire mage and the engineer letting go a little too much. Still, cant go wrong with some colour after all

Warit. No, he didnt hit anyone with the ruler.


Enjoying experimenting with different things right now. The summer tends to be a rather busy time, so Im looking forward to putting together something new soon

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The Trilogy is Out! Uncategorizedateicher

I am excited to say that the first three books of the Yappari Chronicles have been released and are up on Amazon for kindle. They are available on AMAZON:


If you are into fantasy, magic and some romance please do check them out!

And if you are interested in learning more about the world and characters ( and see lots more art) you can check it out on the Yappari Chronicles Page

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Winterborn Sequel Uncategorizedateicher

This year I finally tackled the sequel to Winterborn, tentatively titled Battersea.  Much to my delight, the first draft is completed, and Im in the middle of editing it now.  I am hoping to have both edited by the end of the year, with Winterborn re-released and Battersea hopefully published soon after.  They were always meant part of a trilogy, the Yappari Chronicles, and Im really excited to see it taking shape.  Hopefully, the third book of the trilogy will be done by summer 2019!

In the meantime there has also been a bit of a creative burst in terms of illustrations, so many will be uploaded over the next few days. Most are at least tangentially related to the Yappari Chronicles.  Feels great to return to my creative self and let my fictional babies loose again!

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Summer Arrives! Uncategorizedateicher

Have been exploring new mediums and enjoyed learning new techniques, getting to do lots of interesting work with acrylics. Those are more experimental works on canvas, so I havent photographed to put up here. I should really make them a separate section! Much of the fun has been in exploring different art styles with my son and other pre-teen friends of his from storyboarding comics, to illustration and to simple exploration with acrylics. Theres a lot of joy in seeing kids explore their own artistic expression!

This summer Im going to focus on a series of paintings, but in the meantime, Im putting up some of my newer digital illustrations. Feels like summer already!

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Switching Gears Uncategorizedateicher

It was a little nerve-wracking to look back at 2015 and the beginning of 2016 and find that I didnt have much new art to post up. It wasnt that I wasnt creating on the contrary it was a time of renewal and creation, but it took me in very different directions.

On the illustration front I only finished two pieces that Im proud of, King Triton and an illustration for the Joey Awards. King Triton was an exercise in patience, but also a wonderful way to expand my comfort zone. My son still wants me to draw the bottom half so he can see the rest of his octopus body, but I dont know that I am ready to tackle all the coral and marine life yet.

This past year I focused a lot on acrylic paintings and still life. I loved the exploration, the textures and the subject matter, but they are not really what I generally showcase on my site. I was pretty excited that one of my still-life paintings was chosen to be one of the banners used for public art in Port Coquitlam.

On the writing front some projects came to fruition and others have been temporarily shelved. Perhaps an evolution of sorts, my writings has been focused on screenplays of late. Screenwriting ( with the aid of a couple of online courses) has been a wonderful way to explore new horizons for my writing. Ive managed to complete several scripts for short films as well as help a friend with her feature film one.

More importantly, a few of them have been made into short films and I hope to shoot another one later this summer. There is such joy in seeing your words and worlds come to life on film, and it gives me the opportunity to push forward and try new things.

Our latest film making the festival rounds, Book Box

So, as ever onwards!

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Spring! Uncategorizedateicher

It has been a very productive and busy 2015!

Spring has come with all its glorious green shades (and less glorious pollen) and so has the long-awaited Spanish version of Bellybuttonless.

Well friends, Bellybutonless and the Spanish version (Sin Ombligo) are now on Amazon

Heres hoping that they can go out to more people. Incidentally, if you think your PMP specialist would benefit from having the PDF available for their patients with young kids please contact me, and I can email you the PDF (in either language) to give to them.

Spring is the season of hope, opportunities and changes so heres to many adventures ahead.

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Happy New Year! Uncategorizedateicher

2014 was a year of challenges of opportunities. It was thankfully also a year of good health and incredible joys.

We lost good friends, made some fantastic new ones and tried a lot of new things.

We railed against the hate and barbarity in the world; it seemed so prevalent that it was easy to feel overwhelmed. At times we were.

And still we need only look at our kids to see that spark of kindness and goodness. May they preserve it always and help heal all the ways this world is broken.

I dont know what 2015 will bring. Aiden and I had some discussions about uncertainty, as its something that troubles him greatly. I explained that it troubles all of us, as nothing in life is ever guaranteed.

My wish for all of us, dear friends, is for a year of good health and good news; a year of finding our personal joys and inner peace, and a year when we make a difference, however small, in someone elses life.

Heres to the new year.

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Gallery Show Coming Up at the Gallery Bistro! Uncategorizedateicher
I am very excited to be participating in a gallery show in Port Moodys Gallery Bistro.

I will be displaying my art alongside Melissa Mary Duncan, Hing Kei, Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk, Nancie Green, Carolyn Bruce, Kevin Chase and Natorra Ferguson.

The show will run from August 19th September 14th. Opening Reception to occur on Saturday, August 23rd between 7 and 9pm featuring a Beatles sing-along lead by Steve Fahnestalk and Tam Gordy!

You can visit at 2411 Clarke Street, Port Moody.


Hope that people will have the chance to stop by and check it out!

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Vcon, Canvention and SIWC ! UncategorizedAuroras, Canvention, SIWC, Surrey International Writers Conference, vconateicher

Fall is starting to look fairly busy!

Registration just opened for the Surrey International Writers Conference !

Im pretty excited about attending, as I havent been there in a few years I believe the last time I went was 2007. The workshops are amazing, the camaraderie and energy incredible.

Early in October I will also be attending Vcon 39 which just happens to be CANVENTION as well. Im excited to be nominated for an Aurora Award! It has been an exciting year so far, so Im looking forward to the rest of it!

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Aurora Awards! Uncategorizedateicher

I am officially on the Aurora Awards Ballot, nominated for Best Artist! WOW!
While it is definitely a long shot, I am incredibly honoured to be nominated. Voting will open up on May 3rd!

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