Royalty Free Hypnosis Music - Also for meditation, relaxation and Yoga.

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description:Specifically designed for live and recorded hypnosis sessions. Free hypnosis products recording guide. Testimonials confirm this music is perfect for hypnotherapy, meditation, Reiki and visualization. Up to 57 minutes in length. Brain Entrainment Option. Listen to samples online.

Music for Hypnotherapy
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I can only describe your music as hauntingly beautiful. More...

"The downloading process couldnt have been easier; I was equally happy with the music itself.  Just as other satisfied clients indicated on-line, the music was perfect! I use it for my live sessions, and I also use it to create my hypnosis recordings."  More...

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of art.  The first time I listened to "Ananda" I had the most amazing energy meditation.."

"My clients are commenting on how much they enjoy the music and I find all the CDs to be perfect for hypnotherapy." 


Your music is many levels  above other hypno background music I have heard."  More...

"The music I find is dark and broody yet uplifting and spiritual - I really like it!" More...

"I have had several clients spontaneously comment how nice the music is." More...

" It was very effective in calming down all my Type A's." More...

By the way, I started using your audios on my new products and they are AMAZING! More...

The Music
This music is specifically designed to facilitate the hypnotic experience. It can be used for meditation, Reiki sessions and for hypnosis.

All my music starts at your client's model of the world with a tempo that is gently upbeat. As your client matches their breathing to the music, they are led into deep relaxation as the music gradually slows down and becomes more soothing. Some albums also include brainwave entrainment technology (specifically calibrated for hypnosis) for added trance inducing effects. All my albums (except for Somnis) include my signature Ramp Out track. This is a short ending track that gradually increases in speed and energy to help the subject return to the here and now. My music is designed so that you can jump to track 2 whenever you are ready to bring your client out of trance. Listen to samples of my music here.

For Meditation and relaxation as well as for Hypnosis

This music is deeply relaxing, perfect for meditation. If you are trying to practice mindfulness, you will find these albums are ideal meditation music. Meditation can be challenging for everyone - but with these hypnosis music albums, meditation is easier as your brain gently follows the meditation music's lead into peace and bliss. As the tempo slows, so does your breath and heart find yourself easily slipping into a totally relaxed meditative state. Experience profoundly relaxing music for your meditation sessions. Practice mindfulness with a little help from these albums - perfect for meditation and relaxation.

Royalty Free Music

Perfect Music for your CDs and MP3s and videos.

If you are using my music as a background in live sessions, you do not need a Royalty Free license. However, if you wish to use it as background music for a hypnosis CD/MP3, a guided meditation CD/MP3, a Relaxation CD/MP3 or a video you must purchase a Royalty Free License. A sample of the licence can be found here. Whether you are searching for Royalty Free meditation music or Royalty Free hypnosis music, you will find that these albums are very suitable for your hypnotherapy or guided meditations CDs and MP3s. Other Royalty Free music download sites may only offer short New Age type music - not really suitable for hypnosis CDs and MP3s. But my music comes in a variety of lengths - up to 57 minutes. So however long a Royalty Free Music track you are looking for, you will be able to find the right hypnosis music here. Plus all my albums are designed to be easy to edit to the exact length of your hypnosis script.

The Composer

With a degree in music and experience scoring music for movies, Annie Brunson brings a unique perspective to her composing. She is an NLP Master Practitioner and a Reiki Master, and she's familiar with the musical needs of hypnotherapists. It's the combination of all these skills and talents that make her music truly unique.

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Specifically designed for live and recorded hypnosis sessions. Free hypnosis products recording guide. Testimonials confirm this music is perfect for hypnotherapy, meditation, Reiki and visualization. Up to 57 minutes in length. Brain Entrainment Option. Listen to samples online.

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