THE MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENT AVAILABLE FOR RASH AND ITCH DUE TO POISON IVY, MOSQUITO BITES, BUG BITES, AND OTHER POISONOUS PLANTSThe Ivy-Dry® Line of products are the most effective over-the-counter remedies available for the treatment and prevention of rash and itching from poison ivy, mosquito, and poisonous plants.Quick Safe Itch Relief for over 50 years.View our Testimonials
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For over 50 years, Ivy-Dry®, Inc. has provided highly effective treatments for poison-ivy, oak, sumac and insect bites. Our line has now expanded to four products that treat various itching issues. We have products that can remove the urushiol from the skin, shortening the healing process (Ivy-Dry® Soap); products that help relieve the itching and dry out the wound (Ivy-Dry® Super Continuous Spray and Ivy-Dry® Cream). All our products offer our customers a 100% money back guarantee.


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IVY-DRY® Products


Easily apply to hard-to-reach areas of the body, at any angle, even up-side-down.


Quickly relieve the itching with our pump spray. Trusted treatments for over 50 years.


Quickly relieve the itching with our cream. Trusted treatments for over 50 years.


Quickly wash away the itch before it has a chance to spread.

Works great on insect bites!

A mosquito feasted on my ankles at a friends bbq. The itch on my ankle bone and my toes was intense! I realized that I had a bottle of the Ivy-Dry Super in my cabinet and in my last-ditch-effort to save myself from scratching off my skin, I sprayed it directly on my mosquito bites. Read more Works great on insect bites!

Mary S.Highly Recommend

Hello, my name is Ricky.  I just wanted to tell you that your product,though expensive, works really well. I was skeptical about buying it but the pharmacist recommended your product right off the top.  I am a person who, when in contact of poison ivy,oak or sumac, has to go to the doctor to get Read more Highly Recommend

Ricky A.Camp Nurse Approved

I work as a camp nurse, plus have 5 boys who are all very allergic to poison ivy.  Your ivy dry is what I put in the standing orders at camp and also since I do most of the ordering, I make sure that Ivy Dry is what is ordered.  I also have it on Read more Camp Nurse Approved

Nancy P.A great product that works FAST

I just had to let you know how over the moon I am with your Ivy Dry Scrub.  I am writing this on a Sunday.  I woke up with the rash on Friday, after an unknown exposure on Thursday.  It took me a day or so to realize that poison ivy must be the problem Read more A great product that works FAST

Jodie P.We love your product

We love your product very much and have been devoted fans for over 20 years. Every year my husband breaks out with a poison ivy rash from working in the yard clearing brush and chipping it. He uses your product exclusively to clear up the stinging and itchy  rash. Its a real soother. We have Read more We love your product

Sharon S.Thank You

Thank you so much for changing your packaging on the Ivy Dry Super 6oz product. In your old packaging the actuator nozzle was the same color as the actuator…..making it difficult to know where the spray was going to come out (I used to get spray in places I did not want). The change in Read more Thank You

David M.Product is Amazing

Ive been using your products for about 4 days and my poison oak has cleared up. Your product is amazing and Im gonna recommend it to anybody who comes in tact with poison oak,ivy or sumac.

Cody C.An Incredible Product

Wow, what an incredible product you have to treat posion ivy!  I recently contracted a pretty good case of it on my forearms and stomach.  This after I would have sworn I was immune, having only had a small patch of it about 40 years ago and never contracting it since. I honestly went to Read more An Incredible Product

Rich K.
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