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Choose from our selection of affordable robot kits with soldering or without soldering. We have various beginner-level robot kits as well as advanced walking robots, robotic arms, and our high-performance wheeled and tracked robots.Our wide selection of DC motors, geared DC motors, and stepper motors will help you find the perfect blend of torque and speed for your project.Ensure your project gets the voltage it needs with our efficient switching voltage regulators.Use these controllers as the brain for your next project. You can connect them to your computer and program them in various languages including BASIC, C, and C++.These robot controllers are complete control solutions for small and medium robots or similar projects. Their features include user-programmable microcontrollers and multiple H-bridges for direct control of DC motors.Take command of the speed and direction of your brushed DC motors using these controllers. This category includes single and dual serial motor controllers with a variety of features such as analog, RC, or USB control, speed/position feedback, channel mixing, and more.Single and dual motor driver carriers get your brushed DC motor projects up and running quickly using modern H-bridges with high-performance MOSFETs that deliver hundreds of watts in a compact package. Give these boards a PWM signal and make your motors go!The Tic offers simple control of bipolar stepper motors directly from a variety of interfaces, including USB, TTL serial, I²C, hobby radio control (RC), analog voltage (potentiometer), and quadrature encoder signals.With features like adjustable current limiting and selectable microstep resolutions, these drivers make it easy to get a stepper motor running with simple step and direction control interfaces.Pololu s Maestro servo controllers offer industry-leading resolution and stability for precise, jitter-free control of your RC servos. Features include a native USB interface, separate speed and acceleration settings for each servo, internal scripting control, and channels configurable as general purpose I/O.Let your robot or electronics project gather information about the world around it using our wide selection of sensors.Wires, solderless breadboards, prototyping PCBs, voltage regulators, our pushbutton power switch, and more!Give your robots and electronics projects some character with these high-quality, compact buzzers and speakers, and detect and record sounds with our selection of microphones and voice recorders.An assortment of switches, buttons, and relays that can serve as user-interface elements, tactile sensors, power switches, and more.Power your robots and electronics projects with our assortment of batteries and battery packs.Our wide variety of battery holders can offer the ideal solution for your project s power needs.With integrated motor-control circuitry and position feedback, servos are an easy way to add controlled motion to your robotics or electronics project. Whatever your application, we probably have a servo for it!Ball casters make great third contact points for small differential-drive robots.Tracks are a great solution for robots requiring more traction. They work well for fighting robots where you want to avoid your robot being easily pushed around and also work well for robots traveling over softer terrain like sand or snow.You can t build robots without a few basic tools, including a soldering iron and diagonal cutters.We offer custom laser cutting of 2-D parts from plastics, woods, and other materials, as well as custom laser cutting of mylar surface-mount (SMT) solder stencils.

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