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Homeiten cretechaniarethymnoheraklionlasithisporadesalonissosskiathosskopelosskyrossaronicaeginaagistrihydraporosspetsesCycladesAmorgosanafiandrosantiparosdonousa folegandrosiosirakleiakea kimolos koufonisiakythnosmilosmykonosnaxosparossantorinischinoussaserifos sifnos sikinos syros tinosEast.Aegeanchiosfournoiikarialemnoslesvossamos*samothrakithassosdodecaneseastypalaiahalkikalymnoskarpathoskosleroslipsinisyrospatmosrhodessimitilosIoniancorfuithacakefalonialefkadamathrakimeganisipaxizakynthos*kythira*elafonisos Greek islandsGreek Islands are thousands: this a reference guide to help the tourist know and choose where to spend his vacations in Greece. Each group of Greek islands corresponds to the Greek tourist and administrative organization, and each group will list the islands included with a link to the proper site for more information, pictures, and details.Greece has a large number of islands, all beautiful and rich in history. Among an estimated number of up to 6,000 Greek islands only some 200 are inhabited, the largest beeing Crete, followed by Evia (Euboea), Rhodes, Lesvos, etc. Most known are Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Paros, etc. simply because the tourism there started way back in time. Lots of islands still have an undervelopped tourism, with an untouched and original environment. Some islands offer the occation to visit monuments, or what is left of them, of the ancient splendor of Greece or references to legendary histories.The history of modern Greece is part of the characteristics of the islands' grouping, in terms os architecture, food, at times dialects, and develpment's state, schools, roads, etc.: the domination of Turks, Venetians, British and Italians until relatively recent years have left their signs. Kythira, for example, is off the southern tip of the Peloponnese Peninsula but still considered part of the Ionian Islands, for historical reasons.Also consider the differences of weather conditions of the various groups, from the windy Cyclades to the fresh Ionian or to the dry Dodecanese Islands.Explore each Greek island and enter into a different dream.Greek Islands by Mark RickerbySo come with me, now - not tomorrow or "someday". Pack your bags. We're leaving tonight. The wide world is throbbing outside our windows. It's time to do EVERYTHING we said that we might! Greek islands, every island a different dream

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Greek islands at one glance, to help you choose your vacation dream. We list web sites in Greece for each island, with information, maps, accommodation

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