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From 2008 - 2018 on members shared practical information and discussed important issues in virtual professional communities. Each expert-led community connected people passionate about the same topic and engaged them in timely discussions on critical challenges for the delivery of quality health care to all patients. We hope this archived community remains of value to the community at large. UpToDate Donation Program We partner with UpToDate , an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support tool, to provide free subscriptions for qualifying GHDonline members. Learn more. Expert Panels GHDonline hosted virtual, week-long events that brought together leading experts to share their knowledge and discuss key issues in the field. These Expert Panels were free and entirely online—eliminating travel costs, time, and financial constraints. Case Studies The Global Health Delivery Project has published more than 35 Harvard Business School‐style teaching case studies that can be downloaded by anyone at no cost. Learn more.

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