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Baldo's Buggiest Rose Website: If your roses have bugs or disease problems, you gotta visit Baldo's Website. It is the buggiest rose website in the internet! This website is designed to provide the most complete source of rose information and listing of rose events in the Sacramento Valley Area. It was built and maintained by entomologist and rosarian Baldo Villegas. This is the home for the Sacramento Rose Society, Inc., the Sierra Foothills Rose Society, Inc., and Baldo's Bugs, Roses and Cats Website. In January 2009 I wrote some rose culture information that I've had in this website for many years. The new culture tips reflects how I have changed since I started growing roses. Please start with my revolutionary approach to rose pruning which can be adapted to most types of roses. If you follow my advice and if you have seen me give pruning demonstrations, you will find out that I do things differently than what everyone else recommonds or what the rose books tell you to do in pruning your roses. I claim that you can prune most roses (except climbers and some overgrown, neglected roses) in three (3) minutes or less! My pruning tips are summarized in a one page PDF file. I will be covering a few of the BAD HABITS OR BAD TIPS in the rosecare section of this website. I also included a monthly calendar schedule for the whole year for growing beautiful roses. For those looking for new roses to add to the garden I updated the list of my top 100+ roses that I recommend for the Sacramento area. All of them can be found in various areas of this website and in the rose care section. If you agree or disagree, send me an email and tell me about it. Please browse the many pages in this website. For your convenience, all major folders in this website can be accessed through the links on the left hand of this page. If you don't see something that you are looking for, feel free to look around in these folders as there should be a link to that information from there. This website is actively maintained and timely information is constantly being added especially to the websites of the Sacramento and Sierra Foothills Rose Societies. If there is something that you are looking for and you still can't find it, don't hesitate to email or call one of our Consulting Rosarians or Rose Judges listed under each of the rose societies. There is a team of consulting rosarians that will try to answer your question promptly and courteously. Please give us as much background information as possible starting with the city where you are located, the nature of the problem, the actions that you have taken and/or products that you have used in your garden. If you have a digital camera, take some pictures of the problem and attach the pictues to an email. If the files are more than one megabyte, please only attach one picture per email so that the emails can upload/download more effectively. We always welcome pictures along a description of the problem. This will allows to better diagnose the problem and giving you the best answer to your question. For further information, contact the webmaster at sactorose@yahoo.com

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Sacramento Rose Society and Sierra Foothills Rose Societies are non-profit affliliates of the American Rose Society. The goals of the Societies are to encourage and educate the public in growing and showing roses.

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