Fine Dining Lovers, the magazine for foodies by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna

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The Mudec Bistrot Drinks List by Mattia Pastori Mudec Bistrot has acquired a very special temporary bar. Read more about The Mudec Bistrot Drinks List by Mattia Pastori Bocuse d Or Europe 2020: Chefs Rise to a New Challenge With 2020 continuing to throw the global restaurant industry into disarray, for the participants of the European qualifying competition for Bocuse d Or, focus is everything. Bocuse d Or Europe 2020: Day One Highlights It s all-change on day one of the Bocuse d Or Europe - the usual boisterous crowd is missing, thanks to the coronavirus, but the commitment to excellence and competitive spirit remains the same. Bocuse d Or Europe 2020 in Pictures Bocuse d’Or Europe 2020 sponsored by S.Pellegrino, the continent’s qualifying round for the prestigious international cooking competition, went ahea View the Gallery about Bocuse d Or Europe 2020 in Pictures Coronavirus has hit the restaurant industry hard. Worldwide, restaurants are struggling to find a way to stay afloat. View the Gallery about The Menus Inspired During Lockdown Arcimboldo Fruit And Flowers Aspic For Spring A colourful fruit and edible flowers aspic recipe, for a fresh and amazing spring dessert Mushrooms, chicken and béchamel sauce: the perfect stuffing for veal ears, in this delicious French offal recipe With this easy aioli sauce recipe you ll learn the best way to make the tasty garlic relish born in Provence, a perfect dressing for vegetables and meat Shrimp lasagna: this easy seafood pasta recipe, brought in Italy by the traveller Marco Polo, is a tasty and quick version of the Italian lasagna Looking for Spanish tapas recipes? Try these fried ham croquettes, a tasty and easy Spanish recipe Molecular Gastronomy Coffee Ice Cream Tired of traditional gelato? Try this coffee ice cream recipe that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze an unforgettable dessert Arcimboldo Inspired Fish Soup A warm fish soup recipe with shrimps, quick and easy to prepare, that will bring the taste of sea to your table Beef Tenderloin On A Bed Of Salt Beef tenderloin recipe: how to cook tenderloin steak salt, a easy and fat free cooking method to enhance the flavours of meat Ravioli With Ricotta Cheese And Wild Herbs Follow this authentic Italian pasta recipe to prepare homemade cheese ravioli with a light ricotta and wild herbs filling The Turning The Tables digital forum brought together some of the sharpest minds in food - this free download contains six key takeaways from the discussions. Watch as this shellfish is given the royal treatment in the hands of some of the world s best chefs, from Hélène Darroze s oyster tartar, to Stephen Harris s oyster, sole amp; cream cheese ice cream. Watch langoustine given the royal treatment in our roundup of the best video recipes from Michelin starred chefs. How to cook a delicious egg in a hole recipe, with cheese, bacon or just plain for breakfast. Is Italian coffee all it s cracked up to be? From the boiling hot cups of Naples, to Starbucks in Milan, to the humble moka home-brew, we asked an Italian food writer and coffee-lover to investigate. Escoffier s kitchen brigade system has served a purpose, but for 21st-century chefs, surely there s a better way, says chef Harold Villarosa. Chef and entrepreneur Harold Villarosa didn t care much for soup kitchens, but a trip to Refettorio Gastromotiva in Brazil changed his mind. Now he says you should hold your next business meeting in a soup kitchen. The David Chang Podcast Explores what it s like for a chef to lose their restaurant permanently to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Fine Dining Lovers, the magazine for foodies by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna

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