sandbox /ˈsændˌbɒks/

a box or receptacle for holding sand large enough for children to play ina protected environment in which new content may be created and tested without affecting other parts of the system

Akin to the sandbox in the local playground, the sandbox is a place where I explore my childlike wonder and play. Here youll find some of the work Ive done over the years. Feel free to look around and share me your thoughts. Im open for commissions!

Churches Types: photography

Churches can be considered as snapshots in the development of civil engineering and architecture. They highlight the key structures used prominently during the time of its building such as arcs, flying buttresses and domes. Many took several years to build and they continue to stand today inviting pilgrims and tourists to be at awe with []

Modern Types: photography

Minimalist designs started to dominate living and recreational spaces. Empty spaces dominated and became as valuable as furniture. Less was more and decorating was about finding a design where form served function.

Textures and Patterns Types: photography

Patterns are ubiquitous in nature. They represent order and predictability in an otherwise random and chaotic world. Several cultures have adapted patterns and patterns continue to be integral in modern art and architecture.

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Ateneo NanoTechnology Research Types: graphic design

My thesis adviser, Erwin Enriquez, asked me and one of my colleagues to prepare an exhibit/kiosk for nanotechnology research in the department, which was mainly our research group. The exhibit was for the visit of the secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, the government institution responsible for funding our researches. I was tasked []

EHC Skin Secrets Types: graphic design

Emee Cilocilo, owner of EHC Skin Secrets Trading, commissioned me to conceptualize a branding for her EHC Skin Secrets products. It was very difficult because the project had a tight schedule and  it was towards the end of the semester so I also had a lot of school work. However, after finalizing the concept for []

ACheS Chemistry Connections Types: graphic design

Chemistry Connections is an inter-class competition for students of introductory collegiate chemistry classes. I have handled 4 batches, each with a different theme and a different event poster. However, only the last three materials survived because of a hard drive failure. The second installment was held in August 2007 and had a casino/gambling theme. It []

Ateneo Glassblowing Workshop Types: graphic design

The Ateneo Chemistry Department decided to open a glassblowing workshop intended for non-science majors for the summer semester of 2010-2011. I was asked to design a poster with all the pertinent details of the workshop. I had a hard time finding the right picture for the poster, so I decided to take my own picture []

Cherry Anne @ 18 Types: graphic design

Cherry, one of the lower batches when I was still an undergrad, asked me to make her invitation for her 18th birthday. I was surprised because at that time I was only doing posters and certificates for ACheS (Ateneo Chemistry Society), the undergraduate chemistry organization. I took the challenge and accepted the job. It wasnt really []

Likha Packaging Services Types: graphic design

Likha Packaging Services is my dads small business. Ive been designing its branding since its inception in 2007 and I made the latest design series in 2012. This was also my first webdesign project using a content management system. I designed the website in Adobe Photoshop and then converted it into a web template. Some of the []

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